Houston, Texas
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All I can say now is the I have been jerked around by comcast for months. Lied to, charged for service that's not working (DVR), promised a refund for months of non-service, then told, "Well, you only mentioned that the service didn't work in your last service call and we can only give you a partial month refund." I'd been calling and complaining for months.

But, the topper today: They cut off service because I had, the said, not paid my account since January. Hey, folks, I said when I called, I just paid $170 two weeks ago to you! No, we don't have any record of that, they said.

Funny that my bank account shows that amount going to comcast two weeks ago. If their lips are moving at comcast, they're lying.

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I have been trying to advertise on Comcast for months now. I've spoken to everyone but the people in charge of commercials for tv,, , , apparently!

I spend around $6000.00 per month on advertising and wanted to switch it over to cable advertising, and no one seems to know who to talk to. Not a one of them passed my name off to the correct department....

let alone the right person!

Guess they are so rich that they don't need my advertising dollars!


I am so pissed at this company. I feel robbed and lied to.

I cannot express how angry and pissed i am. In had a bill of 65 dollars month for cable and a phone line. Then ingot internet and my bill came in at 405 dollars.

For a simple upgrade. I am sooooo *** pissed!!!!!


NO ***! these pig headed script reading lazy *** can not figure out anything.

I have been on phone with hours over days, 3 boxes later still not working.

How do they keep in business. I ma going to change as soon as I can

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