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Comcast sucks

hi i have cable tv freeze ups and i also get "a poor quaility signal"message when it goes out too.i also get a blank black screen and the audio por- tion "skips"for lack of a better description.they cant of wont fix THIS why im paying for?i have no choise either...not really.they have the monopoly in this area.can anyone offer me any suggestions?thank 4 reading this.has anone he -her ever used satillite tv?i hear it stinks 2.ill stick to cable tv.thanks 4 reading this

Comcast in Baltimore, Maryland - Incomplete installation, calling over 3 months

When comcast came to install our service, the technician arrived 4 hours late and then informed me that he would have to come back the following day. He installed the service but never covered the outside box that is attached to the side of the house. I called soon after the installation to have them cover the box and have called over 10 times since over a 3 month period. I get the same response from "Customer Service": that they will forward the issue to maintenance but they can't directly influence them to complete the project. Aren't the technicians also Comcast employees? Why do they feel they can be totally unresponsive to customer concerns. Last time I called I got the corporate number (not toll free) and will try that route. But at this point, Comcast has been the worst internet provider that I have ever had.

Comcast - Lied to me Houston Tx.

I changed to comcast when they bought Time Warner. I was told my phone internet, tv cable would be $99.00 per month. I did not have to sign a contract. My first bill was $ 99.00 The next month was 148.00 next month 154.00 I called . The Rep. said he would send a corrected bill he never did. I called again The Rep. said he would take care of it. any way after 4 months . I went back with AT&T. Comcast would rather climb a tree to tell a lie ,than stand on the ground an tell the truth.

Comcast Sucks (so does their triple play)

Comcast is the WORST service provider and has THE WORST billing department. I only have had Comcast triple play for 3 months now. March I called for BASIC cable with their promo with a total of $65.00 for 3 months. Then I get a bill that says I owe $300.00 for the ultimate package. I called them and said I wanted basic triple play. They said they will *** all their fees that they are charging us then wait for the next billing cycle and pay my bill since they messed up on my order. The triple play thatI wanted was no longer $65.00 and is not $100.00 + $13.00 additional for the DVR, so I will need to upgrade my channel selection so the DVR can work. I received my bill in April & it says I have a past due notice and now I need to pay $223.00. I spoke again to the representitive who said I NEED to pay the late fee because I was late paying. I explained to her she needs to read their system notes, that I was not late paying, the supervisor made changes to my account do to the Comcast human error. She said she will not fix it and refused to *** the late fee even though it stated in their system notes that there have been multiple errors and to not over charge the customer. After stressing out over 3 months worth of Comcast I am done with them and their service! I cancelled and went to a different service provider.

Comcast in Issaquah, Washington - Been told 3 times my service bill would be corrected

I originally signed up for comcast basic cable tv and high speed internet. My bill was $99. I was talked into upgrading to super dupper high speed and my bill went to $114. I suffered continuous system down time. Had the techs out at least a half dozen times and was told by one tech that the extra $15 for super dupper high speed was a waste of money in my area. I called to cancel the $15 and was told it was done. I have auto payment and never noticed that the $15 was NOT removed and was charged for over 6 months. I was told that I never called and they couldn't retro the charges but would's been a year now and they still haven't corrected the billing. On top of all this my next door neighbor switched to comcast, ordered digital HD and basic internet cable and pays $10 a month less than I do now. JERKS

Comcast is the Worst

Comcast is the worst cable tv service I've ever experienced. And I have been a consumer of cable services for over 20 years, living in many different cities all over the United States and Canada, so I have plenty of experience with cable tv services. Since February 9 (today is April 27), I have had no less than 10 service appointments with Comcast because our cable tv reception, boxes breaking, and "not authorized" messages which cannot be fixed over the phone. Three of these appointments, a Comcast technician didn't even show up or call. Oh but they sure remember to send us a bill. Almost $250/mo with our Internet and Telephone services included. But I think I could pay them $100,000 per month and still get *** customer service. Their people at their phone center (you get to speak to a different one every time) have no clue what they're doing. About 1/3 of the time, when a technician has showed up, they tell me that the problem could have been fixed over the phone. I hate Comcast, and if I had *any* choice for my television services, I'd switch immediately. Unfortunately, our apartment faces exactly the wrong direction to get satellite, so we're stuck. I strongly urge you never to use Comcast services. They are, by far, the worst in North America.

Comcast couldn't care less about customer service

Comcast NJ - The FTC has to end the structure of cable TV. When we don't have enough options, customer service becomes the lowest priority for a company. Such is the cast with Comcast. I scheduled a service call for Sunday, 4/27. Wanted to get a hi-def box installed. I sat home today and waited. My window was 9a - 11a. As it got later and later, I called Comcast and of course they weren't showing I had an appt. The *** phone rep never recorded it. He did, however, make a push to get me to sign up for the bundle package. (I didn't) Wouldn't shut up about it - yet he wasn't competent enough to get my appt. straight. The best part -- the web site features a section from Rick Germano (I think that's the name), who is supposedly SVP of Operations. Nice long letter from this guy bragging about how great the customer service is. They lead you to believe you can email the guy. When you do the automated response is nothing less than patronizing. Comcast = Slime, pondscum, just plain criminals.

Comcast may have a huge press blitz on regarding their “Big Push” to repair its image, unfortunately other than pay a good PR specialist I don’t think they have done anything to change their monopolistic user unfriendly ways. As a senior citizen I am...
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I agree. Big money for no service and a bad attitude! PLUS, they charge you a month in advance, then shut you off if you\'re a minute late paying. I will not pay in advance f...


I will be happy to share the feedback regarding price. We would like to see what we can do regarding your price. We have many programs that can help. Please send us an emai...

Comcast in Matthews, North Carolina - Comast P2P

I ve been reading on the contraversy about Comcast blocking or limiting bandwidth to end-users. I have been an avid gamer usually running 3-4 xboxs @ the same time for hours on end. Occationally using itunes for music or movies. With uniterupted ups or downs. But for the past week I have been using a p2p network tryn to obtain certain files for my childrens psp. Usually average files size 700mb. Xbox live HD movie file size average 1-6 gig. Now ask why is it I can DL files from Xbox live with no interuptions with the file size 5 times the size of p2p uninterupted. But it takes me all day to DL file from p2p? I usually have to unplug my modem and reset it to restart the DL from p2p. HUH. I did several test. I purchased 3 HD movies via xbl. No prroblem. Stay connected. I found some more misc. File 5 times less the file size of the Hd movies and every 150mb I had to reset Modem. WHY. I wasn't a believer but now I'm starting to think something otherwise.


When Comcast 1st took over my area there were alot of issue with internet connections after trying 2 cable modems with my accnt they then said we need to send a tech out when the tech came he tested the modem and found it was getting a bad signal so he had put a test modem on the accnt after he did that and called in the test modem he still didnt get a good signal when he called back in he was on speaker phone and i heard them day that there were 3 modems active on the accnt meaning they did not release the other modems out of there system after they had released the other modems the test modem sync up and was pulling a good signal the tech had said we need to replace your modem I questioned it becasue I knew that they didnt release the modems on there end we ended up buying a modem from Comcast and the tech hooked it up 40.00 for the modem I know in this area they took on something like 400,000 new customers and i know i was not the only one that had to buy a new modem alot of residental and commercial accnts had to buy a new modem it just doesnt seem right when you have a cable modem that is working fine and then all of a sudden doesnt and the only HSI cable provider telling you your going to new modem I belive they had flashed or blocked the modems from reciveing a good signal to be able to make a quick buck you can do the math for self even if 20,000 people out of 400k had to buy new modem thats like 800,000.00 nice chunk of cash I would like to see the numbers on how many people they told they new a new modem and how many people went ahead and bought one from comcast and comcast has now said that they dont sell modems anymore they only rent ? And I have to say Insight's service was way better we still have issues with our internet but they dont care about us consumers becasue they know they have the market in my area comcast better get on the ball and provide the best service we ever had