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Apparently COMCAST isn't ripping you off enough, so the took a page from cellular carriers placing ridiculous data caps on ALL levels of internet service. Clearly they want to stop NETFLIX, HULU, ROKU, and other online streaming services. BUT GOOD ole COMCAST found another way to rip you off. First their high fees and constant undeserved rate hikes. When I signed up the promised that they would be doing away with their data caps given the massive capacity of their system. Seem lying is no stranger to COMCRAP.

REGARDLESS of any lie they tell you... they will just change it at their whim to rip you off.

Remember when Comcast was caught THROTTLING customers internet..... well here is ComCast RIPOFF throttling version 2.... now called "data Caps"

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We were all wondering what they were going to replace there cap system with. There was speculation of a 'usage fee' based system.

Also, the new Xbox One gaming console no longer has an integrated 'Media Extender' in it!

Speculation is that Microsoft struck a deal with Comcast to support Comcast cable...

and only Comcast cable.

An interesting side not: Microsoft Windows 8 does not support any Media Center extender that is not Microsoft! Hummm.

See a pattern?