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Not sure who is worst Comcast or Direct TV. I needed higher internet and decided to dump Direct TV and get Comcast.

I called and spoke to a guy up in Jacksonville (Jan 10) who told me that my building needed some wiring. He mentioned he would call me to let me know, it would take 5 days, if he had not called to please send him an e-mail. After 5 days I sent 2 e-mails and called 3 times and I got no answer from him; so I called Comcast and they said I had to go into one of their stores and that I would get charged. I go into a store (Boca Raton Fed Hwy.) and after 25 minutes waiting a gal took 1 1/2 hours to tell me that the building needed some wiring...something I already knew...anyway she issues a ticket number 034158371 and requested my rental contract and my FPL bill to set up my account.

It was a Thursday, she said she would call me the following Tuesday. Tuesday came and I got no call, so I drove back into the store; when I asked she said she forgot...she then mentioned It would take a few more days (Thursday). I come back in on the following Saturday, I get another girls to take care of me. At this time I was begging for help; she mentioned that the reason why I did not yet have service was because I did not have a welcome letter from FPL; I was so shocked...

so I had to once again send via e-mail my FPL bill to this lady when I had already submitted it to the previous girl. Once again she said I would get service by following Thursday and that she would call me. Thursday came and I got no call, so I go back into the store and I asked to speak to the same girl. I said I came because you mentioned you would call me...her answer was "I lost your number"!!!

(of course you lost it if you wrote it on a piece of paper she ripped from a notebook)...but anyways let me check the system "Oh!! you are all set" she gave me the equipment and off I went a happy camper home... I call in to activate the unit and it cannot be connected... I was told I will send you a technician...he came 2 days later and said he could not connect the apartment because there was a connection issue with the building and that a separate technician had to do it...

(This is the same issue identified from the beginning...but not resolved yet). Once again I call and the agent says the technician could be available in 12 days... Oh Lord I went crazy... I asked for the supervisor and he said he could not do anything...I escalated the issue to a manager and he got on the phone and said to me that he was able to get me a technician for tomorrow morning 8 - 10 am.

and issued a new ticket 034498434... Later that day I get a call from a tech person who says, I was able to move your appointment from 12 days out down to 10 days...I was like what the ***, the manager just told me you would be here tomorrow... he said sorry but that was not right... I explained the whole situation again and I guess I sounded desperate because finally he said, let me see what I can do...

later that day another person called saying he would be at my place in three days... that was this past Tuesday. That was yesterday Feb 16th... It took him less the 15 minutes to connect a wire outside my building and Boom system was working...

5 weeks and a bunch of *** service to resolve a 15 minute issue...By the way a few days back I had already received my first bill when service was not up... Comcast has a serious issue of service, I mean this is the worst experience I've ever had...I think Comcast needs some competition...competition makes you better...

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

I liked: Technician who connected my building.

I didn't like: Installation service.

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