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Comcast needs to monitor their CSR's more, do better training, correct the problems and fire the incompitent ones. I have had their service for 1 1/2 yrs in GA and didn't have problems until I moved.

The rep I talked to when I ordered my move and new service put a rental modem on my account even though I told her no fewer than 3 times I had one. Tech sees I have my own when he comes out, so has it taken off my bill. I get electronic bills so I don't look at them unless price seems way too high. After 6 months the intro price of my bundle goes up, so I look over the bill and see the modem charge on there, all the way back to my second month of service at current address.

I call, am told it has to be escalated to be taken care of and usually takes 2-3 weeks. After 2 months of not hearing anything and no change on my bill, I call back in. Told is not resolved, but I am welcome to stop paying the modem fee as they will take it off the bill once corrected. After 3 more months and now getting late fees for the buidling modem charge I call again.

This time, I get a competent CSR who makes the corrections to my account, however when they take the rental modem off, it puts a freeze on the modem registered to the account, so my internet is down. I call back in, and get an incompetent person as usual, they do manage to get my modem reactivated, but put it on the account as a rental. I see my bill the next week, finding the modem charge gone for only 1 day. Yippee....

I call back in, and am told I need to take my modem to the local office with proof of my purchase to get it corrected. I do that, the ladies at the local office are nice and verifiy it is listed as what they call a retail modem. I call in again, and don't know if the CSR is incompitent or not, but she tries multiple things and can't get the billing corrected. She tells me she will monitor and make sure it is corrected.

No call for 3 days, so I call back. I am told by a non-English speaking CSR that the modem listing is now corrected however the near year of billing for a rental modem I never had is still on my account. I demand to speak to a supervisor, told that they have to escalate and an account manager would call me within 3 business days.

I told the rep if I do not receive said call I would be escalating the process. Obviously by this complaint and the same thing posted on the Consumer Affairs website, no such call has been received.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Bundle.

Monetary Loss: $108.

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Was suggested by my complaint posted on Comcast's customer service forums site to send an email to their corporate (executive?) customer service team. Received a phone call yesterday (4/4) that it was finally all taken care of and my bill for service for this current month was credited along with credit for the previous months I was billed for the modem.

Checked my Comcast account this morning and indeed I have been credited. Problem has been resolved.

My suggestion for anyone having issues with their customer service is to go directly to their forums site and post something there. I got a quick response that resulted in my issue getting fixed.

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