Waltham, Massachusetts
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Our cable boxes auto reset themselves time and time again..Comcast calls it crazy 8's...anyhoooo, when we call they put us through a long hold (Tonight we are still on hold and it has been 17 minutes so far.) and then put us to the techs who put us through the reset process (OK - we have this part down.)and then they say they have to have someone out and they give you windows of time and ask you to stand by your phone (If you don;t answer they cancel the service....)

At any rate - the person came out - they fixed it and now it still does not work ....they charge you whether it works or not - they do not care if they take your time. Do not get comcast no matter what they promise you - the service is terrible, the delivery is terrible and they will threaten you over and over again if you want to cancel the service.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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i believe there is something wrong with comcast. i suspect (ONLY MY OPINION), Comcast is about to go Adelphia's way, a competitor that went defunct because of management irregularities.

today i wrote a letter to government officials and I will ask the justice department to halt their merger with NBC. I found the company has problems at every level including customer relations, pricing, equipment, management and installations. please write to me at can1z-at-aim.com.

I want to hear your story. Thank you

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