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WHATEVER you do, do not purchase a mobile phone from this company. I purchased a phone yesterday , updated my card store purchase mind you.

well I lose my card ... I wanted to exchange the phone today , gave them a new card , updated it on my mobile app and online , corporate saw the change , I see the change I get an email confirming my change. I couldn't exchange the phone because the $23.00 they charge for the exchange had to be put on my card the one that was lost , needless to say.. I cant Exchange the phone because in the stores system it didn't up date I wasted two hours this morning and still have a phone I don't want due to a system error even though corporate has the updated card on file , I leave for a business trip in a few hours for two weeks , I was told that I couldn't return it when I get back because its passed the 14 days...

so basically the customer gets screwed because of a store supposed system error....BE AWARE!!! I will be taking my business elsewhere and also filing a complaint to the FCC!

Product or Service Mentioned: Cell Phone.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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