Hello Ladies and Gentlemen. I see that i have a support group here who may share my concerns and maybe we should all file a class act lawsuit in which i am willing to fund if necessary. I called Comcast Last year to get hooked up and they said it would be $600.00 to...
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I have a number to a very wonderful Lady who can handle your very issue STONE MOUNTAIN resident. She will not only fix your problem but you will get a credit for any unlawful ...

i'm a victum of comast

Comcast has been very nasty with my account of over charging and leaving an old account open without me knowing it. bad bad people i spend half my time on the phone with them ...



I have been with comcast for the past 4 years and their customer service sucks or lack thereof. I am in the process of finding another cable/internet company in Knoxville, TN but they seem to have a monolopy on the market. During the month of April, I had several problems with my internet service and a tech had to come out several times. THe company gave me a 20 credit. When I called in to pay my bill, I was told that I had a negative balance because there was also a 124 credit. I naturally assumed that they gave me a month off for all the hassle. NO WAY!!! I received my bill this month and it has 2 months on it. I have talked to several customer service reps and a manager...nothing. I was told it was a mistake and that they couldn't let me have a month free because it was warranted. BS!!!

Comcast in Miami, Florida - Credit? What credit?!

The worst service possible. Between customer service and repair people there is no communication. It's kind of like "who's on third!". Nobody! Three months of calling on continuing outages, tiling, no pic, no data and comcast rep would provide a short time fix, a "blast" thru the cable. Thinking that it is reasonable that I be credited for service paid for but not received, I requested a credit and each time was told it would show up on the next bill. Well, three months later I called the rep and they want to know when there was a problem! Unbelieveable!!!! I quit Comcast!

Comcast sucks big time

I currently have Cable and Internet though Comcast and since I switched my phone service to Comcast month ago I am unable to access to my account on line because it needed a pin # which I was not aware of. When logging in, it prompted me to have my pin# mailed to me.However, its been 4 weeks and still no pin # sent. So I went to the local branch office and was told that a pin# will not be mailed out to me unless I show my valid ID. What a hussle! When I called few days ago and demanded for the pin # I was told they will mail it out within 24 hours. When I called today the account Manager said it would take 5-10 business days to get my pin #. What a story! Comcast sucks big time. A. Blake
Shenandoah, Pennsylvania

Comcast Tale of Woe

I moved from CA to Maryland. I called comcast and cancelled my CA account and started a MD account. I was told to take my boxes with me. The MD installer could not use the boxes. Comcast told me to return the boxes to a local office. 2 months later I have received a bill for $1000 cut to $880 after they deducted $150 that should have been returned to me. They also say that they have no record of 2 payments totalling $300, which I have confirmation numbers from my bank for. I received a cut off notice. Comcast employees say there is no coordination between Comcast CA and Comcast MD so I have to deal with both. I am going to report them to the Consumer Protection Agency.

Comcast Customer Service Sucks!!!!! BIG TIME

I called and canceled my service with comcast. The person I talked to on that day told me my next and last bill is going to be 27 dollars and then ..guess what??? They took out 116 dollars out of my account and totally took advantage of autopay. I called and talked to a guy and he said I should get a cheque in 3 to 4 weeks..for the difference, and then I called back..a lady picked up the phone, She said she said they had scheduled to mail out my cheque for 62 dollars..and i am thinking 116-27=62?? I don't think should be 89 dollars. She said no you owe 59 dollars..umm..and I am thinking why didn't the guy told me that a week and a half ago..and the guy who i talked to this morning..why didn't they say anything???? Is it my fault that they gave me the amount and made my budget around it???? It;s their fault..they need to better train their staffs. God!!! I live on paycheck to paycheck..and the Supervisor even said she can't do anything about it...when my frnd is paying 20 dollars with HBO on demand and everything and I have alwys paid 89 dollars each month for to get what he was getting for 20..COMCAST IS A *** UP COMPANY!!! COMCAST SUCKS!!!

The Incompetency of Comcast

Unfortunately, Comcast is the only service in the area, so we have to use them. However, this is by far the worst experience i have ever had with a company. When we had our initial connection they told us they could ONLY come to our apartment between 7&11 on a Sunday morning. The technician showed up at noon and when i asked him why he was late, his retort was, "Because i got other clients besides you". Um... excuse me? You had FOUR hours to find some time to actually be prompt to my home! Now, Comcast supposedly has an on time guarantee - but because he didn't damage anything while installing it, we still had to pay for waiting all that time for a technician to show up late and have an attitude! Had i known that was as good as it would get, I probably would have told him not to bother. The connection constantly goes in and out, resulting in us losing not only the internet connection, but tv as well. The cable constantly freezes and blacks out or will just lose sound every few seconds (as it's doing now!). Comcast's explanation? Well, they just don't care. When we finally got them to come check it out, we were stood up THREE times before anyone ever actually showed up. And to make matters even more annoying, we are paying for a phone that doesn't work! Why? Because Comcast doesn't feel the need to actually fix it! I have just never in my life experienced anything as horrific as Comcast, in quality and customer service. We are counting the days until FIOS is available and then we can finally tell Comcast where to shove it!


Stay away from comcast. They just scored at the bottom of national surveys of cable/satellite companies and with good reason! They cut off my service before it was scheduled. Then they wouldn't transfer my service to my new address because the tenant owed a bill there! wtf, that has to do with me? I'm an exsisiting!!! And one that pays his bills BEFORE the due date! They told me "it's not you, it's the address". What morons! Like my "address" is going to write them a check! Then they come to install my service and one jack didn't work. Called them and told them the tech didn't complete the job. They said, sorry, we'll have a tech there in 3 weeks!!!! Can you believe that...they mess up and want to make me wait for 3 weeks! Told them to cancel my service...guess what, tech was there the NEXT DAY! Also, the charge $1.99 for any "changes" to service. So I wanted to upgrade to a higher package. Boom...rep happy to do it. Get a bill for the change fee. Called and told cust rep that I was advised of this fee...basically told me sorry and told bad - couldn't waive it! Talk about horrible service. So I cancelled my dsl with at&t (no problems and great service). And switched to Satellite. I refuse to give my hard earned money to a company that doesn't appreciate my business! comcast ***!!!!!!!!!!
Splendora, Texas

Uppity uppity uppity Comcast customer service

I just got off the phone with a "manager" after the local Comcast office could not handle a complaint. They actually told me to go home and dial the 800 number and ask for a manager. After 20 minutes on hold trying to reach a "manager" the most uppity woman took my call. She wouldn't even listen to my complaint. When I tried to talk she just kept getting louder and louder and talked faster and faster and wouldn't come up for air. This only made me more angry and I reminded her that the whole deal with customer service was to listen to the customer and hear what they had to say. She then went mute and wouldn't say a word. I was then left talking to dead air. What's up with Comcast's arrogance that they can promote people to a level of management who don't have a clue as to how to fulfill their jobs? I can't wait for FIOS. Come on Verizon. As soon as you are on my corner I'm signed up. Comcast can go pound sand. I've sold all my Comcast stock. Wouldn't buy it back if I had a crystal ball and knew it was going to hit $50/share. Too bad we live outside of Philadelphia where the only thing you see on the horizon is the new Comcast ivory tower. Makes me sick to know that they are getting rich on our hard earned dollars.

Here is my letter to Comcast! To Whom It May Concern: I am an at home mother, who in fact, is a medical transcriptionist at night. I have a lot of medical background and know this to be true; For every 1 person who complains to a hospital due to an injustice or a...
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Richard Anthony Farmer

modem problems still not fixed and yes i have dyslexia its a handicap Options 09-02-2010 02:40 AM I had one \"rca\" rented from your company for my home address. I tried ...


FYI - if you work from home and you are using Comcast residential cable/ internet/ phone service in your work environment YOU ARE BREAKING YOUR CONTRACT and are subject to ter...