5 technician visits in one month. I Just bought new home I had 2 home inspections in February..Comcast says they have no idea why my internet cuts out randomly about 10 times during an 8 hour period.

I am a remote worker and take inbound calls through the internet. I am hardwired. The techs have replaced....I was told everything possible inside and outside my house. I was told Thursday March 31st I will forfeit my yearly bonus due to not being able to work my shift.

Now April 3rd. I may be out of my career completely due to no stable internet. This new ho have just purchased has a mortgage and bills. How am I supposed to survive of I lose employment?

It's even my smart TV which runs off their wifi signal. I just now received notification that they had now scheduled my 6th service call with a technician.

They say there is noise in the line. I was told Friday that everything is new.

User's recommendation: If your employment is remote and you have COMCAST as the only ISP then kiss your job goodbye.

Monetary Loss: $3200.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: Mckeesport, Pennsylvania

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