Comcast contacted me. Told me they would save me money without me losing any of my channels and without a 24-month term contract. They claimed that since I had changed from a rented modem to my own modem for Internet that the voice service I had never used in my triple...
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I had their services for 12 days and it never worked. They came out 3 times and so it did not work. Every time I had to call in and go through prompts and explain from the beginning what was wrong. Three times I was promised to get a call from a supervisor that never...
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Signed up for Blaster Pro, getting the 200+ Mbps speed. Then for the next 2 months, I randomly would do a speed test, and I'm getting 50-60 range in speed (June 9 -77.04, June 27-51.89, July 13- 77.86, July 23 - 51.49). When I called Comcast, I was told the equipment...
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I didn't like
  • Lying to customers about service problems
  • Not as advertised internet speeds
  • With all of their pricing policies it is very confusing
too many unsatisfactory times that the global customer service rep could not solve my problem and sometimes their English is so bad I can't understand them. My wife and I decided to change our mobil phone provider after nine years. We wanted to go with comcast because...
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Friends, please learn from my very painful mistake! COMCAST'S INCOMPETENCE IS ASTOUNDING! THEY WILL DAMAGE YOUR CREDIT AND OVERCHARGE YOU!!!! Super long story long, I had Comcast as my cable/internet/security provider in Jackson, MS (Yes, you are correct! That WAS 4...
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Comcast - Overpriced lousy service.

Service stinks and overpriced. Must fight to get service fixed. They'll never offer credit or get to you for several days. Demand all in writing. Report to FCC, FTC, UTILITY COMMISSION and small claims court works.
Advertised vs Delivered
Billing Practices
Coverage Area
Customer service
Discounts and Special Offers
Diversity of Products or Services
Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy
Price Affordability
Product or Service Quality
Style and Design
Value for money
I am retired and on a very tight budget. Today I went to the pharmacy to pick up my medicines and my debit card kept declining. I called the bank and realized Comcast had deducted over $550 from my account. When I called Comcast to ask why, I was told someone would get...
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Dispute the charges with your bank and then put a stop on Comcast so they cannot pull anymore.


Stop fooling with Comcast and call the bank. This is the only way this will get settled. This happened to me and Comcast never admitted liability.The bank simply put the money...

When I signed up for TV, Internet and Phone service with Comcast, I asked specifically when will my 1st bill would be due. I was told 30 days from installation and no other information was given for me to make an informed decision. 30 days from the 06/27/18...
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My Mom and I went to Comcast yesterday. June 26th 2018. She took back her router. The lady started arguing with me & my Mom. Saying we were on a contract??? That we never signed?? When we asked her to make a copy of the contract she said only her supervisor can print...
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Been a customer with Comcast for over 8 years, never late with a payment, automatically rolled me over into another 2 year agreement, increased my monthly payment by $26 and took half of my channels away. Now I'm stuck in another 2 year agreement, and all I receive was...
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I liked
  • Well mannered customer service rep
I didn't like
  • Not willing to work out a price deal for being a loyal customer
  • Price increase for my basic package