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In July of 2018, I contacted Comcast about a service issue which they were able to resolve. However, the rep signed me up for phone service and sent equipment to me even after I specifically told him that I did not want it.

I took the equipment to a local service center and dealt with them in person to get the phone service removed and the equipment marked as returned. No, 10 months later, I get a notification that they are "correcting" my contract and are now including the phone service and another equipment fee. I will not speak to another person on the phone.

They obviously make up what they want. The chat they provide really only want me to call or go to the office.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Customer Care.

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They are called crook cast in my neck of the woods. They definitely make stuff up.

Once I was billed for some sort of soccer package. They claimed I purchased it bu then stated my neighbor purchase it and our accounts were mingled in some sort of glitch. Then they suggested we pay for it and work it out with our neighbors.

What a bunch of incompetents. We switched to time warner cable just to get away from them