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Bandwidth Caps - AGAIN !!!

The following: a comment to sent to Comcast customer service regarding to new

300GB/mo cap being imposed in my area. I thank you in advance for reading and

respecting my opinion in this matter.


BW= bandwidth

This is a comment regarding the bandwidth cap that Comcast is imposing in my area. While this cap is not the same as BW throttling, it essentially punishes the user for using "too much" BW. Why can't Comcast REWARD users that use less than 300 GB/mo by giving them a discount on their bill instead ? I know this is a great idea that Comcast will never implement (I would be pleasantly surprised if it did ) because like most ISPs it doesn't think outside of the box. The typical ISP builds the box and expects everyone to stay inside of it. There is more than enough BW out there. As usual, when a company can't create profits by making more, they sell "artificial scarcity" instead. I came over to you guys because you did not have a BW cap like AT&T at the time, By capping BW you are essentially limiting the fair distribution of content, which I think has been your endgame all along. People are ditching cable tv and getting their content from other sources, which is really rubbing you guys the wrong way. It takes a lot of hard work to keep large networks stable. Every user account is a potential threat from hackers, intentional or not. QoS seems to always be an issue. I get it. I can tell you that you won't win too many friends by beating up the little kids on the playground because they are smarter than you. If even one of these kids ever grows up and becomes an "Elon Musk" he will bring better technology to the table ( it probably won?t be yours ) and you WILL pay *dearly* for your indignation. This is not a threat, but a historical fact. No tyrant or dictator has ever ruled in perpetuity. Please remember that your customers are the people that made this company the success it is. Placing a cap is essentially sending a message to customers like me that you are really overselling promises and under-delivering service, that you?ve put out a hit on Net Neutrality, and that a free and open Internet is like Freedom of Speech - just an illusion You don't overbook a cruise ship when you only have lifeboats for half of the passengers (does the Titanic ring a bell ? ). I thank you taking the time to read this comment

With Regards,

a Comcast customer,

PS your data usage calculator does not take into account BW that will consumed by Windows and other automatic updates (including your Constant guard product, which also does updates, I hope ) , which could be as much as 100MB/mo depending on the type of system one has. Don?t even get me started on the all of the adverts that one has no choice but to sit though before their video starts.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $120.

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I am looking for a new provider with out caps. Although, I am not near the cap I don’t want to support this type of billing structure. I see it limiting the usage and potential growth of the internet.

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