San Francisco, California

Comcast is the worst. I've had technicians out 6 times to fix either tiling or audio cutout.

After 4 different boxes and a variety of other maneuvers they said I need to relocate the cable coming in to my TV. I made an appt. and they never showed up. I have the protection plan and now have another appt where I will be charged $21.

Yeah I'm going to finally look into satellite. Why doesn't anyone do Anything about Comcast?

I don't know 1 person who is satisfied. They have a monopoly in Minneapolis so I'm kind of stuck.

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omcast needs to be shut down ! This is discusting service.

3 times I was told some1 will be there today no 1 ever showed up. Absolutely no excuse . They should be shut down.

Be prepared for a disaster and *** when dealing with Comcast! 4 days without service!


They are more interested in selling their services than maintaining them.


i know that Comcast has alot of problems. i work for the company, and would not want thier service.

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