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Last Tuesday, July 5th, I had an install scheduled for the 7:00-10:00 AM window. The tech showed up at 9:45. It took him until noon to finish, five total hours of my time lost. He was rude and refused to listen to me. He stapled a cable across the floor instead of running a new one. He left a bad DVR and told me it was "all he had" and I would have to take it to Comcast and swap it myself. He refused to give me a receipt for equipment I needed to turn in and accused me of saying he was trying to steal it when I asked for one.

We then spent an hour in the local Comcast office. We were in line for over 45 minutes. We got the DVR swapped and turned in the old equipment and got a receipt, which is good. I explained to the CSR what had occurred during the install and wrote it all down with my contact information. She said she would give it to the tech manager. We spent another half hour installing and activating the box when we got back to the house.

I waited 24 hours and didn't hear anything so I called. The first rep I got on the phone (Chris) said he was transferring me to tech support and put me on hold for 15 minutes. The second tech (Dennis) listened to everything and said he thought the best way to handle it was for him to send an ASAP memo to his supervisor who would then contact the tech manager. I would get a call no later than Saturday morning.

Saturday came and went with no call, so I started looking for other ways to contact them. I blogged about the bad install. I emailed Comcast. I got a couple email responses that basically said "let me know if I can help". How do I answer that? I have no idea what those peoples' jobs are. If you can help, HELP.

On Monday I found the "Customer Guarantee" online and felt a little sense of relief. They guarantee $20 or a premium channel free for 3 months if they don't complete service in one visit, so at least they're not going to leave me totally out to dry (I am so naive!).

On Tuesday evening - a week and a workday after the original install, not the 72 hours they kept promising me, which is WAY too long anyway - I finally got a call from a supervisor or manager, John I think. He said he was going to send his best tech to re-run that cable and he'd be there soon. The tech then called and told me he was a little behind and could he come first thing in the moring, at 8:00. I said yes. I was so relieved that someone was finally going to take care of this!

On Wednesday, we didn't see or hear anything from the tech until I called the supervisor at 10:30. No call from him saying he was running late, no nothing.He finally showed up around 10:45, almost three hours later than he'd said he'd be there. To fix the stapled cable, he pulled up the carpet and put the cable under it, fraying the edge of the carpet in the process. My daughter was there with him and I didn't see it until I got home from work. I called the supervisor back and told him that now I also have to fix the carpet, in addition to pulling the cable myself, since it still isn't done. He said he would come by and look. I said no. I am never allowing a Comcast employee in my home again. I can't risk anything else getting messed up or broken. I will fix it myself.

Thursday I got a call from some customer satisfaction person while I was in a department meeting. I told her I would be done by 4:30 and she said she'd call back then. It's Friday morning now and I still haven't heard from her. When I got home, I found a Comcast bill in my mailbox that includes $105 for installation. Part of this installation is installing 3 outlets. No outlets were installed. I'm going to have to run my own cable, install my own jack, and fix my carpet. And they're billing me for this?

I've read the customer guarantee about ten times now and if I'm doing my math right, they owe me $60 (at least) in $20 increments for not completing work in one visit (twice) and for not making a scheduled appointment window (the "best tech" who was supposed to fix the first guy's screw-up). I should not be billed for installing outlets when none were installed. I don't think I should have to pay the $29.50 for "Reconnect" since I had to do it myself. So that means I should be up about $40. And I'm not going into how much time I've lost in all of this or what it's going to cost me to fix the carpet and run my own cable.

Today, I'm looking forward to spending endless time on the phone with Comcast and getting nothing accomplished. The way things are going, Comcast will probably bill me for complaining.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Installation.

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