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I called this past Friday, very reluctantly I might add, to switch my service from Verizon to Comcast in an effort to save some $$. While I was speaking to the guy I tried to get a weekend install but was not able to so I agreed to a Monday install between 4-6.

I get an automated call on Sunday to confirm my install between 3-5, not the time slot agreed upon but ok. The tech calls me at noon on Monday I am in your area can I come early, my reply no I will see you at three as agreed upon I am at work 45 minutes away. Call back a few minutes later, can you buy a router we don't have any in the warehouse. My reply yes I will go buy one and you will deduct from my bill, ok he says.

Then I leave earlier as now I have to go out of my way to stop at Walmart and buy a router. Go home no tech shows up. Call Comcast. We can't do the install tech came at noon and saw no line going from the pole to your house he put in a construction ticket at 12:55.

I asked why he did not call me so I would not have made the trip home. I am asked if I want to log a complaint and have his supervisor call me. You bet I do. I want compensation for my time too.

We can give you a $20 credit off your bill. Now they have to do the dig and after i notice the ground dug up I can call them back to schedule an install, they can not call me. Really $20 you just cost me about $200. I called Verizon renegotiated my plan, got a few bucks off.

It will be a cold day in *** before I ever deal with Comcast.

Can't wait for his supervisor to call me. They don't even have me yet and already I am treated like ***.

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I agree - they are horrible - may be when you have 22 million customers you can do that. Wehn they have 12 million customers I wonder if they will get it.

I use my NJ cell number for my Florida comcast. SO every time I call I get routed to someone who deals with NJ. It takes 20 minutes - everytime- to get it right. Then when I used their automated service to use their Vacation plan it didn't register with thenm and they continued to bill me for months at the regular rate.

They refused to even accept the fact that I tried to use the automated Vacation Plan. Compensation - forget it.

Theyu are horrible. And they wonder why folks switch as soon as they get a chance.