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Screw comcast,poor service, poor management

Screw comcast,poor service, poor management
Screw comcast,poor service, poor management
Comcast came to install services at my next door neighbor. Incapability always exceeds there own expectations, they unplugged my cable in order to get my neighbors online, I had schedule a meeting with 12 other guest which I had to move to another venue (wings and more)since they were unable to do 2 jobs in one day, there is always tomorrow,I call and spoke to a supervisor who offered a free month of service for the inconvenience. I had been waiting since May, and every month after talking to a couple of problem solvers they tell me to wait another month, finally today they told me that my request had been denied, I never requested that but now Irealize that the best thing to do is just say screw comcast.
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Sorry for the trouble. Please allow me to assist. If you can send me the phone number on the account, I will ensure that that this is addressed for you.

Mark Casem

Comcast Corp.

National Customer Operations


Comcast is horrible! They tore up my walls and messed up my service.

Did you know that in Northern Virginia there was a little old lady that Comcast was so horrible to she went into their office and bashed their computer in with a bat because they made her so mad!

She was old too. Comcast is a dirty, dirty company.


Quit complaining! You get what you pay for!

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#152143 Review #152143 is a subjective opinion of poster.

No way to put into 10 words what I've had to experience with Comcast!

My problems begin almost immediately after Comcast took over Time Warner in my city. It began with my cable going out on a regular basis. Then it went to my screen "pixel"ing, then freezing, then just going blank. Comcast sent techs out and the problem would be fixed until the next rain. To try to sum things up, my cable goes out every time we get a heavy rain. After numerous complaints and DAYS w/o service, the techs said that it was my outside connection box. Anyway, I was calling for service on an almost monthly basis. The techs would come out, but my problem was never solved. Finally, a tech diagnosed that it was the cable line connecting to my house that was causing the problem. Great, I thought!!! WRONG!!! It ended up that Comcast told me that my cable line was run from someone else's property. When I questioned that didn't Comcast OWN the cable, I was initially told that our utility company owned them. So I called the city. The city said that Comcast cable had nothing to do with their utility poles. Called Comcast and told them what the city told me. The next thing Comcast told me was that the cable was on private property and that they couldn't access it w/o the homeowner's permission. I was told that they would contact the homeowner and repair the problem. After two weeks of interrupted service, I called for service again. I was told that nobody was ever at home when they tried to access the lines. I then PERSONALLY went to each of my neighbors to beg for access for the Comcast techs so that my cable could be repaired. Not a single one of them had been contacted by Comcast!!! In the beginning of this nightmare, I was told that my cable was connected to a pole in a specific yard. I asked them for access, they granted it, and we then learned that it WASN'T coming from their yard. This happened TWICE with ME being the one to personally contact the neighbor and ask permission. It ended up that my cable WASN'T on private property, but Comcast took about a month and a half to figure it out. It ended up that squirrels had eaten through my cable and eventually the problem was solved. .....temporarily. To this very day, my cable still goes out when it rains. I've had to personally replace my box because they said it was most likely the problem and that they would charge me to come out and replace it themselves. My last problem with Comcast occurred in April. We had a thunderstorm and my cable went out. I thought the entire block was out and called to tell them so. I was told that if everyone else's was out that I needed to go door to door and have them call because none of them had!! After a couple of days, I learned that I was the only one whose cable went out in my neighborhood. When I called and asked for service, I was told that no one could come out until a week later and that I would be charged a 39.00 service fee. That's when I lost it. I called to complain and was finally given a 20.00 credit and was told that there wouldn't be a service call fee. One week later, my cable went out again. Same routine, but this time I called our local TV station to seek a final solution. A rep from Comcast called and told me it would be repaired and that he was going to give me a 50.00 credit. I told him I'd been give an 20.00 credit and he said, "Well, I'm giving you a 50.00 credit" and he gave me his direct phone number. Well, guess what? Another heavy rain and my cable went out this weekend yet again. I called to report it and was hit with I owe Comcast 50.00. To make a long story short, I received a call from their collection department tonight regarding it. Mind you, I have excellent credit and I've NEVER been late with a payment to Comcast. When the 50.00 credit wasn't listed on my next bill, I was told to just deduct it from what I had been charged and that I only owed that amount. Since then, ....well, you get my point now. I NEVER had problems with Time Warner and I just don't understand what happened, but Comcast is the absolute WORST company I've ever dealt with. If I could find another hi-speed internet service, I'd drop them in a heart beat. Been busy with remodeling(COSMETIC ONLY) my house and haven't had time to look, but after getting the call from the collection department tonight, I'm again going to call the local tv stations, send letters to the editors, do whatever it takes to let as many people as I can know what I've had to go through with this company.
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New Comcast Rip Off - Free Boxes

I received a letter telling me that I would need to order Cable boxes in order to continue to receive my basic service after 9/1/09. I received the two boxes and installed them as instructed. Six hours later and three calls with India I finally got the software downloaded and working. Low and behold I can no longer record programs from my DVR/VCR except for the channel I am watching. I called again and they confirmed my fears that I can no longer record other channels other then the one I am watching on my cable box. I can no longer record multiple programs on different stations. Their one of their DVR boxes. You can record on theirs !!! Where is the outrage over this. Where is the competition promised. Just like anything else you pay enough politicians and and you can steal from the consumer.
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why can't we get all the channels and a guide that just mean :cry


My service was suppose to be installed from 1-3 but no one arrived. Called them at 3, customer service says they will arrive at 5.

Someone help me understand how the flexibility of 1-3 came down to 5pm??



Comcast is going to rip us off forever. That is what they do...

the "service" they provide costs them next to nothing, but they charge each individual customer a hundred bucks. Their profits are astronomical... and yet they squeeze us more and more and more. To make things worse, they even do stuff to you and then want to charge you to change it.

For instance, my internet service... I pay for this service and they give me a modem to connect my computer to. I want to connect TWO computers to my service, so I buy a wireless router. My router works for about ten seconds and then will not connect to the internet.

I call Comcast support and I am told they have to "provision" my router... for a fee, of course! What happened here is that Comcast BLOCKED MY ROUTER and now wants to charge me to upblock it. They want about eighty bucks (a one time fee) to unblock something they should not have blocked in the first place.

How many computers I want to connect to my service is none of Comcast's goddam business. I pay for their service to my house and what I do with it is my business. They have no right to block my router's address and then charge me to unblock it and call it a "provision" to try to bamboozle me (and everyone else) into giving them what amounts to a RANSOME fee...

I sure wish I knew more about how to file lawsuits. I want to pay their fee and then file a class action lawsuit against the bastards.


Tried to install 3 FREE boxes just to get my regular cable back. Did not work after 40 minutes with tech service on phone.

Why are more people not outraged by Comcast taking away basic service and making us use these boxes.

This is another Netfix type mistake. I guess it is time for the Dish.


Their Digital Cable boxes that they forced on us a year ago, only last about a year. Then you have the option of driving the dead box to the nearest Comcast location so they can give you a piece of *** "reconditioned" box that also doesn't work, or Pay a technician to come to your house to "test" the box.....




my cable bill went up 5.00 dollars 1 mo. before the two new boxes,which by the way i am not picking up.the only reason ive kept it so long was cnbc,which i recently have slowed watching since watching squak box turned to squak fox.


comcast is the most hated company on the planet, not just customers, but employees and contractors and customers. This company needs to be destroyed, I am not an advocate for misdeeds, but I waive that in the case of comcast.

If someone would destroy all of their physical places of Business I would rejoice! These folks need to go away!


we should all cancel subscription for a month or two. lets see how much they need these adaptors. we all need to come together and boycott


this freakn ***. we should band together and fight .


The total switch to Comcasts digital adapters were made yesterday ... picture quality is terrible ...

Comcast sent out a technician today ... they have set up an appointment w/us on the day before Easter to tear up my yard, mess up my house and make us move all of our electronics (my husband is an electronic addict) in order to replace all of the old cable because we are not receiving a clear picture on our TVs ... I am so mad I could chew nails ... I see no advantage to this "progress" in technology ...

if the signal is bad we lose the whole picture to broken up pixels instead of getting a snowy picture .,. we can no longer have access to TV with a battery powered TV ... you say, oh yes you can ... yes, I can have a portable TV during hurricane season ...

a rechargeable battery that lasts for an hr.

and a half and picks up one station! Tell me again the advantage of digital!


To record, you record channel 3,which is the output of the adapter. Another option is if you happen to be recording a local broadcaster, or limited basic channel, in most areas the limited basic channels are still in analog. So you can still record them by hooking the vcr directly to the cable line.


People should not be installing these adapters to HD tvs. They are SD, and if you have expanded basic cable, your tv hopefully will have a QAM tuner, and you can watch all of the expanded basic channels without the adapter in SD, and the local broadcasters in HD. If you're using these adapters on HD tvs, then you don't already have a regular HD cable box anyway, so you should be just fine with your tv's built in QAM tuner.


I have 3 HD LCD Digital TV's. Comcast just sent me 2 adapters if I want to continue watching channels on 2nd tier.

The signal on the adapters is sent at 480 and makes for a terrible picture on HD TV's.

I called Comcast and they want $8.95 a month for each TV to get the HD signal. I'm paying almost $75 a month now!!


:eek :( :x :sigh :p 8) ;) :) :roll :? :cry


It is pure ***. There is no need to "free up bandwidth".

Any *** can see it is to all but eliminate basic cable.

That way they can charge premium digital rates for almost ALL channels. Odd how this move comes after the Digital Switch, isn't it?


The outrage is that consumers have no power in our own government. Corporations that rip us off own the politicians and laws support their intersets.

They screw their customers and no one rises up against them, not our representatives in government and we consumers don't have the guts to just drop all their lousy services. We'd have more money and probably all be better off if we did and went back to the olden ways, but I doubt it will ever happen.


Here is the kicker. Mine is still pluged into the wall and I still receive service. Try it and see what happens


This monopoly stranglehold should be outlawed throughout the country. Comcast is the closest thing to organized crime in most communities that provide exclusive rights.


This is just the nature of the beast... technology advances whether you want to accept it or not.

Comcast is using the adapters because they're moving the majority of the channels from their basic cable line up to a digital in order to free up bandwidth on their network. The freed bandwidth will all them to offer more HD options, increased video on demand options, and faster internet. I got the boxes last month and they've worked fine, but, just like anything else, technology moves forward. It's the same reason why you can't buy laser discs, vcr's, and cassette tapes anymore.

Besides, look at any other provider, Directv, Dish Network, Verizon Fios...

all of those service providers REQUIRE a box to get any channels and they charge $5+ per receiver. At least with Comcast if you don't want the adapters you can still at least get the local channels.


These are (2) free adapters they are not boxes. You can set a free adapter to drive the VCR or DVD Recorder and watch something else using the second free adapter.

If you have trouble with this Comcast has 24 / 7 support to help you and you do not need a DVR unless it is easier for you.

Also additional adapters are available for $1.99 each if you need extra's. This is 1/5 the cost of a DVR so it may be worth it if you need an extra adapter just for your DVR or VCR.

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#152004 Review #152004 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Comcast Rep destroyed my computer!

.....I am too mad to give full details but I ordered wireless service and the comcast guy took four hours and STILL didn't connect correctly. He promised to come back with someone who knew what they were doing....three days later he showed up by his self...trying to fix my computer....he'd erased my D: drive!!! Yeah!! He spazed and sent me to have it fixed so no one at comcast would know! I didn't let anyone fix it cause it will loose all my data so now I have to by a external hard drive!
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Indeed. Comcast equipment, be it cable boxes, phone eMTAs, or modems, are our point of demarcation.

We go no farther than that.

I would imagine you badgered the tech until they tried and you allowed an untrained person to work on your computer. The thing is with wireless connectivity is that a tech installs the equipment, runns an istallation/set-up disk, and that is that.

If the computer does not run properly, then it is your computer at fault, or the loose nut behind the keyboard. Either way it is on you, not the tech.


comcast does not send computer techs to your house. they do not work on your computer at all period they install equipment and run cable line that is it.

if you were stoopid enough to let someone who is not a TRAINED computer tech to work on your machine you are an ***. I bet you bought LOTS of ENRON stock didnt you

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#151882 Review #151882 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Comcast owes me money

I spoke with cutomer service 6 times to try to get resolutions on billing issues. Now I can't even get through on the phone to follow-up since I still have not receive my 2 checks. I had multiple accounts with Comcasts because I transfer service from my old place to new. I was owe a credit of $13.37 which was supposively processed on 06-May-09 and for another account $15.70 was to be credited when I spoke with their rep. Kenneth x72416 on 18-May-09. I verified my new address with him and he said I should get both check in ~4 to 6 weeks. It's August and nothing and these are credits owed to me from beginning of 2009!!!
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Comcast owed me $158 as of Feb 13th 2012. I was having service problems which did not get fixed despite the 7 techs that have been to my home and the countless calls to technical service.

After two months of problems with comcast i desided to cancel my account. I have now spent the last month fighting with reps who realy don't care about getting my monies back after threating to go to my local news channel i was promptly refunded $100 to my debit card and was told that a refund check would be expidided to me within two weeks. two weeks was yesterday and no check.

The reps at comcast could care less. Comcast may care but it is not about their customers:)

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Comcast making LAME excuses about *** service.

I was patient with Comcast when our internet, phone, and television went out thanks to snow and heavy storms earlier in the year. However, besides those legitimate reasons, we've had hours and hours of completely random downtime for NO reason lately. We've been using Comcast for four years now and it's been absolutely excellent service up until this year. Last night, our services all went down around midnight. It was a comfortable 60 *** our area at the time, welcome since we'd just been through a heat wave around here. Service wobbled back and forth between present and nonexistent the next morning around 7 AM (65 F). At 10 AM (70 F), we called to ask what was wrong with our service. Their excuse was "the heat has been causing problems with our network." YEAH RIGHT! We had no problems during the heat wave (100+ degrees for 3 days in a row), nor have we had any problems during ANY summer heat up until this year. What a pathetic excuse for a lie. It's still better than Qwest, whose usual excuse was, "Derp, we don't know! You'll just have to wait." They would then proceed to leave us without internet for weeks and bill us for it. Oh Comcast, what happened? How the mighty have fallen.
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When service goes out in 80, 90, 100 degree weather it's a called sun outages... look it up.


I've had comcast service for 8 years and a cable modem for 7. Everything has been set up the same way until about 4 yrs ago went go HD box.

Now Internet is dropping over and over during certain parts of the day.

Comcast says it is the signal, but they did some 'upgrade' about 6 weeks ago which is when the problem starting occurring . cable modem is fine, comcast sucks.


Call Comcast and ask them to test the signal into your home. It sounds like a problem with the drop line especially after the winter.


In my area Comcast goes out between 8pm - 1am every single night. Other people in the neighborhood experience this too.

Everytime we call Comcast they say our cable modem is bad.

Huh? We told the technician this and the people on the phone every single time we call but everytime it's a different excuse.

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Comcast in Boston, Massachusetts - Robbed Consumer

Comcast Cable has taken away several of my channels in my package that I have had and paid for many years and put those channels in another package (higher). They did send a notice they were moving the channels, with the exception of one channel. The issue is how can this be ethical or in good faith, even if legal. The only recourse I have to get the channels back is to buy a higher upgrade to receive the very same channels I have had for much less. I believe there should be some consumer protection for this, but so far I have seen none. Very unhappy customer and consumer.
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I am near phila and want to protest at the new comcast bldg. who is with me?


Contact the BBB. We the customers need to stand together and show comcast we're not going to tolerate this anymore..


Their lack of concern for customer service also boggles the mind. I have been waiting for 3 week for a supervisor to return my call.

Gee, he must have a lot of complaints if it is taking that long. :roll


Ever since this digital upgrade announcements came out seems like our t.v. has been useless.

We have all these channels taken away and the ones that do come in are fuzzy or are protected program and no way to delete that. Might as well save our money and go else where!!!!


I totally agree, and have contacted ABC news to check into the lies we've been told for two years about not needing other equipment when the analog-digital switch occurs. Isn't it interesting that Comcast waited till after the switch to tell it's customers they were taking away A LOT of channels.

If we want to get out of our contract, we will be charged $150.00, for "breaking the contract". It seems to me that Comcast is the one breaking the contract - many times over - with all the changes and losses of channels which we had signed on for. Out of all the channels we get, we watch maybe 40 - 50 regularly. Most of those channels they can take and shove.

They are disgusting. Maybe Comcast should switch them to a *** tier. Maybe they should do a survey to see which channels the customer really want; and to see how many of there current customers would dump Comcast if it wasn't such a "monopoly" in the area. We were with Comcast (formerly Suburban in our area) for almost 30 years and I think we are being penalized.

You think we would get gifts and discounts for being loyal customers. Aha! The new needed equipment - digital boxes, etc. We're the ones paying for the discount for the new customers.

Looking into switching to Verizon, like some other family members have done.

Take a hint, Comcast. You're not well-liked :(

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#151722 Review #151722 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Comcast incompetence in billing matter

I turned in my 2nd cable box to a Comcast rep. on April 26 because I can't afford it anymore. Comcast refuses to take the box off my bill despite at least 8 attempts on my part at reconciling this both in person and over the phone. I am now told I can't downgrade my service until my bill is current. I will not pay the disputed portion of the bill. Comcast is now forcing me to keep a subscription to services I can't afford because of their incomprehensible clerical incompetence in a matter as simple as turning in equipment.
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#151476 Review #151476 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Comcast Sucks

I have been missing 20 channels of cable service which i pay too much for already so after ringing comcast they said they would send a technician out to check the problem the informed me there would be a $99 call out charge! I told them all i want is the service i paid for and it was there issue not mine and i was not willing to pay.I told them its not an issue with my end as i can receive channels 2-38 and 61-99 but not 39-59.(which i have paid for. So i told them to stick there cable where the sun don't shine.I have lived without television before i can do it again.Comcast seem to believe they can keep giving the consumer the shaft and get away with it.So i am taking a stand and saying NO MORE!
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I didnt switch to satilite cause of having to add a box to my sets. Comcast gave out all that bull about the OTA digital conversion and how you would be goo if you had cable.

Now that it;s happened Comast does this ***. I think we should be like everyone else and file a class action against Comcast.


Yes that is the call out charge for the engineer and yes they will credit me for time down but i still have to pay out the call charge whether their problem or not but the time down credit would not cover the initial call out charge,i think that this is an issue especially in San Francisco as most of the repair work seems to be done by licensed contractors rather than CC themselves


are you sure they are billing you $99 for a trouble call?om what I know, if the problem is caused by thier company, you will not be billed for the trouble call and you can also request credit for the days you had cable service interruption.

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Comcast comm. sucks

i have the comcast bungle in headland ,al.we have the sorriest service i've ever seen.all of it goes out once a day at least.the service is terrible,the people in the office are very rude and they lie to you about showing up for a sevice is friday and i'm still waiting for them to show up on a call since sunday.oh ***,i could write a just sucks.thats it.garrett dykes.the phone don't work,hd sucks and the internet works as slow as dial up does at times.
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There own service people have told me that Comcast could care less.

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