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Comcast in Baltimore, Maryland - Comast charges unfair for digital boxes

Comcast charges from when you receive the digital adapters(& this is NEVER disclosed), and not when they are activated, even tho you must call or go online to activate. They SAY that they have no way of knowing when you activate, which is simply a crock, or why would you have to call,etc.??? Comcast charges delivery service for digital adapters unless you call to have them removed even tho the person who called to asked if we wanted them said that there would be no delivery charges. My particulular distain for billing department robot M who then can't believe it when you get angry and raise your voice.
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hey cld2024 .. you're an ***.

you get the first two for free if you have any more past that amount you then pay a leasing fee. you don't like it.. go pay for them out of pocket.

its funny how comcast is blamed for complying with fcc regulations.. talk about don't shoot the messenger.


Situation resolved by Supervisor Cheryl in Pgh., Pa Thank so much for your help.

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Comcast is a lier

When you call for installation they tell you that you won't pay for that. They tell you that there is no charges. Next month you receive a $149 bill for that *** installation. When you call back to claim. There is nothing to do. You need to pay or pay. They cannot give you a credit because its employee say lies and lies. they are liying to the consumers and customers. I will send as much letters as possible to governmental entities to claim these facts. people aware; COMCAST IS THE WORST COMPANY IN THIS BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY. DO NOT GET COMCAST
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One of worst customer servise in

My life they all big liar.thats,how they make the


Comcast is the Worst c in us.lier lier lier


another ***! wow.. how am I supposed to take the word of someone who can't even spell the word "liar" give me a break :x

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Comcast in Sunnyvale, California - Land line Disconnected for no reason

I still do not have phone service after 36 hours of trying their customer-technical assistance service even though Comcast disconnected my service (not physical disconnection) because I requested a transfer of service to a different location. I have talked top Candice, somewhere In India, or china, Sugar in whatever universe, Miguel in Guadalajara, Clarissa in Asia, or perhaps the South Pole. No results. Finally I got Tony in Sacramento!! No results. This started when I requested that my phone service be transfer to a different location on the 30th of April. No problem they said. I also said that I will continue on my current place till that date. Knowing these people, I told them that I will be using the service at the present location and nothing needed to be done till the 30th. I asked them to repeat back my instruction, and after some corrections (hilarious if it was not so annoying) I got them to repeat back exactly what I was requesting. Good. So, I hanged up the phone. Then I tried to call my wife to tell her that all was in order and the service will be transferred on the appropriate date. No service!! Since then, I have talked on my cell phone to at least 7 different cr with no results. I am sitting here after talking to some supervisors, or someone pretending to be one, and still no service. Comcast is really inept, or indifferent to its customers.
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Comcast *** wrapped in Apple Butter

Tried to use Outlook Express on comcast failed with lengthy error codes msg. Went to try and fix it, ran into pages and pages of people who can't use Outlook express. Comcast has been told about this issue by 95% of the residents here in the sunny old south repeatedly. So whats really up? Are Northerners still punishing the south for Civil War, will reconstruction ever be finished. Why is it that all the low down go for nothing companies and dead beat business are in TN,KY,NC,Va. This is the most illiterate, backward, bunch of hide behind the G--d--m bushes billies know to modern mankind. Comcast you lying, thieving bunch of *** heads, get off your *** and fix the problem. Leave the secretaries alone for a couple of hours leave the bank deposits be and read a book called "ETHICS". Does Comcast own the chicken *** group that sells software to fix the problem really cheap?
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Comcast Fails Again

Comcast screws up AGAIN! After messing up totally over several weeks around Chrstmas, trying to convert to digital, they had to replace my incoming line. Then they couldn't get the package selection correct. Its cold here, so they couldn't bury the external line. Well, the other day it was cut and when I called to get it fixed, I was told it would take 2 weeks! Well, duh! They put me down for burying it! No cable for 2 weeks because some *** set up a "bury/drop" appointment instead of repair! They are IDIOTS over there..Dish or UVerse or anything else, here I come!
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after trying for more than a year to get the internet working, I finally went with at&t..and it is amazing to have a working computer. For the longest time I thought my computer was slow and crashing because I needed more memory, but when at&t was installed, it's like I have a new computer!!

The tv situation with comcast is not any better. If I called them every time there was a problem, I would be calling daily. As it is right now, I call about 3-4 times week. I actually have comcast as one of my "5 FAVES" on my T-mobile phone, so that it doesn't burn up my phone minutes.

And, the other reason I do not call everyday is because I am tired of

comcast taking my life away...hours and hours on the phone. I have taken off work to meet a tech at my house, only to have the teck make a phone call and speak to someone and PRESTO! everything working for time being. it's a constant run around.

I was never even offered credits to my account until recently when I myself mentioned that maybe I should get some compensation...and let me tell you 20 bucks a month credit is almost a slap in the face for all the *** dished out by comcast! it's a horrible company, the product sucks and I do not see any improvement at all!! Like I said, I have changed to at&t for phone and internet, and hopefully SOON U-Verse will be available. When the teck for at&t was at my house to install interenet, he did say that he saw the lines dropped for hopefully very very soon I can fire comcast all together!!...I would love to tell the teck to cram the boxes where the sun doesn't shine today when he comes to my house again to figure out why my DVR isn't working and none of my boxes will bring up the ON DEMAND feature..this is the 4 time in 2 months this problem has occured, and we have burned through 3 DVR boxes, 4 in 1 bedroom and 2 in another!!

Please hurry U-Verse!! we need you!!!

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Comcast in Washington, District Of Columbia - After paying my bill, my cable was shut off

I paid my cable bill on 04/01/2010 just prior to travel for a week. When I returned on 04/11/2010, my cable was still off. I called Comcast and was told that they had permanently disconnected my cable on 04/02/2010 even though the check was in the system. They did not cash/process the check until 04/05/2010. Even after the payment was processed no attempt was made by Comcast to reconnect the service. I phoned their CSR department and was told that the account was active and I "should have everything working", to which I replied that I did not. After several phone calls as well as their insipid "on-line chat help" there has been no resolution to the problem. What I was told was to basically take a day off from work so I could go to the local office and try to straighten this out there. When asked about a credit for the 2 weeks of no service, I got no response, only that my new bill was in and needed t be paid before the end of the month. Unbelievable how they can be so callous and get away with it.
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Comcast took $450.00 in payments from me in 4.5 weeks and then shut of my cable, too. I was lied to a bunch of times and given phony names on at least three occasions.

They could care less about their customers and are robots once you get them on the phone. And if you say anything they don't like, they put you on hold indefinitely until you hang up out of frustration.

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Comcast Slow at Closing Account and Handling Lost Equipment

If you owe Comcast money, they are on you right away, but if they owe you money, they will take a long time, and require a lot of prodding to correct the issue. We had a fire in our house and moved to a different place across town while our house was being repaired. We had Comcast triple play and wanted it hooked up in our temporary location. Comcast disconnected us from our old house and reconnected us to the new temporary house very quickly. I was asked to bring the original cable equipment to the temporary house for pickup by the technician who installed triple play in the new house. He gave me a receipt showing the returned equipment. Three weeks later I get a bill for the old equipment ($480.00) as if the equipment had never been returned. I visited a Comcast service office and they made a copy of the receipt with the equipment serial numbers, made a report, and apologized for the mixup which should be cleared up in 10 days. I can monitor the account by phone and nothing is resolved after 10 days so I return to the office. They see that nothing has been resolved with the account so they do the same thing over again and apologize again. They also tell me that the customer phone rep should not have had me take the equipment to the new home since it is in a different service area. A week later, I get a post card saying my claim of returning the equipment has been accepted and any change to the account will be reflected 30 days from the date of resolution which was Feb 4. I am due for a refund. I waited 40 days, and get the same bill for the equipment as if nothing has happened. I called a service rep and they have a record of everything that has happened, they indicate that the account was never updated and apologize for this and say they will have to fix it. The account is finally updated 2 to 3 weeks later and a refund is applied to my new account. It took about 60 days to resolve this issue which should have been resolved within a week after my first visit to the customer service office and 90 days from the initiation of the new account. This should have never have happened in the first place but from reading other complaints, it happens quite often and takes longer to resolve if ever. When it comes to billing matters, Comcast is awful if they owe you money. I have had time and a stable living situation so I could easily pursue this matter, but if someone moves out of state or goes into the military, it would be much harder to resolve a billing issue. I am neutral right now because the issue is resolved but I was "pissed" until it was resolved. To people trying to resolve billing matters, Comcast is like there is a computer preventing changes from being made and its like you hit a brick wall trying to resolve things. What should take week to resolve (partial steps should take a day) takes months and only with prodding.
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Comcast poor customer service

I have had Com cast since March 09. In June of 09 I moved and it has been a problem ever since. When I moved apartments they did not schedule my cable transfer correctly so I was without service for several days. Instead of taking responsibility of the mistake they never apologized. It took many phone calls (7) in order to get it resolved. The calling was done on my part. I made the horrible mistake of moving again and Com cast instead of disconnecting my cable at my old address (which by the way had no power!! therefore you could not use a TV, etc) they continued to bill me not only for my old address using my new address to send the bill but billed me for my new address too! I have been working to get this resolved since December 2009. We are not in April and up until 03/26/2010 did they claim to have it resolved only to find out they did not. No one has yet to apologize or explain why or how things happened. I have gone through 7 hours of phone calls...endless "customer service reps"...that term escapes me!!!...and still had to pay what was on my bill! They never refunded my account for the double billing or the late charges that were accessed because of their mistake! I have now resulted in emailing them several times a day. When that will not work I am going to start writing letters to not only Com cast but my congress man and state rep. Companies such as this cannot continue to rip customers off! Just because they are a large company does not mean they can treat customers any way they want to!!! Someone must be held accountable...If you climb the executive tree high enough it always lead to one man/woman. Everyone in business has to have a person at the top. I will eventually find that person if it takes till next year. This problem is not going away.
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Comcast Cable bills

Fool me once shame on me fool me twice SHAME on you.I pay my Comcast bill by credit card so I rarely review my bill for T.V. & high speed internet. I came across a charge for modem rental. I've had my own for years. Best I could find I've been paying this charge for seven months. My first call to "customer service" I was told they could only go back 2 months. My second call they went back 7 month but would have to have a tech verify I had my own modem. The tech did but I couldn't get my refund on my third call I hit a stone wall. My letter to corporate president did eventually get my full refund. So now I check my bills found that for the past five months (OK I'm not very good at bill checking)I've been charge for cable TV box's that I don't have SHAME ON THEM!! My first call has produced my refund. Please check your COMCAST bill!
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When will Com cast stop the "NEW" cost bs. How are they not a monopoly?

Verizon does not service my area any longer, As I was rudely told to by Com cast customer service. Now they add digital TV they want to bill me 1.99 per TV in my house?

just to get cable I am already paying for? I think they are a money sucking greedy


I too recently checked my bill when a new rate increase letter came,I have standard cable. The cost for standard cable DID NOT macth any of the costs for cable service,so I called only to be told that I was"grandfathered into the original contract" which was a higher rate than any shown on the list!

Worse yet when they transmitted an analog signal I was getting HD tv, now that they have changed to digital HD is a whole new tier and will cost me more to get what I had before.

They say I was getting HD in error and it was corrected in the change over. I say people went out and bought new tvs when the broadcasters were required to transmit in digital and almost all tvs are now HD so comcast hooked everyone on HD then removed it so they could charge more for something thats already in the cable system but turned off for people who don't pay more


have had horrible customer service with comcast mutiple billing issues have paid over 600 dollars to comcast since service was installed jann 22 and it is barley april 6th no other cable is offered where I live.


ALWAYS, ALWAYS check each and every utility bill, especially phone and cable bills. In 4 years with Verizon I received 3 correct bills.

Always overcharged. Logged over 100 hours on hold or being transferred and then hung up on. My neighbor checked their bill and realized they had been paying for someone elses internet for months.

They got a refund. Now I immediately file a complaint with FCC and get quick results.

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Comcast doesn't honor signed contracts.

We are a registered charity in eastern TN. We have a signed contract with Comcast Business Services to provide cable & internet service our site in Greeneville, TN. Comcast came out, surveyed the location, and told us it would be no problem to provide service. Their sales team gave us a contract, which we signed, and it went into their system. Internet service is critical to our operations. When we asked to start the install, Comcast refused, stating that it was now "not approved." Repeated calls and emails to the sales team and regional construction manager go unanswered. Calls to Comcast Sales simply result in no action. There is something to be said for a company that refuses to honor a signed contract.
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