Atlanta, Georgia

I want it to be known also that Kirk A. Miller came to my home regarding this horrible tragedy that I went through and not once did he apologize to me for what I endured. He stood in my kitchen with his note taker and tried his best to interrogate me about the event. I have a master's degree in criminal justice and certifications in Wicklander best practices in investigations and interrogations and knew from the very start what his motive for coming to my home was. His motivation could not have been that he was concerned that I was basically held prisoner in my own home for about 4 hours by your employee Mr. Kemar Washington. If this had been his motivation certainly in all the time he was in my home he would have mentioned that he was sorry or at least compassionate in some regards for me being cussed out, spat in the face twice since the technician was less than an inch from my face, that I got chest butted by the employee, that I had your employee asking me if I was ignorant or if I could read instructions, refusing to show me how to operate the equipment he installed in my home.

I told Kemar that I felt threatened by him and that he needed to leave my home but he did not. Since he did not I was then a prisoner in my own home. He truly should have left the instance I told him to leave my home and I was threatened by his anger, hostility, unprofessionalism, cussing and using his cell phone to make personal calls and argue and cuss at whoever was on the other line. I told Kemar that I did not want to sign any papers for him but that I would if he would just leave my home. He left his card and told me his number was on the back and his managers was on the front. He threatened me not to call his manager but to call him only, and if he felt like coming back out to explain my products he would. He mentioned a survey that I should be receiving about his service and told me he only wanted to hear good things as he was leaving and told me to remember he knew where I lived.

My partner and I share a cell phone and he must have gotten the call for the survey and answered the questions since all of the equipment was installed and gave him high marks for that, but I had not yet told him what Kemar had done to me for 4 hours. When I did tell him all that had happened of course he regretted having given him good feedback after the horror I endured. Kemar was rotten and despicable and he deserved negative numbers on any survey, but because my partner completed it without knowing how I was done that day he gave him marks he in no way deserved.

The charges for the installation for all services still remains on my bill even though I was told by multiple people all installation charges would be off yesterday, and again they were not.

I kept being asked what did I want Comcast to do to make it right and at the time I said nothing, but that is no longer the case after reflecting the horror I faced all that day it seemed. I hope this can be resolved amicably, but I am gearing up for the fact of a fight in court if I have to.

Thank you,

Richard Lisenby

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Installation.

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Really? Man up, it's your home

Overland Park, Kansas, United States #662587

Why don't you start by telling why Comcast was there in the first place. Your complaint is garbage.

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