Collingswood, New Jersey
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I have had Comcast Cable and internet double play for about $180 a month. My bill comes on 11/20 and has jumped up to $219 per month.

Ok I call and see what packages can lower my bill, if I get the triple play package it will be about $170 a month plus like a $30 set up fee. I go ahead with it, then the bill comes on 12/18 for $239.00. I call again and am told that the person who changed my package made a mistake so it nullified the change. I say fine, I'd like the triple play package for $170 a month and I'd like my account credited for the extra money I am paying this month because it was your mistake.

Comcast finally agreed so this month comes I figured with the 170 a month plus the charges minus the credit, I'm looking at I don't know a $140 bill this month. I open the bill today, $603.61. They are trying to charge me #320.29 as a partial month charge for changes made between 11/28 and today. There were absolutely no changes to my tv service but they are charging me $320.29, plus some sort of $52.00 performance internet fee.

They can't possibly be serious with these charges the only thing I can think of is that they want me to be so outraged at this and relieved when they take the charges off that I won't remember that they had agreed to credit my account.

I have never seen any company act this way. The customer service representative was no help and I am still awaiting a call back from a manager.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Account.

Monetary Loss: $460.

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