Atlanta, Georgia

Comcast sent me the wrong equipment and overcharged me by $40 on my first bill. I had to go to the store to change the box, waited 1.5 hours in line, and the new box they gave me did not work.

Not only they never fixed the first bill, now they are also charging me a modem fee even though i have owned my own modem for the last few years. To add insult to injury, they are charging me "service change fees" and late fees because I refuse to pay for services I am not receiving.I have spent at least 3 hours with customer service and each one assured me everything would be taken care of but they continue to add new charges every month.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Asked Comcast to send check for overpaid balance in the name of bill payer, who happens to be my husband, to his address, of course, and the Comcast billing department rep. refused.

She said she had to hear it from him. My husband sent Comcast a note requesting a check for the overpaid amount on that payment slip, signed the note and mailed it. Instead of a check he gets another bill the next month just like it, but no check was enclosed. I called Comcast and got my husband on the line to confirm he wants his money.

If the bill paying customer doesn't request money owed, then Comcast would pocket that money. Isn't that ridiculous, that they never give the customer back money that is owed, unless the customer calls to ask for that money? Even when I asked that the Comcast billing department rep send it in my husband's name and to his address, she refused because she can't be sure he wants his money, unless she hears from him. Otherwise, I guess Comcast would just keep his money.

They are such a ridiculous company that you won't want to deal with them. Quite a while back my husband canceled an account he set up for his mom, because she passed away, and Comcast kept billing him for that service. Also, they misspelled my husband's name on the bill for over a year, no matter how many times we tried to correct it.

They finally got his name right, but now he's waiting for them to send him a check for the overpaid amount. Never pick up any service from Comcast; you'll be sorry, if you ever did that.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #665442

My mom had comcast many years. I changed her to DirectTv, cancelling service in March.

She got billed for April, May, June to a grand total of 700+ dollars. Phone calls did no good and each month they threatened to turn off her cable. I then get a relatively smart person on the phone and he says oops..they do have a work order stating it was cancelled in March. So they finally send a revised bill of $46.00 but it stated that they disconnected her due to the unpaid bill.

I called and told them they had better change their terminology to WE cancelled YOU. The "smart" person said, "oh, it doesn't matter that it says that" and I insisted it does. It came on a Friday, we paid it on Monday. I get a phone call from a collection agency that they turned over the bill to them.

4 days! Then I get a letter in the mail from the collection agency. I called them and informed them of the situation and they apologized. Comcast has to be the worst of the worst.

I would go without cable than have them.

Idiots. Right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing, as they say.

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