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I went on line today to check out comcast. they are running a special 29.99 with a two year contract.

Here is where the scam happens they told me that on month 13 of the 24 month conract it goes from 29.99 to 44.99 a month. I said but it would be a 2 year contract. so if i have a two year contract why does it jump to the higher rate. This sure does seem to be a deceptive pratice.

(Bait and Switch) I went on to ask exactly what would be the hook up charge and EXACTLY what the bill would be with all the taxes and fees. I was asked for my zip code and I gave it. I was told the it is generally aroud 35.00 to hook up. I said I didn't want "generalities" or "arounds" But I wanted to know EXACTLY.

I then brought up the bait and switch . where upon they refused to talk to me. doesn't sound like a company I want to do bussiness with. But they have the cable market cornered it appears.

Think about call The A.G.'s office and complaining. but doubt it will do any good.

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They have pulled the same "bait and switch" *** on me, as well...!! They state you are allowed 2 free digital converters at no extra charge.

I've had them plugged up, authorized and been receiving service without charge. Now, this month, they are including an extra charge for $1.99 for the two free digital converter boxes.

This is absolutely insane and a crime to let companies get away with this type of ***! How can we all combat this and file a lawsuit against Comcast!!!??


I ordered the Comcast START UP package for $29.99 (no contract 12 months) a month ago. Just got my first bill for $115.

My next bill will be for $100.

Too bad there's so much big money in teleco (TV, internet and cable) that the lobbyist OWN our politicians. Disgraceful.


The deal:19.99 internet for first 6 mos, then it jumps up some...good deal. Except the first bill was for $77 and the next, about $140.

Upon calling, Concast (bait and switch central) said they'd send a corrected bill for about $25. Well, that never came. Then their daily automated "reminder" phone calls started. So we called them again and are trying to claim the agent who made the deal with us shouldn't have, that I could only get that deal bundled with other services (not true)...ROFLMAO.

This is BAIT AND SWITCH deluxe! I'm sending a check for only what I owe, because I Keep Good Records (time, place, form and event, and who I talked with).

I didn't get into a big yelling match with them (have learned it does no good). I simply told them I didn't have time to keep discussing this right now and that I'll send them a check. Then I hung up.

Oh yeah, I also record all conversations with them, "for quality assurance purposes". ROFLMAO


yup, they did a bait and switch on me too. I found out when I looked at my first bill that we were being charged more than was advertised and more than we agreed to.

They admitted the mistake and "fixed" it, but they have THE MOST pathetic, inefficient online-bill pay system I've ever encountered. So of course my bill online didn't reflect the correct price, and of course, there was a late fee. End of story is, my bill has been wrong every month, I've had to talk on the phone repeatedly with them, they'll say things like "well, your bill will look wrong, but just pay X amount, and OUR ledgers will clear so really, you won't owe anything, even though it says you will". Unbelievable.

Oh, and most recently: I got a call from a collections agency because supposedly when I went online to make one of these dysfucntional one-time payments of an amount that is different from what my bill shows, I mistyped a number in my bank account or something. So even though my comcast bill says "payment received, thanks!", I still had a collections agency after me saying the bill didn't go through. When I told collections guy about this he said, "well, you should go check your bank statement. You'll see there that the payment didn't go through".

It's just a total circus-- and ironically I wouldn never have HAD to be making these weird payments online if comcast hadn't done the bait and switch to start with.

Because my bill has never been correct, I've been hesitant to sign up for auto-pay! I hate comcast.


My boyfriend and I have had Comcast for almost 2 years now. They have screwed up the billing for 10 out of the 17 months that we've had it.

I went to a store to set up automatic withdrawl on June 30 of this year. I was told that within 30 days it will be set up and I should see on my August Bill. Well I went out of town over Labor Day and gave the bill 2 extra days to catch up with the bank holidays. Mean time they turned our services all off due to non payment (Mind you I am searching for a job and need the phone).

Went to the store I set up automatic withdrawl through only to be told that they just processed the paperwork on August 23. It took DOUBLE the time I was told. They graciously told me that as a one time curtousy they would wave the reactivation fees and turning it back on fees. Guess what?

Those fees still turned up on my bill.

Then the following month they took out $40 less than they were suppose to and turned our services off due to non payment. Kind of curious to find out what's going to happen this month!!!



If you think it's bad being a Comcrap customer it's way worse being an employee. Former employees won a class action lawsuit for making us work off the clock without pay. Call Retention Department to get discounts.


On Tuesday 11/1/11, I talked to Comcast and at 8888234280 and had a package set up for Premium package for 159.00. By Jeff.

He sent me over to a George who bundled a package with an extra HD DVR and 2 other HD boxes for a total of 168.95. conf.# 452518835. . I went over this agreement at least 3 times before hanging up.

The techs came in today and said they have the hddvr that comes with the package and the reg. converters, not the hd ones for the other 2 TVs. I talked on the phone with Kiasha, manager and she told me the two men will be "written up" but they will not honor the agreement.

This is , in my viewpoint a "bait and switch" and I am angry that this company choses to treat customers this way. I'm not satisified with this and I startingby complaining to the company to register this complaint first but I will also register it with the bbb and whom ever to get it out to anyone who is considering COMCAST.

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