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My Comcast Xfinity service is supposed to provide 100mpbs downloads. Doing their own Speedtest I typically get 30MBPS.

Started Chat session with their frustrating tech support line and the tech asked me to try various things that didn't work. They told me they'd send out a tech to resolve the problem. Key here is that I didn't request this nor was I made aware they were going to charge me $60. Tech came out, swapped out the modem, did some other checking and ultimately did nothing to improve the speed.

I was told that internet is shared and thus it could be slow during busy times. Needless to say I've tested my speed at 2:00 a.m. and had similar slow speed. Tech leaves, I sign nothing as nothing was requested of me.

Monthly bill arrives for $60 towards the tech visit. Do chat session with Customer Service and escalated to a supervisor who stands his ground and says he'll give me a $30 credit, but not the full amount. Logic clearly doesn't work as there was clearly a cultural barrier for their overseas support. What an opportunity for a class action law firm.

I'd venture to say that every tech call to a home/business generates a $60 fee. If I request a visit and am told I'd have this fee that is one thing, but to "suggest" a rep come to my house and charging me without warning is unethical and should be illegal.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Technical Support.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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You are right comcast is a scam, look out for the bill they send to you every month. The bill keeps going up i wont b surprised if someone else has access to your password, internet is shared because more people living next door from you have access to your password, there you go problem solved

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