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My issue started back in June when I noticed that I had adult movies that were being charged to my account. I called Comcast back in June and they gave me a credit.

I had to call back in July, August, September and Oct. I was told that the box that the movies are being ordered from was installed in May 31st. I told them that i did not have that box at my house. A Comcast Tech.

came out on Aug 6th to verify which boxes that I had. He call Comcast and asked them to disable that box because I didn't have the box. Did that happen of course not. I was told that I need the receipt from the install and I said I don't have that from May don't you have a copy?

Of course they don't keep a copy I was told the customer should keep that information. Well finally on Aug. 31st the box was disabled my account balance is at $0. Comcast will not credit any of the other charges for these movies because I don't have the receipt showing the boxes that were delivered.

I told her if I did find the receipt and the SN listed is the one he said he delivered is on there I'm still screwed. I told the lady at Comcast that I was being charged for 3 HD boxes and 1 DVR box and I only have 3 in my house. I told her that the person that did my installation must be a crook and either he is using the box or his friends. She said the box is disabled and I said but it still shows that I have the box maybe I should just terminate my services and start over again.

She had the nerve to tell me that I would be charged for this box that I don't have.

I don't know what more do do. Since June I have had $350.00 worth of adult movies ordered on a box that I don't have and Comcast is not doing a thing about it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Installation.

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You should contact the better business beaureau

And make a complaint there. Apparently Comcast is and has been ripping off people and has terrible customer service on dealing with these matters Nd really something should be done on a wide scale to stop this!

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