I wasted a bunch of time texting. And no one to answer phone when they gave me phone number to call for being disabled discount.

I get a bozo say oh yeah u can get cable for 70 dollars without internet. than by time u pay taxes. it up to 120 dollars and with 18.99 sports northwest on top of it. when baseball world series over.

it time to cancel. unless u give me a deal of 90 dollars that includes taxes and fees. a special deal for me. or I will cancel until next May.

when baseball season gets going again. I wanted tbs tnt cnbc ESPN fox NBC root sports for a price of nope than 90 dollars a month. when my wife dont make much and our rent been raised 200 a month. starting in October.

And I am disabled.

so I am disappointed in the service. of no big discount of being disabled.

User's recommendation: know discount and prices.

Location: Seattle, Washington

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