Arlington, Virginia

mi ip from comcast has had black box spam reports on it since 2007. ive only had for 2 months.

i have 2 other email accounts w computermail and yahoo. they give me time outs, and suspend me, because i have a bad ip. ive delt with all areas of comcast for 2 months stright, everyone passes it to someone else. the ex.

office just left a message on my phone saying they changed my ip, but they did not.

they refuse to communicate through email because i told them im saving all correspondance. all i want is a new ip.

so much for comcast customer gaurentee.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Account.

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Nashua, New Hampshire, United States #706614

August 24, 2013


I am writing to inform you about the type of service provided to me by Comcast which is very different to your advertisements in various form. If I tell you the whole story it will be very long hence I will write highlights and you can check the file Comcast maintains on my account. The problem has been intermittent hence difficult to pin down.

Summer 2012 –We could not watch summer Olympics on high definition CBS due to interference to the point that picture and audio were not working at all. Comcast response – loose connections hence it was my responsibility. Solution – We watched regular CBS instead of HD since that time.

July 2013 – Very erratic internet reception to a point that lots of calls were dropped on our Vonage phone. Could not work on the computer at home because what should take less than 10 minutes took more than an hour (if I got connection). Comcast technician came, tightened connections and left. Problem continues.

August 9, 2013 – Comcast technician came and replaced modem after I worked with your technicians that there was a connection problem. The new modem made the problem even worse as the non-reception times were longer and the lights on the modem were not even lit for prolonged periods. Your technicians confirmed that the modem had no signal 57 times (I do not know over what period of time). Your technician insisted on sending another modem by UPS rather than with a technician.

August 15, 2013 – New modem arrives and I installed it with Comcast technician help. Your technician suspected the splitter was defective so modem was directly connected and TV was disconnected. After about 4 hours all modem lights were not lit and there was no reception. I installed a new splitter and watched. Internet connection was erratic. I contacted Comcast the following day and worked with Comcast technician. She could not see the signal from the modem. She suggested removing the splitter and she was able to see the signal thereby concluding that splitter was faulty. I suggested reconnecting the splitter and test again. It worked and confirmed erratic reception. Now scheduling the technician visit started. Comcast insisted on charging $50 to my account and if the technician felt it was not Comcast fault the charge will be reversed.

How much more do we need to go through before we get the service we have been paying for without getting the service promised? During discussion one of Comcast representative mentioned that it was your policy to credit my account $20 whenever a technician is involved and the problem continues. I should get a credit of at least $60 on this account. Your supervisor would not honor that commitment.

A technician was scheduled for 8/21/2013 with a window of 3-5 PM. I took time off from work and stayed at home. At 5 PM I was told the technician was running late and will be here at 6:30 PM. I had no choice but to wait and he never showed up and nobody called me. On 8/23/2013 I called Comcast to reschedule the technician. Your representative went through the entire history and we lost telephone connection because internet went down. I made another call and got another representative and I spent another 30 minutes to get a technician appointment. Soon after it was set we lost telephone connection again. Now the technician earliest appointment I could get is August 29, 12-4 PM. There goes your two hour window guarantee.

By the way, during last few days the reception on TV is scrambled on channels in addition to CBS HD and this is also erratic. Same thing is happening on the phone line put in by Comcast (luckily we are not depending on that phone line). Meanwhile, we keep on paying our bills without getting any reliable service. I hope you will listen to the recorded conversations that have taken place between your representatives and me. I can write an interesting book.



Chandra P. Khattak, Ph.D.

11 Forsythia Dr.

Nashua, NH 03062

Home phone : 603-577-1703


with a service like comcast you have a dynamic IP address, it changes all the time on its own. there is virtually no way that you've had the same IP address since 2007, you have probably had tens or hundreds in that time period. you can also force it to change anytime you want if you change your mac address.

also, because of the dynamic ip system, it is silly for a company like yahoo to ban an IP address, so it is probably also worth your while to contact them about it.

far more likely is that your computer is a malware'd up piece of junk and you spam people without knowing it.


Listen up, jag-off. You Will not get as you say "a new ip address".

The DHCP server will release a new ip with every service update that comcast issues.

If you are having issue with some online email service like yahoo or gmail, it's not a comcast related issue. This one's for you and all those other *** out there that think every computer issue is the issue of their isp! Comcast provides internet service...period!!

how you access it or access online apps and websites is your freakin problem. End of story.


Are you forwarding email to your other accounts? Email the abuse department at Comcast to see if they can help you.

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