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I used to work for Comcast, well indirectly. See, Comcast has a lot of 'third-party' call centers hence why you somehow get a representative from a random state instead of your own sometimes. Anyhow, seeing how the company tends to screw over so many people, I decided, now that I am no longer affiliated with them, to let the world know a few things on how to prevent getting screwed over.

1. They will NOT CREDIT any mistakes over 60 days. I repeat, they WILL NOT credit any mistakes over 60 days. This is why it is important, especially if you are on auto pay, to double check and make sure you aren't being charged more than you should like a double modem charge or cable box charge. They may say they will, be the supposed-to-be-nice person you talk to on the phone is only allowed to credit $20 maximum and must be within the last 60 days to auto-approve, otherwise it goes to a billing hierarchy who doesn't give a rats *** about you.

2. Terms that people seem confused by: A) Additional outlet = cable box. Now, if you have just one in your home, and you see three, you're being over charged. B) Modems and EMTA. The only difference between the two is that an EMTA allows you to plug in your connection to your telephone and your computer whereas modem is computer only. If you see both of those on your bill, you're being over-charged (hint: $7 always equals a modem/emta charge)

3. Video On Demand charges. Any movie you buy on Video on Demand, you are NOT SUPPOSED TO BE CHARGED if it is under 30 minutes. You watched The Green Latern, excited about your old time favorite comic book revised into a movie just to be utterly disappointed in the first ten minutes and stopped watching. If you receive a charge on your bill call up and *** - don't try to lie though, Comcast has a tracker that tells the agent exactly how long each movie was watched for.

4. Gift Cards: It seems that you can't find any information about these "Get a $250 gift card with this contract!" They leave out the important detail that it takes about 6 months and YOU MUST NOT BE LATE AT ALL DURING THE FIRST THREE PAYMENTS. Don't get the gift cards - they aren't worth it.

5. Getting the best deals: if you're signing up as a first time customer or adding a new line of business, check as many places as possible. The best deals I have seen are with door salesmen. WARNING ABOUT DOOR SALESMEN, KIOSK IN THE MALL OR BEST BUY, ETC. A lot of them promise to waive the install fees and NEVER follow through - they are only allowed a certain amount to give away, and at $50 per install, it's unlikely they mean it. If they promise you something, have a witness and make sure that they write down the work order you signed up for, whether it be a printed copy or a draft, make sure they sign their name and most importantly put down their operator ID - every operator ID is three characters long and people who work directly for Comcast will only have letters, example FJL or DCB - third party will have alphanumerical and/or non-alphanumberical characters, example 1EX or D;S or !JC. SAME GOES FOR TECHNICIANS PROMISING WHATEVER IT IS IS FREE. ALWAYS DOCUMENT SUCH CASES, HAVE THE REPS SIGNATURE, AND ALWAYS THEIR DOC ID. You can fax in your copy or go down the local office and you will be given the deals you were promised as long as you have proper documentation!

6. Don't be afraid to ask if they have special deals. It seems like they are always having a free for 3 months premium movie channel (hbo, showtime, starz, and cinemax). Sometimes blast! high speed internet is free. If you have a multilatino package, I've see where a second main cable box is free for a year. Ask, ask, ask and be slightly specific. Most will tell you only what they want to try to sell you, mostly their phones!

7. Supervisors DO NOT have any more power than the agent you are speaking to. Often times, supervisors are just reps who have worked long enough to know all (most) of the rules and are college kids in their early 20s. I've seen 2 people known as floor supports who are required to take calls a certain number hours per week. The guy on the left had a 'sup call' so he transferred it to his floor support buddy on his left and about an hour later, visa versa happened. Also keep in mind that the original reps you speak to are REQUIRED to be nice to you, supervisors are NOT.

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Mad Michael

AHHHHH! God why is this the NORM?

Customer service lies burried next to truth and lies.

Thanks for the primmer. mad michael

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