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COMCAST Customer Service

As a result of the extremely poor service that I have received this past weekend from COMCAST, I have decided to switch my bundle of services for cable, high-speed Internet and telephone to Verizon. This past Saturday, 20 September 2008, my telephone service was interrupted due to an issue within the COMCAST infrastructure. This unfortunately is the third bad experience that I’ve had with regard to my telephone service within the first year. This morning, 21 September 2008, I again had no telephone service, High Speed Internet or digital cable service. I called customer service before 9 AM and was told by Eric x7955 that it was too late to dispatch a service technician. In my opinion, this appears to be a reoccurrence of the prior day’s issue and should have been treated as a priority. I was offered by Eric inconvenient times for service during the week so I requested to speak with a supervisor. I was informed by Eric that Joe (x7248), the supervisor, was unable to help me. When I again requested to speak with a supervisor, I was told there was nothing that could be done. Bottom line is that as a customer, I was prohibited from elevating my concerns. I requested that Eric provide Joe my telephone number. I have not heard back from either Joe or Eric. I have never been treated so poorly and with such little respect as I have this past weekend. Their customer service is non-responsive and irresponsible. COMCAST as a company has failed me and they have driven away a very long term customer.
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My Comcast services have been down for more than one week. I have been without telephone and Internet services for 5 days even after the power was restored due to IKE. I haven’t seen any Comcast vehicles driving around to restore services. It is ridiculous that...
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wow, ive got some bad news for you guys. i live on galveston island...thats right...ON the island (ok some 15 calls (alright, only 13...15 just sounds better) before i came to this point and there is still some intermittancy issues, but at least it works in some capacity...

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Comcast in Colorado Springs, Colorado - Slow as a turtle

i donot know what your services has done to my computer but with comcast it has slowed down so much that my computer is as slow as the turtle on your ad,every time your repair tech have worked on my computer it get slower and slower,i am really disturbed over this action ,i am thinking about un hooking comcast if no improvement is made.for the price you have charged each month i really feel that a great injustices that i am not getting what i am paying for,i really feel that i am being over charged for my cable and also for my internet services,the cable is so redicules that i am subjected to the same movies day after day and year after year.
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Does Comcast Know What Cable Looks Like?

I ordered Comcast Internet in August. They sent a technician to my house on Sept. 4. He identified my cable jack as a phone jack, told me I should run cable then call them back to install and he left. I went and looked at the jack after he left and sure enough it was cable. I scheduled another appointment for Sept. 16. The technician tried to tell me the cable jack was a phone jack and he couldn't do anything. I told him to look closer and he was surprised to find it was a cable jack. He proceeded with the install until he found out that there was filter on my telephone pole that wouldn't allow me to get internet from the cable company. He told me I would have to trim bushes and trees to allow him to get to the pole. So he left. I trimmed the bushes and trees and called them back to reschedule, only to find out they've cancelled my order. They offered to let me re-order and schedule an appointment for two weeks from today - 6 weeks from the original order date. Horrible.
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Sounds like the tech made a rash move at first when looking at your jack. Next time at first blush identify the jack to the tech,(doctors have also been known to work on wrong body parts), this may have solved that issue on trip one.

Next, you cant expect a tech to clear your brush next to the utility pole. The tech was correct in this that he could have been injured trying to access the services filter on the line.

I would reorder services and calmly explain your previous concerns with customer service. Try for a promotional rate as well, Comcast is offering some good deals this month.

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Getting the run around from COMCAST

I have been getting the run around from this horrible company since April 2008! I moved into my apartment then, and technician came to hook up new boxes. He tested all the outlets and told me there was no signal and the incoming wire must be cut, and all i needed to do was schedule another apointment to have them come fix the wire. I called to schedule and the lady on the phone told me that my apartment complex would have to schedule the wiring because they owned the building. I went to my manager and he told me that what they have done with other tennants is give them a letter with permission for Comcast to do wiring. So once I had the letter I called and scheduled my apointment to get the wiring done, apointment was set for today, from 8-11am. Of course I had to *** 4 hours from work to be home to be there for the technician. My phone rings at 11:15am (15 minutes AFTER scheduled apointment) and the man on the phone tells me that technician was mis-informed, and that Comcast does not do wiring in apartments, ever. period. So why did apartment complex tell me Comcast had done wiring for other apartments? Who is yanking my chain? When I brought up the fact that I had to miss work WITHOUT PAY for the apointmet, all he could do was say he was sorry. I am so sick and tired of getting my chain yanked and my money stollen from these people. SICK OF IT!! I think the BBB should put them out of business.
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Sorry for the runaround. While it is true a tech has to have approval from the apartment complex I dont understand why the tech,csr etc.

claimed we do not run cable. That is a mystery. I run cable all the time however it is at cost and it is a requirement of technicians if the customer agrees to the charges. You can always look up telephone/voice/data comm contractors in the telephone yellow pages and hire a company to run the cable for you.

Simpy tell them you need a couple RG6 drops for CATV in your apartment. Another thought is to ask your apartment to do it since it is there building they may take some responsibility for it. Oh, call the customer service center and calmly ask for a supervisor, explain the situation once more and nicely ask for a little monitary credit or discount for your loss.

I do everything for my customers and wish you were in my area in Indy, I would leave home now to get you in service. Sorry for the lack of service in your area!!!

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Comcast High Prices for Poor Service

All I have is 64 channels, i do not even have a box and I am getting charge $101 a month for TV and Internet. This prices are just not fair, i do not even know how they make it, because like me many will leave their service and switch to satallite. I have talked to many representative they all say that the first price I was getting was for only 3 months and since I cancel my HBO I was not gonna get the promotial price. My whole point is that you should not pay $10 per channel, because if you break my bill down that is what it comes down too. I should have just kept Directv when I moved to Maine.
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Comcast prices are way to high.Cost me 180.00 bucks a month for hbo package and internet with a couple of boxes.Thats outragous!God forbid something happens and you get a few weeks behind on your payment.New bill comes in and now you owe them almost 400 bucks within a month and a half worth of service.


I agree. We got stuck with Comcast in the split with Time Warner and our bill has gone up 50% and our service down 100%


Shop around, prices have to go up. Employees want health benefits, good wages, etc.

Customers want top notch services, HD,DVR,VOIP,Internet, ETC. Someone has to pay for it ! If your not happy, upgrade your services to something that will bring you satisfaction. If comcast offers voice services in your area you can save a bundle over most traditional Telco services.

Oh, call customer service with a cool head and explain your thoughts, tell them you think your bill is high and ask them if a package exists that will offer more services at a cheaper price. You might just get want you want.

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Comcast steals money from your checking account

Comcast fraudulently took $452.28 from my son's checking account causing him over $500.00 in overdraft charges. After one month of multiple phone calls and speaking to multiple people they agreed they mistakenly took the $452.28 from his account and replaced it but refuse to pay the over $500.00 in NSF. Why are the repeatedly allowed to get away with this? When is someone with power going to stop them? If I took money from somebody's bank account without their permission, I would go to jail. What makes them so different? When is someone going to start helping the consumer and their rights??
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Comcast, and anybody else for that matter, can ONLY take money from your bank account if you authorize "auto pay" for your bill ! This is the same with the power company, Geico, WAMU, everyone out there.

DO NOT do "auto pay" on any of your bills, each month type in the information and sleep soundly knowing that nobody can "help" themselves to funds out of your account because YOU HAVE AUTHORIZED IT ! Read the fine print ! A friend of mine spent one whole day in her local bank fighting to get $400+ dollars back that were "auto pay" falsely charged to her account. Be aware: banks are NOT quick nor nice to help here !

DO NOT AUTHORIZE AUTOPAY FOR NOBODY ! If you do, deal with the ***$equence$ !


Wow, this one may be out of my league but here I go. I have had this happen to me a couple times, not with Comcast though, and had the same result.

I recall it was when I didnt have any money and was younger. The bank actually did it once and didnt refund any service fees or credit me more than the original amount. I still had to pay a service fee to the company whom I wrote a check to that was returned due to lack of funds. Long story short the bank still exists today and I couldnt do anything about it.

Personally I feel "if you can prove it" Comcast made a mistake and they should refund your money and any loses it may have created. Contact more people til you get satisfaction!!!!

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Comcast in Marlton, New Jersey - Fee to install box to increase service

I don't understand why a customer should have to pay to have a service person out to upgrade their service. The customer is going to pay more for the upgrade so comcast is going to increase thier profit. I don't have a box so I will have to wait around during their "window" of 5 hours and pay them for doing so. There has been many times in the past when I had to wait over five hours for the service person to arrive. Oh well, guess I'll have to watch comedy central on-line. I feel better now.
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Comcast Philadelphia sends DRUNK technicians

Comcast - specifically Comcast in Philadelphia, is the worst run company I have encountered. And the websites to order service never work. Want to order their new Triple Play with cash back? I tried this 2 months ago and after talking with 10 people including a regional manager (not sure of the exact title) Comcast still thinks I have service in my apartment and when i go to order online, I get none of the deals. Nobody is able to fix this because they are too lazy to take care of this. Back to the title- In my building, Comcast has so far: 1. Sent a technician who was sent up to my apartment by the concierge and never showed at my door, then lied on the report and said nobody was home. 2. Sent a drunk technician to my friends apartment- smelling so bad of alcohol 3. Never once showed up on time to any appointment in my building And I have just bought a new TV and am thinking about internet/cable service. I am now 3 months WITHOUT comcast because I don't want to give them any money. Even though I want to try to order service now, my address is still screwed up so I am not able to. If anyone from Comcast is reading this- send a reply and I would gladly like you to call me. In the meantime, we will all continue to spread how poor Comcast deals with customers.
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How is Comcast allowed to be in business?

I have a nightmare story about Comcast that has lead to a near nervous breakdown. I ordered and scheduled new service for my new home in April. The service was to be turned on 6-weeks later. I called and confirmed the order the day before the scheduled installation. I was to get two DVRS, 1 cable box, phone and internet. I was quoted a price of $138 (fees, taxes included). The day of the installation, they showed up with one cable box. I spent three hours on the phone with a "supervisor" asking why the technician couldn't return to the warehouse to pick up the equipment I ordered. I was told they are not allowed. The technician set up my internet and the one cable box. I had to go to the Comcast office to pick up my DVRs, which I personally installed. By the time I was ready to use my was no longer working. I called at 10:30 p.m. and was on the phone until 12:15 a.m. when the line suddenly started ringing to another que. Another CSR answered and forced me to start over as there were no "notes" in my account. I am a 34-year-old grown man who began sobbing because nothing with this company was working. After another 45 minutes on the phone with this CSR, she said it would take 2-3 hours to finish my internet connection and asked if she could call me back. I hung up. I spoke with more than 20 people at Comcast (none of whom have a direct dial number, nor a supervisor with a direct dial number, or a number for customer complaints, etc.). Since June I have done little but go around and around with this company. I filed a Better Business Bureau complaint because I was promised by more than 7 people at Comcast that I would not be charged the installation fee due to the fact that I did most of the installation myself. I was also shocked to find my monthly service bill was not $138...but $182. After three more attempts (and a call from a "manager" over my BBB complaint, where I was informed I am paying a rental and usage fee for the DVRs and Cable Boxes) I finally just paid the bill. Yesterday they called stating they have not received my August payment. I have now had to take the time to speak with TWO CSRs to get this straightened out because my bank account shows the payment was made and accepted. I am absolutely appalled that this company is allowed to do business anywhere. Large conglomorates with monopolies have no sense of customer satisfaction because they corner the market on their services. I have estimated that since 5/30/08 I have spent more than 40 hours on the phone with Comcast and have dealt with nearly 40 people. Due to the Comcast experience, I have lost faith in most businesses and, sadly, in most people. No one actually cared that I was unsatisfied and no one from Comcast offered to help. Through all this, I still paid the installation fee and am paying nearly $50 more a month for my service.
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I have a headache from Comcast again.... This time I even contacted the "Vice President's Customer Service Complaint Line" - A bunch of c**p and a complete WASTE of my time...

I am currently awaiting At&t Uverse to come to my area...once they do... I am gone....


I cannot wait for verizon to get the FIOS installed throughout the State of Mass. I despise comcast.

They are going to be out of business when verizon get straightened out. I will be first in line. When I call the csr, I tell them Their service S***S and they are going to be out of business soon. I cannot wait.

They tell you no charge and then you are charged. It took them from July till last week to install a cable card. I was told there was a one time charge of $ 17.95 and no monthly fee. Now it is $ 5.00 per month and the excuse is, it is because I have other boxes.

I have been disgusted with comcast for so long now. Verizon isn't moving fast enough for me. Right now I only have 1 choice and that is Comcast. Please someone tell me how you can dial a telephone number and receive a totally different person on the other end, hang up physically dial it again and the same person answers.

I took my phone and dialed my cell phone # and got some other persons voice mail. I hung up and again I physically dialed my cell # and got the same persons voice mail.

HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN? Now tell me how private our conversations are.


why do you still pay them and have the service if you are so distraught?

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