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Hello My Name is Joseph Andrewski and customer of many years to Comcast

I recently encountered some technical problems with my modem on 11/04/2010.

No Internet or phone service, and followed phone instructions with a repair technician.

In this process I was told to push a reset button on the back of the modem and it broke,

They set up an appointment for the following day between 8 am and 9 am on 11/05/2010.

I took time off from my work the next day and waited unit 9:30 am for the service technician to arrive?

No service technician showed up as scheduled ??

Called up Comcast to fine your computers cancelled all appointments scheduled upon the time my appointment was made, due to a service issue that occurred earlier in that day on 11/04/2010 ??

Here is why I am writing this compliant to you as a unsatisfied customer.

I missed a days work, no call backs regarding cancellation of my scheduled repair call, and no phone service at my home for over 12 hours? (OUCH)

Now I must wait 48 hours due to rescheduled service call and take another day off from work (Ouch!!)

Wow, I'm not so happy with how your company is handling customer service!

Thank you for hearing out my concerns in this matter and hope you can improve on customer services

In the near future, 48 hours lost is a long time to wait!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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Comcast Good bye, enough, antenna is just fine, one time expense of $15.00. We will survive.

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