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As a very recent former employee who left voluntarily after 7 years of witnessing underhanded and deceptive practices to not only customers but employees as well, I decided I would rather be unemployed than continue working for Comcast. The constant daily verbal abuse from customers that I had to put with was also a contributing factor. I am now a regular paying customer and I hate having to deal with them because unlike most customers, I know... Read more

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I've just installed the Latest Hardware Update from Comcast/xfinity about two weeks ago, the ARRIS TG1682G. The regrets have begone. Let me start by talking about the previous hardware that wasn't very impressive to start off with, at least the WiFi portion of it. My home isn't very big, lets say it's 50' x 40' and that's being generous. The unit sits at the far end of the first floor in my office on top of a bookcase. 15' from the unit, the... Read more

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Every so often I get a pop-up over one of my television channels saying we've detected an interruption. Please check the connections and if the promblem is not resolved contact Comcast at 1-800-Comcast to restore service. We're sorry for the inconvenience. I checked all my connections, they work fine. Called comcast and they told me it would be a 45 minute wait. I DO NOT HAVE A HOUR TO WASTE ON THIS! This is the 3rd time this has happen and I'm... Read more

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The following is an excerpt from my actual 2013 small claims presentation where I sued Comcast over $1,800. Feel free to use it as you feel the need to help you with your small claims action. Comcast actually perjured themselves several times during my hearing. In one instance bold face lied about having remooved an erroneously placed collection action aganst me. I check a week later to find out it had NOT been removed. It was really eye opening... Read more

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chat id : 4e971b7a-0274-4129-bead-7469589ef3bd Problem : Ask Comcast Escalation brian brick > Ask Comcast Escalation Ligaya > Hello brian brick, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Ligaya. Please give me one moment to review your information. Ligaya > Hi Brian Ligaya > How are yuo? brian brick > hello brian brick > ok Ligaya > HOw can I help you? brian brick > months 1-12 are supposed to be at 108.99 and i... Read more

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I try to be understanding of stores and companies, especially since I work for a retail store. but Comcast is just selfish, like Apple. when I was younger and when my parents had Comcast, I never really heard of too many problems other than the fact that they were a little overpriced. a couple years ago when I used to live with my mom and stepdad, but I no longer live with them, we paid rent on a house. I only put around $200 toward the rent (it... Read more

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I've just spent over 2 hours on the phone with Comcast. I live in the Boston area and received a letter from Comcast that I would need to install the DTA to continue receiving cable channels on my TVs that weren't connected to a cable box. And weren't they being nice? They were going to send me two free boxes to convert that awful analog signal. What they don't tell you is that you will lose any digital signal that you were... Read more

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Comcast consistently does not send us a monthly bill and then charges us a late fee the next month. This is the 2nd month in a row that this has happened and the 4th time since we started using Comcast. The customer service is AWFUL and rude! When I called most recently, the operator rudely asked "what, you thought your service was free". I was not aware that I had to personally call Comcast each month and request a bill. Not only is... Read more

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So Comcast tells it's customer's that if you have cable, you don't need to worry about going from analog to digital TV. You're covered right. Now Cartoon network is transmitting on a digital signal and you can't get it "unless you have a DIGITAL CONVERTER WITH COMCAST". I have 4 TV's in the house, two of which are in my boy's separate rooms. So I now have to up the price of my bill by $15.00 to get one station. It's just another way for Comcast... Read more

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I was a Direct Sales Installer in Beaverton, Oregon. Complained to Curt Henninger about corruption in my department involving my co-worker, Chris McQuery, our lead, Alan Jost, our supervisor, Don Willis, Don's supervisor, Tim Ream, and Tim's supervisor, Mike Williams. When I told Curt about how nobody "knocked doors," inspite of the job description of door to door salesperson. Success was determined only by who had what... Read more

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