A Comcast service tech who was in my neighborhood scanning connections knocked on the door and asked if he could update some connections in our home. After I called Comcast and was told that this is routine, I allowed him in.

He changed the copper connections that I had to ones with stainless steel. Later that evening I found that he had stolen $50 worth of cables and splitters that I had recently purchased. Does Comcast make extra money by recycling stolen copper?

I have been trying to get this resolved with Comcast for over 2 weeks and keep getting the runaround. Tomorrow I am going to the police.

Store Location: Aurora, Illinois

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I used to work for them. I feel bad for you.

But, it's your fault for signing a binding contract without reading it. Be pissed at yourself.


XFAILITY/COMCRAP. I worked at the Lynnwood, WA call center where a fat sup named Kim Edwards sent email telling to work off the clock without pay.

We were fired when we complained to HR, but Kim (who is on her 4th husband) still works there.

We are going to win a class action lawsuit against them. call retention dept and ask for discounts/promos.