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getting very tired of cable tv going out in a regular basis. pay too much for such poor service.

now nobody answers phone after 10:00pm, then when you finally get ahold of someone, they can't get anyone out to fix cable for a week. if this is the upgrade they keep talking about, it is really a downgrade. customer service representatives don't seem to care about the customers inconvenience or about crediting your account when you have been without service.

recently the cable tv is going out more and more. i was also charged to have my cable reconnected after the neighbors pulled down some vines and pulled my connection out...not my fault, i shouldn't have been charged.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Customer Care.

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comcast (more like ***-cast) has to be the WORST internet, cable, phone company EVER! Their pathetic service is always going out and is too *** slow!

..Plus, they removed several basic cable channels, yet they increased the price!! WTF!!!! :( RIP OFF company!!! They don't care if you get good service, they just want their *** money!!

DO NOT go with COMCAST... Go with another service if you can!

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