I have never been able to get Comcast to fix problems with my cable TV and internet. They have missed several service calls and when they do come out they don't fix the problems. Comcast customer service is a joke. You go through a telephone maze and then they ask...
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Ceo of comcast 215-286-8960 215 665 1700 215 640 8960


Comcast in Blakely, Georgia - They do not log return of equipment

This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. We canceled our services because when we moved to another location in the same area of the city, they told us none of our promotions would transfer and my bill was going to jump to nearly $200 per month! To cancel their service, I had to return their equipment to a local station, which did not open until 9am, closed by 5pm, and was only open 9-12 on Saturday. The equipment was returned on Monday to an extremely rude and surly customer rep. Not trusting them, I called the 800 number Thursday to be sure my account was cancelled and they claimed no record of my equipment being returned. Further, they told me I would have to find my receipt and call them back. Well, we have been moving, so you know what that is like. I called to get a number to the local office and was hung up on and then told on another call that I cannot contact them via phone and would have to drive out there. We searched and found the receipt, so I called again, and after being put on hold and no one ever picking up, then hanging up and calling back, I am told they cannot accept my receipt via phone and I must drive out to my local office. So, to finally get them to do their job, I spend my entire lunch hour and use my $4 per gallon gas to get the *** services cancelled. I will NEVER use Comcast again, not that they care!
Blakely, Georgia
I recently moved into a new townhouse in Miami and Comcast struck a deal with the Association so that cable service was included in the monthly maintenance fee with no choice of provider left up to me. After moving in I had internet service added and was told that...
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Sherry Holt

I need to contact customer service because of the outages in our area I feel I should not have to pay for days without service Please contact me


Comcast cable has the worst customer service ever. Funny this is supposed to be a service industry and they suck at it! I tried to order service and called up several time only to get hung up on a few times. The other times that I did speak to someone they had...
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no surprise to anyone i think... Comcast needs competition to force them to improve their services and be competitive with pricing. I hope FIOS puts a BIG pinch on them soo...


Read the fine print on their new Comcast phone service too. It advertises $19.99 for unlimited long distance and the other goodies. But if you read the fine print that rate go...



I signed up for the Comcast triple play and oh how pleasant was the customer service rep whenI was signing up, oh so helpful, answered all my questions including the ones about additional charges. I was told ther were NO additional charges, just $159.00 + tx a month. OH HOW DUMB was I. First bill was $280.00 I guess hse forgot tomention the connection fee monthly voice charges and other stuff. I called, i complained, I argued, to NO avail. Customer service wasnt so nice this time around. Anyway, i paid the bill. Next bill. LATE FEE. I know I paid the bill, checked my bank sure enough the money was withdrawn. Called Comcast, they shoe NO record of any payments. I am SO DISGUSTED and my dumb a$$ signed a 2 yr contract. If yall read this and have any smarts about you. DONT SIGN UP WITH THEM

Comcast in San Jose, California - Where to file a complaint

If you've had enough of Comcast like I have and have an issue with them, a formal complaint can be filed to the FCC. It is good that people are formally voicing their displeasure but it should also be brought to the attention of the governing bodies. There is an online complaint form that can be accessed at: Or you can file a complaint thru the Consumer Inquiries & Complaints Division at this link: Consumers have rights and we should exercise them if want to drive change. People should not be taken advantage of by these large corporations and feel helpless. Good Luck, Art

Comcast in Hattiesburg, Mississippi - Worst service of all time

Comcast has the worst customer service department I have ever dealt with. In the last year I have had no less than 10 service calls to my home for dysfunctional cable boxes, loss of video on demand, and loss of signal(in less than 1 year). Their technicians never can get my service working for more than 2 weeks in a row, so I have just given up and will go back to my satelite dish. When i call them about my continued problems they just say that they'll send another technician. Even after speaking to supervisors, I get little help.

Comcast in San Marcos, California - Won't refund money.

Typing in severe frustration after trying to get a payment back from my old cable company: Comcast. I had a cable/internet account with Comcast of New Jersey over two years ago. The service was decent enough, but we moved to California and had to change companies. I have been using Cox Cable with no problems. One day while paying my cable bill online (to my new cable company: Cox) I accidentally sent the payment to Comcast. It was my mistake, I accidentally clicked the wrong cable company while not paying attention. This was March 25, 2008. The amount was $117.50. I have been since trying to get that money back and running into hassle the entire time. I first called April 15, 2008 and spoke with someone. They said they would call back. They did not. I then spoke to Andre May 1, 2008 and he said it would take five business days to get the check back, and that he would make a note to expedite the process. Still nothing and I then talked with Erin on May 11, 2008 who said it would actually be six to eight weeks before I got my check, which was issued April 15, 2008. I spoke with a supervisor, Caroline who said the same thing. I next spoke with Doris June 5th, 2008 and was told she or someone would call me back. No call, and I called again, today June 6, 2008 to Manuel and was told that none of the previous conversations actually created a credit due to a glitch on my account about a cable box. I am now told it will be an ADDITIONAL six to eight weeks to get the refund, as it is only TODAY actually going through as a refund request. After numerous other calls today trying to get to some kind of supervisor, I was disconnected twice, got transferred to the wrong department four times, my call went to voicemail twice, and then finally got through to someone who said there is no complaint department, and she would try and resolve the problem. She (like everyone else I had spoken to) said I needed to talk with accounting, and when she went to transfer me, I was disconnected. I called again to someone with screaming and laughing (most definitely NOT work related) in the background, and when I said I could barely hear her, she said in an irritated voice, "sir this is a call center, it's loud." Last straw.

Comcast's Awful Service

Two weeks ago I had my cable and internet installed. I have a TIVO, so I requested the cableCARD; and my appointment was scheduled on Sunday, May 25 between 1 and 4. The tech. finally arrives at 5:30 pm, with a DVR. I told him that I do not need a DVR; I need a cableCARD for my TIVO. It turns out that he did not have anymore cableCARDS, and that I would have to reschedule an appointment to have that installed. I could not do that because I was leaving on vacation and I needed something to record my shows, so I had him install the DVR until I return and I can then schedule to install the cableCARD. He then moved onto the internet installation. He was clearly online setting everything up, and as soon as he left it stopped working. I called for tech support, but a recording tells me to do two options which are unsuccessful. I am told to make an appointment to have the internet repaired. I leave for vacation and return on Monday, June 2. I call to make my appointment for Saturday, June 7. I explain that not only do I need my cableCARD installed, but I need someone to come and fix my internet. The representative on the phone tells me the same person can do both. Saturday comes, and the tech is a no show. I call, and the representative on the phone tells me that the tech. will call me to let me know what was going on. I wait until 6:30 pm and he never called. I call to reschedule for Sunday, the next day, and the rep. tells me that they don't schedule appointments on Sunday. How was I able to get my installation on Sunday two weeks ago?! She tells me to reschedule. I have to schedule on a weekend, I work until 6 pm and apparently your tech. people can't schedule that late. Why is that when most people work 8-6? I am not waiting another week to have someone finish what they started, with the certainty that I will be sitting all day waiting and not have them show up? I can't trust your scheduling! I call on Sunday to try and talk to someone else, with no success. He tells me that tech. can come on Sundays. Why was I told the day before that they can't?! The rep. tells me that Monday between 1-4 is available. After much debate, I tell him to book the Monday 1-4, I can once again modify MY schedule, how very inconvenient! He tells me "now it’s not available, we are all in a system and someone must have booked it". I hang up; this is incredible how hard it is to experience anything positive from your company. I am sitting still with no TIVO and no Internet. Now do not tell me that I need to schedule something with the internet department to have that fixed. Do you think I want to go through all this with the internet department as well?! IT is this hard getting something accomplished with my cable; I have absolutely no faith in your internet department!
Starting in the beginning of May 2008 my husband and I got divorced. We moved into a new house and the first thing we did was call comcast. They came out the first week of May and installed our tv and internet services. The gentleman was very nice and said we just...
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Forwarned is forarmed, yes I think you should have don your homework and found out from bothsides then you could have made your own mind up . And yes for 2 educated people y...