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I was a Comcast customer for over five years, and tried time and time again to deal with them. Here's the story . . .

First signed-up with Comcast because the apartment we were living in had a deal with them - $80 a month for Internet and cable services. Perfect. At the time, Comcast was the only provider in the area, and signing-up for this resident referred plan probably saved me $30 a month with no contract. Service was reliable. I don't remember ever hating it or being frustrated.

After one year we moved and transferred services. However, the new apartment never had cable installed. Rather, they had DirecTV. Called Comcast to set-up the transfer, and they let us know they'd have to send a tech out to install services. Fine.

Tech shows up and the job quickly and effectively. I asked him if he wanted to use my old equipment and he said no - the equipment I had is so ancient they don't use it anymore, so he's going to give me their newer stuff. Sounds great! He installs everything and takes my old equipment with him - now this is where the fun begins.

Service was okay for the next year or so. I had to reboot the modem at least once a month, but the cable was always fine - until it stopped working. Apparently, there was in issue with our external line that needed to be fixed. They sent someone out, but things were never really the same after that. We made the decision to switch to DirecTV for more reliable service and better programming. We kept Comcast Internet because it was the only option at the time.

DirecTV was amazing. Comcast Internet always left something to be desired. I continue rebooting my modem one to two times a month to refresh the connection. Even a wired connection into my smart TV is super slow - too slow to even watch a streaming movie via Netflix.

About two years into the new apartment, I'm reviewing my bills from Comcast, and see two $10 "lease charges" for two different modems. I call them and let them know that their tech took all of my old equipment. They say they'll file a ticket. So far, they've charged me an extra $240 over two years ($10 per month x 24 months).

About a month later, our apartment was broken into. We decided Comcast's home security made the most sense, and did a Quad bundle with them (TV, Internet, security, and voice phone). Great. We have the best entertainment package, the best Internet package, and the best security package. They're getting about $300 bucks from me personally each month.

A year later, we start a business. Comcast business comes in because I'm satisfied-ish enough. Now I'm paying $600 in bills each month to Comcast.

Three months ago I'm reviewing all my bills (I get the electronically and have auto-pay set-up). That $10 a month charge is still there. Call them up as a $600/month customer to get it removed and looked into - they can only refund me $30 (they'll only go back three months), but they finally remove the charge. Fine - my fault, I try to tell myself, for not noticing the charge sooner and following-up from my request a year prior to get it removed from my account.

Then our X1 box starts to crash or stop working - it has to be rebooted at least twice a month. Download the Comcast app on my phone, and it's constantly telling me my services are down - in one week alone, I had to reboot my modem and cable box 4 times in order to get them to work properly.

At this point, AT&T and DirecTV has merged, and AT&T Internet is available now in our location. I look into it and get services installed, giving it a month to see how it's going. What's the verdict?

It's awesome. If you're an AT&T customer, get their unlimited data wireless package in addition to DirecTV and Internet. Service is great, my speeds are reliable, and they're cheaper (both in and out of contract) than Comcast - plus I don't have that ridiculous landline "bundle" that saves me money somehow per month even though I don't utilize it at all.

Call Comcast to cancel after five years with them, one of those years with both a residential and business account. Now they can miraculously reverse the $360 charge, but only if I stick with them. I don't think so. Then they have the audacity to charge me $130 bucks for cancelling my contracted services. Whatever - after my bill is prorated, it'll make-up the difference on what I was going to save.

tl;dr - Avoid Comcast whenever possible. Not only is their service shoddy, but I have a feeling they're stealing from their customers regularly by placing incremental line item charges in your bill they hope you won't notice - they got an extra $360 out of me over the course of three years, never refunded any of it, offered to refund it once I cancelled my services, then decided to take the offer away and instead charge me $130 in contract cancellation fees. Their service is sub-par and they literally steal people's money. Avoid, avoid, avoid, avoid.

I'll never be a Comcast customer again. They've lost about $600 a month in my business, and through my referring of AT&T's service, I can probably lose them about $1,500 worth my friends and family's business, too.

I know they're too big to fail, but I hope they do one day.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Bundle.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $360.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Portland, Oregon, United States #1225542

Story very familiar, have caught them many times charging for extra equip, services,movies, or just increasing the bill. It's the " honest mistake" scam! I wonder how much they make a year on honest mistakes.

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