Pekin, Illinois
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Maggie Says:

December 19th, 2013 at 11:26 am

they are a pack of lairs…I am dealing with them now I have NEVER been turned into a collection agency until I got involved with this rip off company…First I shut down my service at old address I was told by User ID B.V. and Rep named RANI my bill from the old address was 13.31 which I paid on the spot…Well I moved here and it was a mess that moving thing they have is a joke ..first off they canceled the appointment to install a DVR and wiring (the system for some reason did they they could never figure out why)…REALLY…then I called cause I had nothing here and it was all suppose to be ready…YEAH RIGHT I moved in Nov 2,13 and canceled them Nov 11,13…I had a big mess and nothing here…and then I called after I got a bill and said hey wait I had nothing here from Nov 2,13 till I canceled you on Nov 11,13 thelady I talked to said she sees that and would turn the bill over to billing and would probably come out even…she stated she would call me back I said ok…well yesterday a collection agency called and said I owed COMCAST 71 dollars and change FROM THE OLD ADDRESS…ARE YOU KIDDING…I go on line and print out my old address bill dated 12/1/13 and it shows 0.00 amount due…today the agency called again this is total *** because it was such a mess up here and they could not collect on me her cause so many people know how bad it was including a friend that works for another company…they are trying to get me to pay for the old address…I hung up on the guy today and will continue to do so…they can shove that 71 and change up where the sun dont shine I am done with that pack of lying trash STAY AWAY FROM COMCAST THEY WILL RIP YOU IN ANY WAY THEY CAN EVEN IF THE HAVE TO LIE AND THEY DO THAT ON A NORMAL BASES…THEY ARE A GARBAGE COMPANY REVIEW ALL THE COMPLAINTS EVEN AT THE BBB THEY HAVE COMPLAINTS WHICH IS WHERE i AM GOIN NEXT….

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Service Transfer.

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Phoenix, Arizona, United States #761937

going thru same thing at the moment, ready to contact an attorney!

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