Macomb, Michigan
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I had Comcast Xfinity internet connection (Account # - 8772 10 557 0752713). I had closed the service on 01/22/2011 and the prorated refund amount was USD 23.65.

I was told within maximum of 4 - 6 weeks I will receive the refund amont at the forwarding address I had provided at the time of account closure. Now it is more than 2 months, but I still have NOT received the refund amount. I have been calling for last several weeks to get the status. But no one is providing any information.

Every time I call, they say that they are raising an escalation and I will get a call from the team within next 24 hours. But till date I have not received any call from Comcast.

Now I am completely stuck as I have no other alternate option to reach out to comcast to resolve the matter. As this is going on for ever, last week (on 03/19/2011) when I talked to the customer care person (Name - Jennifer, Badge # - 5172) and she was not able to provide me any solution I had asked for her manager.

Then I talked to the manager (Name - Amanda, Badge # - 1825) and she assured me that I will get a call by 03/21/2011 because she is logging an excalation ticket. But till date (03/26/2011) I have not received any call.

Monetary Loss: $24.

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at&t U-Verse all the way!!!


It will take about 3month for you to get your money from comcast, granted that they can't find some reason not to give it to you. It's like they have a cap on how much money they can give back within a month, no doubt a lot of people are asking for refunds because the company is robbing the consumers.

Their charging me $7 a month for modem rental...

but I own my own modem. :sigh

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