Reading, Pennsylvania

I have spoken to well over a dozen CSR's including Brad, Christina, Britney, Bob, and several others since Feb. 6 regarding issues with my service.

Each technician sounded extremely knowledgeable and was professional. Despite this, all but the last person I spoke to utterly failed to resolve my issues and more often than not, made matters worse.

The magnitude of the incompetence of the workers cannot be described and is simply incomprehensible. My initial issue was with the installation of the Anyroom DVR box and two Anyroom DVR slave boxes. The technician arrived with 3 Anyroom DVR boxes instead of the single Anyroom DVR box and two slave boxes. I doubt that he would have mentioned this detail at all had I not verified with him what was being installed before he got started. He explained that they were out of stock on the slave DVR boxes and were offering the extra Anyroom DVR boxes instead free of charge. As appealing as that offer was, it was not even presented before the technician arrived nor did it suit my needs to view my recordings on multiple TVs.

After sending him back without an installation, I contacted customer service and asked to reschuduyle once the slave DVR boxes were back in stock. I also asked if a technician was necessary or if I could obtain the boxes locally and install them myself. The CSR said there were 29 HD DVR boxes at the Lebanon office and that I could pick them up ahead of time to have them ready for the technician when they arrived. This was utterly false and the local office explained that they had regular HD boxes that were not compatible with the Anyroom DVR box. This was a one hour round trip of my time and gas wasted.

The next technician arrived with the proper equipment. This installation was successful only because I noted that the main Anyroom DVR box did not display the "scheduled recordings" menu which the technician quickly corrected.

I then scheduled a third Anyroom slave box to be added a few weeks later. This is where the bulk of the trouble began. I was originally told during the initial installation that I would be able to add additional Anyroom slave boxes myself but now was told that it had to be done by a technician and that I would be charged an installation fee. I lost the phone connection before this could be protested and called back only to find that the appointment had already been scheduled and that the installation fee was still being applied. I was able to have the installation fee waived but was also told that I could pick up an Anyroom slave box locally and install it myself since they were the same device as the HD digital boxes supplied by the local offices.

I had them keep the scheduled installation appointment (just in case) while I went to pick up an Anyroom DVR slave box myself locally. This time I went to a different office since the closer one was closed for the day and guess what... I was AGAIN told that the CSR gave me false information and that their digital boxes could not be used with the Anyroom DVR system.

Two technicians arrived to install the third Anyroom DVR slave box and this worked proerply for a day. After that, neither the new Anyroom DVR slave box nor the MAIN Anyroom DVR box were getting any signal at all. A CSR could not identify the problem and had to schedule a technician. The technician found that there were no "rates" on either of these two boxes and was annoyed that the CSR failed to notice this which would have made the service call unnecessary. There seemed to be some issue with adding the new rates to the Anyroom DVR slave box and the technician left before the office had the issue fully resolved.

Calling back after not hearing of any updates to the issue, this CSR was confused that we had Internet and Phone services with were not a part of our bill. He could not solve this without extensive work and promised that it would be taken care of by the end of the day. Calling back after this time had ellapsed, the next CSR found no updates or notes on this issue or even that the issue was being addressed. She scheduled a technician to come out to check the modem and other equipment to make sure these weren't hampering the resolution of the issue with the account's charges.

The technician was by far one of the best. He upgraded the modem and verified the other equipment and their rates and got in touch with a CSR himself to manage the account issues. Again, this was too complex an issue to be resolved quickly and he had to leave but promised to keep on top of it and get back to me with updates. He actually did this and had the issue bumped up to a higher level of troubleshooting and gave me a ticket number as well as his work schedule and a contact phone number if needed. The last I spoke to hime that night, he had plans to bring up the issue at the morning manager's meeting so that his supervisor was aware of the issue. Once this was done, things were very quickly resolved with the account and all services appeared to be working properly.

But there's more. We received a call later that night from a friend saying that he had to try our number 4 times before getting through, being told the first three times that the number he was calling was not active. Calls out worked fine but few calls coming in would connect to us. I confirmed this through two other sources and contacted a CSR. It had to be handled through a different department and took a day before they got to the job request. Once they got to it in their ***, it took all of 30 seconds to find and correct the problem with a "switch". I also discovered that my voicemail had to be set up again, my voicemail's email notifications had to be re-added, and scheduled DVR recordings had to be scheduled again.

I hope you can see what an amazing failure in customer service and product delivery and reliability this has been. Be assured that I've fully researched the cost and availability of other providers and require an extremely compelling reason not to switch services to a different company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Bundle.

Monetary Loss: $176.

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