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Comcast literally Robbed us blind

Comcast is more than terrible. We ordered their Internet service. After a couple months it stopped working. They had a tech come out to our home who deleted my husband's entire machine and then left. Then we moved, and they had an independent contractor install our cable - he cased our home and burglarized it (he gave us a fake name). Comcast refused to give us the tech name for us to pass along to the police. We had to have them out again when we moved- and the same guy who deleted the machine - drilled holes in our house where he wasn't supposed to, climbed into the attic and put cracks in the ceiling - didn't connect the cable (when he left all but one were not working) - failed to separate the Internet from the cable which caused a short - and they refuse to honor their agreement for giving us a credit. The local guy has lied to us and put remarks in our account so we keep getting rerouted to either him or his supervisor who just basically laugh at us. My husband needs the Internet for his business - and they are the only game in town.
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I thought this was internet on the topic,



I live in Ft. Lauderdale in a condo.

Dishes (as used by Direct TV and others) are not allowed to be connected to any part of the building or the grounds. Comcast is the ONLY alternative and they know it and take full advantage of it.


First if you were robbed, I would hope you filed a police report, with any information that you have. That would be the first step.

I am sure we would be able to work with them so they could question the person to your home. I am not sure what you mean separate internet from cable? They both come through the same line.

I am happy it was all resolved in the end. If you do need assistance, email us.Frank EliasonComcastWe_Can_Help@***


what kind of isolated place do you live in.. How can Comcast be the only game?


Comcast is not a nice company. We had them for a few years because there was no alternative. We moved out of our apartment into a house a year & a half ago. A rental, not ours. We went ahead and just transferred our service for the time being as it was easier than finding a new company until we were settled in.

They sent out a tech who proceeded to go into each room and cut the connectors in each room that was not getting a box. Did I already say this was a RENTAL? Not our house, and he destroys something that was perfectly functional prior to his touching it?

Needless to say we quickly did our research and switched to a local provider who bundled our phone service Both a main house line & fax line, and our internet & my daughters wireless plan into the TV package and we now pay LESS than we were paying for Comcast for just TV service!

But it doesn't end there. I walked those boxes in myself & turned them in, making sure to get a receipt. I'll be darned if I didn't spend another 2 months arguing with them about turning me IMMEDIATELY over to collections for unreturned boxes.

It was finally resolved, thanks goodness I keep my documentation.

But I tell you, if Comcast were the only service family would just have to make do with dvds.


What does separate the internet from the cable mean?

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Albuquerque, New Mexico
Comcast Internet Service

Comcast is horrible - class action lawyers help

I have paid Comcast $240 a month for several years for their so called premium channel package. The service is absolutely horrible. Every single time my son and I have sat down to watch a movie using video on demand we get an error. I’ve customer service for several weeks now. Each time they say “we are experiencing system wide problems.” I would be a willing volunteer as the lead plaintiff if a class action lawyer is willing to take my case. They are ripping consumers off and I’m sick of it as I’m sure many, many others are as well. Class action lawyers please email joseph_freedman@***.com!
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Nashville, Tennessee

Lousy service in Harrisburg PA

Scheduled comcast to come to my home for cable installation on 2/16/2008 in Harrisburg PA. Service person came, did a little work, happened to trip the circuit accidently. Lost power in the front living area, he became scared, packed up his tools, scampered to the door stating couldn't do anything else. Not his fault, can't fix it, must leave for another job. No cable, no explaination, no response from the company, but a too bad so sad, can't get back there until 3/1. Comcast sucks in customer service, qualified technicians, ansering their phones. Run to dish network.
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Reston, Virginia

Comcast, poor customer service

Scheduled to upgrade my cable TV to include Phone and Internet access...the service man disconnected my phone on FEB 14th and failed to connect service. After many phone calls to the company's contact number 713-341-****, I became irate due to the fact that this company has no communication skills with it's field staff and do not assist there customers (although I advised them that I needed my local phone for Emergency use) was continually difficult to speak to anyone about the initial phone person, each 'supervisor' I spoke to advised me there was nothing they could kept saying "I'm afraid...." at which I advised they should be afraid..if this was the service they provided. In addition to calling the company (at least 4 times) I also emailed the Vice President of Customer Service...who guaranteed 24 hour contact...I received no contact via email or phone. I continually asked the customer service person (supervisors) for the address of the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and was advised that they do not have that address...that I should look it up on line (I can only presume they assume I have internet...apparently not thru them they haven't connected me yet). As service providers to my area, I feel they have a certain Monopoly and feel they do not need to provide "good" customer service... The service I have received up to this point is beyond POOR.
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you people are complete idiots - its not comcast's job to sign your contract - if you lose the paper work THAT IS YOUR FAULT not comcast - they are a cable company not a daycare service. Also a promo that is put out for NEW customers is for NEW customers not for some jack *** who feels he should get special treatment


I just switch over from another service to comcast and I agree it is the worst service of any utility service I have ever had. I do not like nothing about comcast to put in words all the issues would take a long long time.

They are extremely UNPROFESSIONAL.

They did not port my line as promise. They quote me one price over the phone and when the tech showed up he had something different and then said the sells people say anything for a sell (its all lies) when the first tech show up he said he was new on the job and didnt know much, so he had to call the TECH DEPT for help, but he had to pretend like he was a CONSUMER ...otherwise he would be charged. He didnt know basic things to get the job done...the SECOND tech although knowledgeable and capable was able to move the line ...except he could not move the line where I wanted it, because COMCAST didn't have my original number ported as promised by several indivduals.

THe second tech and the complaint department told me the first tech was fired for stealing..imagine they sent a theif to my house ..... I just dont believe COMCAST has so so many issues...its a horrible company and their work is really they are sending me a bill for shoty work I am so so dissappointed and wish I had left things the way they were


May 30th a Comcast tech came to hook up my cable for a 12 month digital cable promo that included HBO. I have a receipt and everything.

Yesterday I called Comcast, when I realized that my HBO was not working. They claimed that I was suppose to sign a contract that I didn't know was coming in the mail, and since I didn't, they moved me to a six month promo. By the way, they took me off the six month promo one month early. I am currently on the regular contract rate.

They are dishonest, and apparently banking on people losing their paperwork. Not me, not today!


I dumped ***-cast and dropped their cable from my home. It now sits across the street in a pile at the base of a pole.

They (initally) offered the $99.00/month deal for cable, tv and telephone to new customers only. I called and wanted the same deal. They told me no, new customers only. O.k.

A new cable outfit came to town. I successfully changed EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON MY STREET (SAVE FOR 2) OVER TO THE NEW CABLE COMPANY. The new cable companyis 100 times better. They give MORE FOR LESS.

Over a year later and it is still a bed of roses. If you can dump ***-cast, I would do so.

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Houston, Texas
Comcast Tv Service

Comcast cable just Bites!

Seriously, if there was something better out there...EVERYONE would get it. It's just really sad that we have to deal with *** customer service rep's who have a mean streak a mile wide every day. I realize it must suck to work there for that pay too but suck it up and stop being to friggen angry and taking it out on people who call in. There's always Walmart people!! You could be working there ya know so lighten up! And DO NOT get me started on how rude the contractors are when they are in your home!
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I agree. For whatever reason, I have been completely cut off from all of my email!

I have service at my house but for the past week, people have been calling me to tell me that their emails to me keep getting bounced back. So outside of the ridiculous prices I spend on BASIC cable and the underwhelming download speeds, I'm now the victim of someone driving by and knocking over my mailbox with a baseball bat.

I've already had Cavalier at my office with very little incident and it seems like they now win my personal account as well. Has this happened to anyone else?


For whatever reason, I have been completely cut off from all of my email! I have service at my house but for the past week, people have been calling me to tell me that their emails to me keeep getting bounced back.

So outside of the ridiculous prices I spend on BASIC cable and the underwhelming download speeds, I'm now the victim of someone driving by and knocking over my mailbox with a baseball bat.

I've already had Cavalier at my office with very little incident and it seems like they now win my personal account as well. Has this happened to anyone else?

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Houston, Texas

Comcast Cable moves channels to digital.

I pay $60 a month for cable and received about 75 channels including unwanted shopping channels. Comcast recently removed a substantial number of long time standard watchable channels to its “Digital lineup”. As I was paying for access to these channels and am no longer receiving them, I asked Comcast to provide an equitable adjustment. They refused and said I should buy their higher priced "Digital Line Up" I thought the FCC said cable customers would not be affected by the digital switch. Is this a trend? Now it is 6 or 7 channels, will it be 40 or 50 soon?
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No, you need 2 contact your states attorney generals office!


Well, it is not such a big deal to me. I'm glad that MSNBC is gone.

Now I don't have to waste time watching that liberal Keith Olbermann. I flip channels to see what is on as I got to FOX NEWS and *** Keith makes me want to *** You know what happened? I took MSNBC off my channel count so as I go up I skip over it. The next day, Comcast letter comes and I see that MSNBC is going away.

YES! Hallmark was gone as well, and I did watch that sometimes, but it's okay.

And it's FOX NEWS, not FIXED NEWS. FOX is the best with news.


Hey Eva (or should I say Comcast rep Eva) ...***.

I don't care what it breaks down to a day in my opinion they are once again robbing me blind. Yes Spot they will be moving more and more channels to the digital end. I jut got a notice for at least a half dozen with more on the way by July. Soon all I will have left is shopping and foreign language programming. MSNBC goes but Fixed News stays..imagine that.

Get a dish. All the bad you hear about them is cable Co propaganda. All TV comes from a dish ultimately.


Some channels were moved to make room (analog takes up more space than digital when affects emergency personnel communications), or the channels were duplicated on the analog side as well as the digital lineup. and one had to go.Eventually all channels will truly be digital.

$60 is not alot it breaks down to less than $2 a day, People spend more than that on coffee! lol

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Comcast Tv Service

Poor Customer Service disconnected local line before new svc connected

Requesting a bundle pkg, I took off work for installation, appt set up for bet. 11-2PM on Feb 14, 2008, I arrived home at about 11:10 AM and apparently missed the guy. Called comcast to check, they told me they couldn't tell until after 2PM. Called after 2 and was told 'he' was still in the area, and should be by. NO SHOW. Called to reschedule, was told it would take 2 weeks. Come to find out, my local phone was disconnected on the 14th by comcast....Now i have no local service until they can come back out (the soonest is Feb 25 bt 2-4PM...which means I have to take another day off work)......I called and spoke to 4 diff. people at comcast, requesting a no avail. finally got a voice mail. when no one returned my calls, I called again. Got 'another' Supervisor "Oscar"...who has an Operator ID of TC( (closed parenthesis symbol???- what the *** is that???, and ID with a 'closed parenthesis symbol' get real.....and his Supr/Mgr is IVAN, but IVAN does not have a last name or an Operator ID as he is a manager? and he can't actually take calls or call people back?) I can only assume COMCAST is lucky to have any customers at wonder so many are going to Direct TV, even a small amount of CUSTOMER Service is better than NONE.
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Brookport, Illinois
Comcast Bundle

Comcast service is a joke

Comcast costumer service is a big fat *** joke. I got rid of them purely because everytime I needed something from costumer service- there was this problem, or that problem. Since I have cancelled and moved to DISH network, Ive been in heaven. Even when DISH gave me the obligatory four hour window (they were there at 8 am on the dot). Comcast never is on time, always has a 2 week waiting period for service calls and cost to *** much anyway. Screw Comcast, spread the word...they don't deserve the consumers business. Look into Satellite or ATT.
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whenever I need additional service I find myself waiting on you. I called 4 days ago about an alarm system as was told that someone would call me back.

I called back today after never receiving a call what is with that?

You have other companies looking for a sale. I’m a customer being treated like ***!!!!!


comcast is joke - there are the rudest people on earth - and lie about sending service technicians or that someone is working on the problem - they give you know information and everthing is 100% canned.. - wait more than 2.5 years - yes really to get a patch cable buried in the street ..

there was a break in it and i thought it was my modem because comcast told me - and refused to replace even though i lease it - so only after 2 years to bury the cable did my internet finally work. and now when i have outages - i wait mos for resolve.

i was without for *** month - finally it started working again , but i made 10 calls that month - promissing to send someone - and then ididnt pay my bill - 2 mos in advance and they told me they wont send someone because i didnt pay - i cant continnue to pay with the level of service - - there service borders on criminal.. period - its a joke they should not be in business




You forgot to mention how utterly RUDE anyone is that you manage to get in customer service that is breathing. I swear, they are *** for sport because their lives are so ***

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Houston, Texas

Comcast bundle a joke!!!

I got the Comcast high speed internet, cable and telephone bundled together. The order went fine. From there it was all downhill. I had more service techs come out than anyone should have. The service was hit and miss. A tech said it was all the stuff running off the cable the more you run on it the weaker the signal. They do not tell you that when they are hawking it. Don't sell what you cannot keep up and running. I now have a dish and verizon service they have it all together and it works fine!!! I won't go back to comcast for any reason.
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How did you get out of your contract?? we got our bundle in Nov of 2011 too and are very dissatisfied and want to go back to direct tv bundle.


shut up comcaster. comcast is a joke.. we got forced into getting these digi boxs and the channel often gets hung or becomes unavailable hours at a time :/


Reading the comcast responses reminds me of the last time I had cable decades ago. Customer service have a "take it or leave it attitude".

Comcaster#2 and Comcaster are taking the "not our fault approach" and are generally being ***. Customer service etiquette is not Comcast's strong suit.


Cable plants are designed so that you have enough singal for up to 4 outlets. When you go beyond that or alter the cable yourself or use your own equipment it changes its integrity.

You cannot compare verizon, att and dish to a system that uses Fiber Optics to broadband coax, you just cant. You can try that reinvention of the wheel but sooner or later if you want undeniable fast service and superb picture quality, you'll be back.


My Comcast internet is below DSL levels when testing the speed on the internet. Congestion management? Very poor service.


One can blame the company for consumers that split the signal so many times in their home. When you go over 4 devices you need a amplifier. Its not a matter of maintaining the services, they consumer plays a big part as well.

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Washington, District Of Columbia
I cancelled my Comcast service in October 2007. Between that time and the beginning of February 2008 I received 2 statements showing that I owed money for service dates ocurring after I cancelled. The first time I called Comcast and they said it was a mistake, they...
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Cumming, Georgia

Sent to collections

After three days of a simple call to change my service address, I received a automated call from a company hired to intimidate and threaten consumers. They did not know exactly what they wanted from me. Turns out they wanted my equipment. They told me i was a deadbeat and I even though I pay monthly for the equipment, it is comcast's. Once they realized a mistake, told to call comcast. Comcast had no idea that the company existed. I asked to speak to a supervisor, was told "shut your mouth and listen". I never received any calls from supervisor and told none will be available for me. I cancelled my service immediately. My life is 10% happier.
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#112152 Review #112152 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Marietta, Georgia

Pissed Comcast Customer

Comcast complaints can be made by calling this number. 1-80*-593-****. This is a number that is sacred to comcast employees, and comcast employees will not give it to you willingly It reached my hands "in error" if I should say. It is funny how you can easily google 1-800-COMCAST, and get over 300,000 search results, and... God forbid you try to google 1-80*-593-****. No search results, plus this number is not listed anywhere on Comcast's website!! There! You have it. Call over 100 times if you have to. I had to make over 10 phonecalls to have my service restored. It took 8 days for them to come.
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I was talked into purchasing a phone line in addition to my business internet in order to save money on the installation and monthly rate. I called to cancel the service but they would not do so because I did not have the security pin.

I had to request a new pin only available via mail. By the time I received it, the 30 day cancellation period ended. I am now told that I would owe nearly $700 in order to cancel the phone line.

They refuse to discuss the matter beyond telling me that the 30 days has passed. The sales rep was Kahlil El


Phone: 610.234.3786


They are criminals. Awful. Burn in ***..


this is a shame when you call and your transferred several times and it just hangs up on you, its also a shame that Comcast has the worst answering system. I have spent several hours and had them tell me that it want happen again.

Cannot seem to get bill charged out like it is suppose to be.

Always over charging and they want pay you back there figure out a way to rebill and up charge for something else. Worst cable company in the world.


The comcast experience should be shared with newly weds... Take notes, be specific, every detail.

You will benefit from

this happening, this chapter in your life, you will be an educated consumer after this test. Thank you, guido.


I tried to reach that number however, I received an error message stating this number can not be reached from my calling area


:? comcast sucks to the highest of sucktivity went out in the middle of superbowl called in service out for three days bill constantly goes up every month,jackson ms will be leaving comcast goes out whenever it rains


Ok' so I decide to change from comcast to Att. I return my equipment (takes one and a half hours to do) and am advised not to pay bill until final bill comes in a couple of weeks.

New bill comes. Doubles old bill. I call and rep apologizes and says that they will make proper adjustment. I question late charge, asking how I can be dunned when I didn't get a bill.

They agree to remove late charge. Two weeks later new bill comes, no late charge but fifty buck charge for not returned equipment. I explain that I did return the equipment and that I have receipt for same. They apologize tell me it will be fixed in two days or less.

I offer to fax receipt, they tell me no need. Week later, new bill comes, still has charge for not returned equipment, I call and they tell me to fax copy of receipt. This bill threatens to refer me to collection agency. I speak with rep and rep tells me that if receipt is forwarded to them that there will be no referral to agency.

Today bill comes from collection agency - weirdly enough or correct amount. I call comcast, they tell me that I own twice as much as I actually do through automatic menu, when i speak with agent he tells me I owe a hundred bucks more than I owe.

Agent tells me to fax receipt. These people SUCK


June 28, Getting 28 t0 50 KBs upload now for a month.

Thedownload is so slow Face book doesn't even work.

I called 5 days ago and the said it would be resolved.

XFinity My Butt. More like X-Wife..

Well there ya go... Comcast Crooks..


My mother visited Comcast located inside the Brandsmart store at 7260 North Kendall Dr. in Miami Fl.

to inquire about your services and possibly switching from AT&T U-verse to Comcast and one of your employees, who identified himself as George Alvarez, was extremely bad mannered to her after she did not accept the recommendation of the services he suggested.

She just wanted to consult with her family before making a decision to switch her services. She is a senior citizen and I personally find that his actions are not only unprofessional but disrespectful and gives a dreadful reputation to your company to a potential customer who was merely inquiring about your services.


Had an appointment today at 2 all I got was a dumb machine call did not give it any attention because that machine called up the previous day telling me that "IF YOU WERE NOT TO CANCEL THIS SERVICE, YOU SHOULD NOT DO ANYTHING AT THIS TIME." Called them up and they said I cancelled the appointment by not calling back. Huh?!?

that's the dumbest thing a CABLE company can do; rely on a MACHINE to tell you if the customer is still willing to get cable service from you. On top of that, those call center people can't even get a hold of the technicians out in the field.

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Silver Spring, Maryland
Comcast Internet Service
I was a Direct Sales Installer in Beaverton, Oregon. Complained to Curt Henninger about corruption in my department involving my co-worker, Chris McQuery, our lead, Alan Jost, our supervisor, Don Willis, Don's supervisor, Tim Ream, and Tim's supervisor, Mike...
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boy could I tell you stories about NJ , same stuff

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#111945 Review #111945 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Portland, Oregon
Comcast Internet Service

Comcast aint as bad as you think!!

all of you uneducated consumers out their *** and moaning about the sub standard customer care you received with comcast is SERIOUSLY making me want to puke! NO ONE CARES!! i am a current employee of comcast and a representative for their video repair department. With the exception of L.A., Las Vegas, New York, Washington D.C. , and other major metros, less than 5% of Comcast's customer base calls in for technical support, billing inquiries, and service issues. so for those of you experiencing issues with Comcast services, do us ALL a favor and keep your unfounded opinions to yourselves, about problems that are SEVERELY outweighed by ACTUAL daily problems. anyway ... if all you frustrated customers can do is call us and moan and complain about something you know absolutely NOTHING about, then you have no idea how the world really works. Also, its kinda sad that a 20 year old, knows more about how to deal with people on a personal level than most adults twice my age. Sorry, folks, but the majority of you are lacking in the compassion and manners department. just thought i'd let you know ;) Have a nice, and thanks for choosing Comcast.
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Verizon recently cut my Comcast cable line when installing fiber optics in my area. Called Comcast and they came out three days later and put a temporary cable line in across my lawn and then charged me for the service call and admitted they were charging Verizon too!

That's so unfair.

Then they came back two weeks later and put the temporary line about two inches in my lawn and left. They are just plain lazy@


The fact that you are even here and telling people to stop complaining shows the poor quality of service that YOU and comcast offers. You as a "20 Year Old" have no clue what customer service is about.

I have been in service since you were id diapers and know that customer satisfaction is most important regardless of the issue. Grow up!!


You can defend Comcast all you want, but with the economy as bad as it is, no one wants to lose their hard earned money on a a company as jacked up as Comcast. So you have compassion and realize that the next paycheck you receive from your "great company", could be the money that was ripped off from Comcast customers. When people shell out their hard earned money, they expect to get good service, not excuses, and rudeness.


Then you're both ***


:grin thanks for that. i work there too.

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#111737 Review #111737 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Seattle, Washington
Comcast Technical Support

Comcast lacks Quality Assurance

Over the last four years we've had nothing but trouble with installation, and this year our frustration was compounded trying to get a billing error corrected due to an improper installation billing---what ever happened to the Customer is Always Right? The money amount is minimal, but it is the principle of the thing. If somebody stole $40 out of your wallet, wouldn't you call the authorities? In this case, it doesn't seem to matter much to Comcast if we get our money or we don't. We've made many calls, a personal visit, and used Comcast's computer chat feature to try and solve our problem. When the installer filed his paperwork, he claimed an added wall installation and a "professional install"--neither of which were performed. It took us several calls after he left to get up and running. We've invited Comcast personnel into our home to confirm that he did not install an added plug-in, but they did not take us up on our invitation. On three occasions, they promised to credit our bill...and they did not. Calls were not returned; promises were broken; representatives lacked proper knowledge and telephone ethics; technicians passed the buck to software companies; and installers have left our home without setting us up properly. We are more frustrated and disappointed than anything else. At one time we called and the lady who answered said, "What do you expect me to do about it?" and then she hung up on us. To us, dealing with Comcast's customer service has truly been a nightmare.
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#111517 Review #111517 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Naples, Florida
Comcast Installation