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Slow speed Internet

I have 3 modems which I pay for service on

I wired, I wireless gateway and a telephone

The wired modem is dedicated to a videophone for my deaf daughter. A serviceman checked out the VP and it is fine

Comcast asked to run the speed test software which I did several times

Then they went on blah blah blah about computer maintenance. I am computer savvy and do all this. PLUS all this stuff has been working fine for years

The upshot is they want me to either pay for a serviceman or join their $10.00 a month "signature service plan"

Two of them had attitude when i explained i had to communicate to my deaf daughter and hung up after 30 seconds the second or third time I had to do this. One I could barely understand and had attitude because I asked her to repeat. She didn't even try to help and just wanted to sell me their service. I must admit I lost my temper and hung up on her. This was the 5 th call. I am a senior in a wheel chair and fell trying to do one of the things.they were asking and was disconnected from that call too. The chat person repeating and repeating the blah blah blah info I told her I knew and already did ended the chat

If they weren't a monopoly I would change in a heartbeat. I am going to duscontinue all premium services and wait until the last possible day to pay my bill on time

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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