Houston, Texas
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Comcast convinced me to switch from our previous DSL internet service due to a promotional rate of $29.99 for 12 months. They also offered the installation for $29.99, discounted from $99.99.

When the first bill came, they charged $57.95 and also they charged the full $99.99 installation cost. After I spent hours on the phone trying to resolve, but they refused to acknowledge it.

All they would say is, "The best we can do is 6 months." Plain and simple liars and scam-artists! I swear I am going to start recording these phone conversations.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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A special rate for Internet service is offered through broadbandoffers.com. The deal is stated as $19.95 per month for 6 months with no contract and service can be cancelled anytime without penalty.

They also advertise a free modem, but you must buy the modem and then mail in rebate forms to receive reimbursement minus shipping cost. The online application takes you through some hoops and indicates that service will be activated after the modem is received. I received the modem and then called the phone number that was provided, which connected to Comcast customer service. They had no record of the order and do not offer any deals such as what was stated.

After an 1-1/2 hours of the runaround, I was finally told that broadbandoffers.com is a third-party service and I would have to go through them for activation. I went back to the beginning, which was an advertisement at comcastoffers.com, which links to broadbandoffers.com. I could not find any phone numbers. There was an online contact form and I submitted a request for activation.

An email response the next day indicated that broadbandoffers.com does NOT handle service activation. They referred me back to Comcast customer service.

The box that the modem came in clearly says "Comcast Corp" at the top of the shipping label and directly underneath this it says "broadbandoffers.com". I finally realized that the whole thing is an elaborate bait and switch scam, which appears to be operated by Comcast. I sincerely doubt that I was the first customer to call Comcast and attempt to activate service based on the broadbandoffers.com offering, but the operators played dumb and led me around and around as if to wear me down so that I would get tired and give up.

The catch is that once you have payed for the modem and received it, you are not likely to return it at your expense, wait for a refund, and also forfeit the original shipping cost.

Broadbandoffers.com cannot activate the service for the stated price and Comcast bumps you into a higher price plan (with a contract?). At that point I decided that I will NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH COMCAST AGAIN!

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