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Good morning Mr. Byrd, (Public Relations at Comcast for California)

After several lengthy and seemingly unproductive conversations with representatives from Comcast, I am reaching out to you in the hopes that you will help me to resolve this issue.

I was a Comcast customer for several years. I recently bought my first home, and requested to move my service to my new address. An appointment was set, and a technician came to my new house on Friday, May 27, 2011. This representative of your company was incredibly unprofessional to say the least. He responded to my apology for my barking dog with: "that's ok, I will just kick him out of my way." The technician then told my boyfriend and I that he was unable to do any work because we did not have a main hook-up line installed in the house. Our house was built in 1967, but was completely renovated at the beginning of this year, and he said that it seemed they had cut the cable line in the process. I asked the technician how much it was going to cost to have the line installed, and he responded with: "I can do it right now for $50 cash." I asked him to repeat that, and he told me he was kidding, but it was going to take at least two weeks before someone could install my cable. He then left and I contacted Comcast immediately to #1 report his behavior and #2 ask what the procedure was going to be, and when they could move my service. The woman I spoke to apologized, and then told me that someone would come back to my house the following Tuesday and would install service completely on that day.

On Tuesday, my boyfriend took the day off of work to be home (we were told that it would take several hours to complete the installation). Another technician showed up and told my boyfriend that there was nothing he could do to help us, that he was not part of the crew that did this kind of an install. I called Comcast again after that technician left, and a "Supervisor" told me that he was sorry, that he would set the appointment for the following Friday for 9:00-11:00am, and that if we would just be patient enough to stick with Comcast, he would give me a $100 credit on my bill. My boyfriend and I discussed it, and I called back on Thursday to cancel my service and the upcoming technican appointment. $100 was just simply not enough to keep us as customers anymore. The woman I spoke to told me that there was no one there to cancel my service (it was approximately 7:45pm) but that she went ahead and cancelled the service appointment. She told me that I would have to call back to cancel my service. I asked to speak to a supervisor at that time, and she told me she didn't have one there.

On Friday, no one showed up to do any kind of an installation, which was good because we had canceled it.....or so we thought.

Yesterday, Tuesday, June 7, 2011, I was greeted by my next door neighbor as I pulled into my driveway after work. He told me that he wanted to let me know what happened while my boyfriend and I were at work yesterday, and that he was so concerned with what he saw, he began to video tape it. He told me that a group of men from Comcast showed up shortly after my boyfriend left for work (11:30am) and began to dig up the landscaping in my front yard. The neighbor watched as they pulled up all of the bark, disturbed the newly planted trees and ripped through the lining blanket that separates the mud/earth from the bark. He said they then began to dig into the ground. At that point, the men entered my backyard on the side of my house. They began to dig up the area in my side yard, displacing again, the blanketing and mixing the lava rocks that were there with mud. My neighbor video taped as they began to cut the concrete on the side of my house and run a line up to the box that they attached to the stucco on my newly painted home. One of the screws on the box cracked the stucco. They left mud ground into the newly painted wall and as if that weren't enough, they left their garbage on the ground, in the mud they had created, not three feet from my garbage can.

I am not a Comcast customer, and I was not a Comcast customer on the day that representatives from your company illegally entered my property, caused damages and installed a box on the side of my house that damaged the stucco. I have been trying for two days to get someone to give me some sort of resolution to this, let me know how/when someone was going to repair my yard, my landscaping and my house to no avail. I was given the name: Eva Mullend (sp?) and the number: 18008843642 but it is simply a voicemail for a general office number. I have left messages there and on another number: 408-201 8500 ext 781559.

You are my last hope and point of contact before I contact both my local District Attorney as well as my local newstation with this story. I feel violated and devastated by the actions of your employees and their treatment of my beautiful home.

Please, please help me with this, or help me to find someone that can/will.

Thank you for your time,

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Installation.

Store Location: Sacramento, California

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I would love to know if your issue was resolved since I too am having a similar problem.