ok so comcast comes in changes name and prices.... well i find out the other day im late on my bill i call the 800 number to find out why they called me. they say im late on my bill. just fyi i have had no past problem with paying neways. they tell me im $49 behind im...
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Not a fan of Comcast staff

I called looking for service for the company I work at trying to get new service for a new location our company is moving to. I called asking for a proposal and asked them to ...

NASTY . Comcast B-S artists.

Comcast sent me an advertisement for business class at $99. Just talked with Kathy in Venice, customer service rep and she was a foul B***H. Don\'t waste your time.



The best with Comcast is that when I had them, they could have cared less about me. I had their cable (Hi-Def) and their high speed internet. The service would literally go out 3 to 4 days per month and I begged for them to check and change my line. All they did was tell me that it was something else and finally I couldnt take it anymore. Now, they market the heck out of me. The addage, which is true, is that it is 10 times cheaper to keep an existing customer than find a new one. Why wouldnt they just make me happy when they had me?

Comcast customer service is world class terrible.

We have had Comcast for 4 years and consistently the internet service is terrible, going out during the day. I work from home. Its critical I have an internet connection. When I call they treat me like I am an ***. Its always my equipment and never their problem. We have not had service for a week and after dozems of call to the Office of the President in Philidelphia from our entire neighborhood, yesterday there were finally trucks out looking for issues. The OOP told us it takes 3 calls from one neighborhood to get action. Otherwise they listen and hang up. Two times this week we called and then hung up and called back and got a totally different story. One time the agent hung up on us.

Comcast - Incompetent

Well, Comcast is at it again. This time i only wanted to transfer service. "Sure, we will see you Friday from 6-9 PM. No call, no service technician that night. SO...try again..."Sure we will see you from 6-9"...around 8:30 PM I call to see that they will make it out...nope, looks like it will be after 10:00 PM.... SO, i cancelled. Sure they may have made it out, but probably not. Joke is on them though. Morons forgot to take out the in wall cable access, so now my Mother in law has free basic cable on them. Classic - big dumb *** company. Good thing their lobbyists are busy buying the votes of Congress so these jerks can continue to act as a Monopoly.
The online bill payment does not correctly charge what is owed for the month. When you pay this amount, comcast will charge you a late fee for not submitting the correct payment. According to the worthless customer service rep, we should be tracking our own movie...
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***ed ***sumer too!

Comcast shuts your service down, then block your online account so that you can\'t make a payment free of charge..Your only options to make a payment require a fee..Don\'t thi...


If you think it\'s bad being a Comcrap customer it\'s way worse being an employee. Former employees won a class action lawsuit for making us work off the clock without pay. ...


Comcast is unreasonable and deceptive

I purchased an on-demand movie, then had to pause it. When I came back less than 10 min later, it was gone!! It was NOT in "saved programs," not anywhere! I purchased it again to watch the rest. Later, when I called them about this, they said that I bought it twice and should pay for it twice!! but that they would remove the second charge "just this once." What is so special about on-demand if they charge more than the video rental stores AND won't even let you have the convenience that you get with a rented DVD??? This company is a rip-off, and if I could get internet better than dial-up from ANY other company, I would fire Comcast instantly!! They have a monopoly and they act like it - see why competition is good for America? :)
Manchester, Maryland
****For all Comcast Customers***** Please very careful when getting your telephone service through Comcast. I was charged $50 deposit, $29.99 activation fee and now $1.50 to have this phone number unlisted. I have had this telephone service for less than 14 days and I...
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Same thing here - I get tons of solicitations on my Comcast number. Even after I block calls, I get more. It's like Comcast is always selling our numbers to anyone that will b...


Twice, I have had comcast install a phone line installed and on the same day of installation, charities and telemarketers were calling me by name requesting donations, etc. Co...

Comcast in Houston, Texas - Service is the worst ever, no show and no return call

Waited 12 days to get cable TV repair to come out, scheduled from 8-11 AM, and no one came. When I called at 11:30, I was told someone came at 9 but left because I was not home. A total lie since I was sitting in the living room waiting for the doorbell or phone to ring, and nor was there a note left at the door. They had the correct address, but not the correct house description. I was then told a dispatch supervisor would call me in 30 minutes, that was 27 hours ago!! Comcast's horrible.
I cannot imagine having worse feelings about a company than those triggered in every interaction I have with Comcast. Other than the initial sales call six months ago when I was handing over hundreds of dollars for their cable-phone-Internet package, every single...
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M Roth

:( Comcast is nothing but a joke. I pay over a hundred dollars amonth to watch the same movies over & over. They say it\'s not them it\'s the network. :( :( :( :( :( :( ...


Comcast is overcharging me!

I cancelled my cable TV with Comcast on 4/24/08. They are still charging me for it, and when I contacted them to find out why, they said this is standard procedure. I'll be paying until June for cable TV that was turned off almost 2 weeks ago! That's if they aren't lying, again... Why did I cancel it? I was told by customer service when I wanted to cancel the first time that they would extend the package pricing of tv and internet, then was later told after I got my bill at full price for each service that the representative had lied to me. They didn't even attempt to deny it! Don't get an account with them unless you like throwing your money away and being constantly lied to!