Comcast in Matthews, North Carolina - Comast P2P

I ve been reading on the contraversy about Comcast blocking or limiting bandwidth to end-users. I have been an avid gamer usually running 3-4 xboxs @ the same time for hours on end. Occationally using itunes for music or movies. With uniterupted ups or downs. But for the past week I have been using a p2p network tryn to obtain certain files for my childrens psp. Usually average files size 700mb. Xbox live HD movie file size average 1-6 gig. Now ask why is it I can DL files from Xbox live with no interuptions with the file size 5 times the size of p2p uninterupted. But it takes me all day to DL file from p2p? I usually have to unplug my modem and reset it to restart the DL from p2p. HUH. I did several test. I purchased 3 HD movies via xbl. No prroblem. Stay connected. I found some more misc. File 5 times less the file size of the Hd movies and every 150mb I had to reset Modem. WHY. I wasn't a believer but now I'm starting to think something otherwise.


When Comcast 1st took over my area there were alot of issue with internet connections after trying 2 cable modems with my accnt they then said we need to send a tech out when the tech came he tested the modem and found it was getting a bad signal so he had put a test modem on the accnt after he did that and called in the test modem he still didnt get a good signal when he called back in he was on speaker phone and i heard them day that there were 3 modems active on the accnt meaning they did not release the other modems out of there system after they had released the other modems the test modem sync up and was pulling a good signal the tech had said we need to replace your modem I questioned it becasue I knew that they didnt release the modems on there end we ended up buying a modem from Comcast and the tech hooked it up 40.00 for the modem I know in this area they took on something like 400,000 new customers and i know i was not the only one that had to buy a new modem alot of residental and commercial accnts had to buy a new modem it just doesnt seem right when you have a cable modem that is working fine and then all of a sudden doesnt and the only HSI cable provider telling you your going to new modem I belive they had flashed or blocked the modems from reciveing a good signal to be able to make a quick buck you can do the math for self even if 20,000 people out of 400k had to buy new modem thats like 800,000.00 nice chunk of cash I would like to see the numbers on how many people they told they new a new modem and how many people went ahead and bought one from comcast and comcast has now said that they dont sell modems anymore they only rent ? And I have to say Insight's service was way better we still have issues with our internet but they dont care about us consumers becasue they know they have the market in my area comcast better get on the ball and provide the best service we ever had

Comcast in Chicago, Illinois - Did Not Listen...Paying for wireless services that is not connected

If by writing this letter, I could receive better services and the answer to my question, a better customer service is what Comcast need to provide. My name is Beverly Walker of Chicago, Illinois. Please re-evaluate my account with Comcast. I needed someone to listen to me. I needed someone to understand. 1 - I order Comcast wireless services. 2 - I was never connected. 3 - I should not have to pay for wireless service that was never connected. On February 9, 2008, I talked to a representative. He tried to walk me through the connection process. It was not completed because I had the Wi-Fi connection. The agent I spoke with knew that I was not connected and so nothing was done since then. But, I did receive a bill for services I never used. I am very upset by Comcast reaction and most of all "why are you charging me?" Your record shows that my service was never connect so why am I being billed. Businesses should not charged people for services that were never received. I don't understand. Please review my account. Your people need to understand also that people do not want or need to pay for services they do not receive.

Comcast in Chicago, Illinois - Bad Service

comcast cable company is ripping consumers off with high prices for bad service and sometime no service but they still want you to pay. I's not right that this company is taking consumers money and they're giving bad service every time you pay your bill it keeps going up the representatives don't tell you exactly what you're paying for and when you call to fine out what can be done to solve you issue then you're getting the run a round. Somethong need to be done about how the public is treated by this company.

I've read where people aren't happy with comcast.internet or hd tv. I have to say that they have been more then willing to help me when I had a problem. They rewired my whole house and had techs here untill my problem was fixed. Every company has it's bad...
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thank you for taking the time to post something nice ED.

The all-digital television is not supposed to start for real until Feb. 2009 but Comcast recently shut down four channels. When I spoke to a cust. service (???) rep, she read from a script...blah, blah with no apologies. She said they're discussing(!!) possible...
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First of all Comcast is still delivering an analog signal to it\'s customers. We need to read and educate ourselves on the process and therefor it will be easier to understa...

I've had it with Comcast

I have been a loyal Comcast customer for years and recently they have been mailing me and sending sales people to my door telling me that I had to switch my Comcast phone service to digital before April 15th 2008 or my phone service would be discontinued. So I agreed to have it done after a sales person came to my home for the 5th time and she told me that it would be an easy switch over and I would keep my current phone number...So she set up a date to have it switched over and the independent contractor who didn't speak English very well comes to my house to do the work on a Friday and after he left I could only make out going calls and could not receive incoming calls. I called customer service and they tried for 2 days to fix the problem over the phone. Finally they sent out another independent contractor who couldn't speak good English and he fixed the problem and told me that I had a new phone number, I told him that the sale s person told me that I would keep my old number and he told me to call customer service and they told me that I could not get my old number back. I told them to come take the phone out because at that point I was very dissatisfied and stressed out over the whole situation. Customer service sent out another independent contractor to my home and he disconnected my phone and dissconnect my ethernet plug to my computer for some strange reason. And it took me an hour to figure the problem out so I could get back online. I called verizon the next day and they sent a verizon employee to my home who was an American citizen and he was very pleasant and hooked my phone service up in 30 minutes and now I am switching my internet and cable TV over to verizon. The word comcast will never be spoken in my home again I forbid it.
After Comcast took over our internet, cable and phone last month (due to a buy-out of Insight Communications), we lost our phone for 4 days. We have 2 lines and the first line (our main line) was not ported over. It took them 4 days to tell us what had happened and fix...
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1Very Angry Comcast Customer

I wrote this letter to Chairman of the Board at Comcast- Mr. Arthur R. BlockMr. Block,I live in Indiana and have been a customer of your for over 20 years, as has my 87 year ...


I\'m compiling a list of people and stories just like this for a class action against Comcast. I\'m in the middle of a situation that\'s been ongoing since 8/29. As of today S...


Comcast in Latrobe, Pennsylvania - Overbilling-Contractor error

Comcast never shut my svc off at my old apt. Took them 3 wks to install at new place. Told me they never received a cancellation. Without cable for 1 month, charge me a old place because they never shut off svc. then tell me I am late & charge fee for new address. Send an independent contractor which I asked them NOT to do, didn't even have his own drill, borrowed mine, did a half assed job, then drilled through my new carpet, and snagged it & put a run the whole length of the carpet. Then after I complain, they send another "contractor" to finish the job half- assed, drill through walls, because they don't want to run the cable outside along the house in the cold. Then they tell me I can't have my credits on my new bill, because I owe for 2 months of svc they forgot 2 shut off at the old place! They are ***-artists, & extortionists. And on top of that, the svc they installed doesn't even work right, & I have asked them to come fix it twice.

Comcast took over local Insight services. Immediately they throttled the bandwith. I had a steady 10 meg download and now it is a 3.5 meg. My emails resulted in the same usless dribble about how it was my equipment that was actually checked by Insight technicians 3...
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What does separate the internet from the cable mean?