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I am not sure how this company is able to even operate, none of the departments or deals have any sort of communication. I wish I would have gone with DirectTV.

I recently got Comcast (in January) and even before I had the service installed my issues started. My original order for HD Triple Play – Premier for $119.99 was placed through an online authorized dealer but Comcast had no record of it so they placed another order when I argued the price was a lot higher they would transfer me around to different departments.

A few days before the install I finally got some results from a Customer Solutions rep (Ursula) who asked me to forward her my original order. She spoke with her manager and said they would not be able to give me the same package but will build me one that will give me all the benefits of HD Triple Play Premier. The end cost would be $10 more, which I was fine with because at that point I was done with the back and forth. After our conversation I received an email confirmation, of course the amount was $47.99 more. So I emailed Ursula and asked her why? Of course I never got an answer and just received my first will a few weeks back for $57.99 more than my original quote.

I called customer service once again and have been passed back and forth between departments. Today I spoke with Bridgevine their “authorized dealer The manager pretty much said he has record of the order but can’t help me. It is my problem that Comcast placed a different order and charged me more not his. He has his order and is not involved with install or why they canceled it. Comcast should have called them and now it is a month and a half in and the service was already installed.

I also did Comcast online chat where the rep finally understood what was going on and escalated the issue to their “Higher Department,” and was told I will get a call in 24-48 hours.

Before I decided to become a Comcast customer I was warned that they have terrible customer service, I should have listened. I strongly feel they did a classic bait and switch with me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Service Transfer.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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