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I have had cable Internet service since 2000 and never switched service to other company. My record also showed that I paid $395.45(pre paid 1year contract) since 2003.

My last Internet payment was 1/11/09($395+$36.xxcable TV=$434.71, with $395 prepaid for all year). And in July 2009, I got bill which indicated that my Internet rate changed to $57.xx/month. Prior to the change, I had never received any notice regarding the rate hike. Back in June, I canceled my cable service with Comcast.

At the moment, I had already confirmed with Comcast service rep that the cancellation of the cable TV would have no impact on my internet rate, because the prepaid internet service was carried over from that of previous company (the company was taken over by Comcast). For the following months, several Internet bills with increased rate were sent to me. When I called the service hotline, many service reps didn't even acknowledge the existing prepaid service rate. Finally on Oct.

5th, we had chance talking to business service manager Ron and residential service manager Jerry, they reconsidered my situation and on Oct 7th, when we talked to service rep Manu, he confirmed we should call December 10th to renew our existing prepaid service for $395.45. Unfortunately, when I called again to confirm this arrangement, the answer we got was changed again. Comcast insisted that since we canceled our cable TV service, they permanently removed the special prepaid code from my account. It is a very frustrated situation because I have already prepaid the service since the Jan of 2009, and obviously, the original term should be honored through the entire year.

However, apparently the service term for the Internet was changed right after the cancellation of the cable TV. Comcast accepted my money for the entire year of the Internet service thus has to honor its own term, that's a business integrity issue. Yesterday, I again received the Internet bill and it again shows the increased rate for Internet service. So, I called again and this time, the service rep said he was in somewhere in Mexico and didn't have capabilities to deal with this matter.

Since July, I have called numerous times to Comcast and almost each time, I had to spent at least an hour on the line and each time I would get different answers. Yet the problem still remains.

Comcast simply can't keep their promises and I hope something can be done about it. Being ripped off is not something that a company should reward their longtime customer with!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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at least you were able to cancel the cable and have the internet.....i don't watch tv but wanted just the internet..they told me i had to purchase cable, not just the basic but the extended cable at a cost of 47 dollars a month!....then charge me for the internet!...these people are friggen crooks!...why should i have to buy something i don't want to get what i do want?....they said that i had to have cbale in order for my internet to work...that is a line of ***!...they turned off my internet by a flick of the internet switch and internet! if they can do that, then why do i have to purchase cable tv to get the internet?.....a monopoly they are for sure too....i cannot get any other type of service where i'm at due to comcast dominating the area.....hmmm....aren't monopoloies suposed to be against the law?....oh, that's right, what laws?...just another consumer complaint corrupt, so how can the consumer get any true and ethical justice?....sorry of the topic....

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