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I don't even know where to begin with this company.

First off, I get a mailing from them offering me a Triple Play Bundle at a low price, but when I call they say it isn't available to me. So I ask why did you send it to me then? I was told it was a mistake, yet I get one every month! I was offered the service, but at a much higher price, which I did not take.

Secondly, we had a representative call us and offer us a Triple Play Bundle for a certain price. We took this deal because it was so good. Problem is, we were charged more. When we called we were told that was the right bundle but not the right price. We argued their representative told us this and they need to honor it. We have to call every month to argue this point with them!

Third, our bill comes every month different. It's difficult to read. I never know what it will be because they change it every month. I have a Triple Play Bundle but get charged separately for all three services. Then when we changed service within a month, they charged us an entire month at what we had and then charged us for the new service from the date we got it. Why wasn't I credited for the half month of service I had originally that I did not use? Many people don't take the time to look their bills over and I'm betting Comcast knows this and uses it to their advantage.

Bottom line....this company is bad news. Unfortunately, they have monopolized this area and there isn't another company I can switch to. I'm beginning to think no cable, internet, and phone is better than dealing with this company!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Bundle.

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Recently, the comcast switch outside my condominium failed, and I lost internet access for 1 week. When the techncian showed up he wanted to talk about my television service.

After telling him multiple times that the televisions were working fine, and after showing him as much. He then stated, you may want to replace the cables to the television, becuase sometimes they go bad. Recognizing instantly that he was trying to foist the $50 service fee from me, I told him, "Please don't worry about the cable television, just fix my internet". He finally plugged a device into the cable running to the internet modem.

He discovered there was no signal available. He then went outside, where he spent an hour troubleshooting the problem, and getting into a verbal confrontation with the property manager. After returning, he stated to me, the network signal box outside had failed, and that a comcast network person would have to come out to replace it. I said ok.

He then stated, I made you a television cable anyway, so you can replace the cables.

Comcast then attempted to charge me $50 as though the problem I was experiencing had something to do with my inside cable or equipment. I don;t use their equipment, and he didn't make any repairs inside my home. However becuase he handed me a cable they are trying to call it a repair.

This company has stooped to the lowest levels in an effort to generate revenue, and it is very sad. I am going to switch my service over to another provider as soon as I get my money back from these thieves.

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