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I complained about my over priced bill and was told I needed to upgrade. I got this huge box of equipment in the mail; new modem, 2 new cable boxes.

started with the modem at about 12:30pm it is now 5:30pm. I only got as far as changing the modem about 3 hours ago. I waited for activation, I got activation, but no internet service. My land line is not working, I spent over an hour texting back and forth with some idiot from text support.

I say idiot bc it kept telling me to give the CM MAC # from the back of my modem. there was no CM MAC #. I finally asked if they meant on the BOTTOM of the modem. Their answer was "Yeah that too".

In any case that didn't work either. I am now putting this new upgraded modem back in the box and I will be sending this back. I reconnected the old modem. the internet works but my land line is still out.

I can't go without a phone. my husband has a heart condition.

My bill only reduced to $5 less than what I was paying anyway. I've been a customer for over 20 years, AT&T here I come!

Reason of review: Access/ activation issues.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Comcast Cons: Foreign customer service agents with arrogant attitudes.

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