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On May 17,2014 my cable begin to get error message on several stations.

Comcast did their troubleshooting process and it did not fix the issue. A tech came out days later and replace the box with a Cisco box -- this started the a new issue.

The stations would freeze or blackout and on demand continued to get error messages telling me to turn the box off and on again. I took the box to a Comcast location to get a replacement and the that box did the same thing. A tech was scheduled to come out twice and did not show up after I had rushed home from work. They did not even call and when I called them I would get another country which led to communication issues -- it was and still is a nightmare.

As of today, June 17, 2014, my cable is still not working properly and Comcast does not seem to care. I told them I could not *** again for them not to show up and to please schedule it for a Saturday.

Their answer was "we don't have any Saturday available". I am so done....

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