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Ok so a while back, My cable has been doing some pretty scary things. By this i mean shutting itself off while in use. Now I think my TV's been affected somehow. everytime I watch the TV, this strange whistling noise comes out like someone's turned on a really loud water faucet and it drives me banannas! (but that might just be the sensitive hearing talking)

I am already holding a grudge against comcast for not being very helpful when my internet shut down on me so I'm really trying to live with the noise (even tho it's enough to go out and kick a puppy to listen offense I love dogs)

Idk, I'm afraid if I call comcast to come out and take a look at the TV, they might bill me for wasting their time because like the one guy (dummy!) said when my computer was on its last leg "It's not their department."

Who knows the TV might be telling me it needs to retire but I barely use it now!

Monetary Loss: $80.

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You may want to check 4 stray voltage. If the Cable drop to your home was done properly it should be grounded to your power ground rod,power riser,or meter box.

This is due to the electrical code they have no choice. If you have an off neutral from the power line to your home it is possible for stray voltage to get to all your electroncs.

If your TV and other devices are just shutting off by themselves its most likely a power issue not cable. And yes if they determine its your eqt causing the issue there is a standard trouble fee of $60 unless you have the wire protection plan for $2.99 month.