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COMCAST arbitrarily changed the schedules TWICE without any prior notice or consultation and pretended that the rescheduling never happened and I confused the dates.

On June 21, I did live chat with a COMCAST assistant and disconnection of the Internet service was schedule for June 28. However, no one showed up on June 28! After I waited for COMCAST's technicians the whole day, I called COMCAST and was told that my appointment was ORIGINALLY scheduled for July 2, not June 28. They should be ashamed of themselves for telling such a lie. If I had been told that all of the COMCAST technicians would be so busy during the high season for moving and could not help rescheduling my appointment, I could understand the situation. However, they lied to me about the appointment. I still keep the record of the live chat stating that the appointment was originally planned for June 28, not July 2. I think that after COMCAST rescheduled my appointments, the company removed the record of the original schedule to pretend that the rescheduling never happened.

Anyway, on July 2, I waited for COMCAST's technicians the whole day again, but no one showed up again! When I called to COMCAST, I heard that this time, my appointment was ORIGINALLY scheduled for July 20! Do I have to pay one more month because of the company's reschedule and lie? I am moving out next week! They messed up my moving schedule! I was so upset and the assistant let me talk to his supervisor, who advanced the appointment from July 20 to July 5. This time, I hope to meet real human beings sent from COMCAST.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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If you want to save money on your Comcast bill call 877-824-2288 and ask to speak to the RETENTION Department. They will give you promotions and discounts that no other department can give you.

The promos generally last for 6 months so you have to callback every 6 months. It is worth the trouble because you can get discounts of 25-50%


I had 6 out of 8 so called " appointments " cancelled by Comcast and they never notified me. My internet was still out of order and it was Not my equipment which they always like to put the blame on. They never notified me they cancelled my appointments so I just kept calling them every few hours every day for appointment confirmation.

Their technical people when they did come at least 4 times to determine and repair the problem which was out in the street ( Not my equipment ) 3 out of the 4 times they were well past the appointed time.

I think these " appointments " are really something to pacify the customer.

I think the real waqy it works, you make an appointment for service and Comcast will get there, whenever they get there. How many complaints do we see on this and other consumer complaint websites about the same thing, Comcast not showing up, Comcasst late, appointment cancellations with no notification to the customer and it goes on and on and on.

If you can get a cost effective DSL cnnection from your local phone company as a back up, then at least you may still have internet access while you wait ( who knows how long ) for Comcast to get around repairing theirs. Slower spped is better than no speed at all.