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Poor comcast service.

I called comcast for service for my HD cable box. Five days have gone by and I am still waiting foor a response. No one has come to repair my cable box. Comcast has poor customer service. I called customer service and comcast promises that I will get a call from the tech and I recieve no call. With today's communication technology comcast has poor communication. Comcast has poor customer service. Comcast sent me an email stating thety will end my service. I have not authorized this action. They have no intention of providing customer service. I am looking at the competition for my cable internet and phone service.
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Comcast in Richardson, Texas - Unresolved Customer Service

I HAD ENOUGH!!! I have been a Comcast(Now, Time Warner) for over 15 years. For the last 4 months, my I have been getting a lot of dropped connections, then unable to to connect online for several hours or sometimes days. I have called their customer service with this issue and always been told that they will send a tech to my resident. I had emphasized to them that it's no use if the come over when my internet is working at the time. They are willing to check the problem at their own convenience but not mine(when the internet is not working). I know that it's not my modem, I replaced it a couple of times. Hard wiring my connection doesn't help either. One of the techs that came to my house told me that they have an on call tech to handle this issue and advised me to ask for it when the problem occurs, I tried but fell into deft ears. I had asked them why they keep sending a tech to my house when my internet is working because the techs will only tell me it's working and there is nothing to fix. DUH! I also tried to discontinue my service several times and got transferred to their retention department. This department will offer you a good deal to keep your business. I took the bait a few times because of the quality of the product(very fast!!, when it's working). On my last call, I gave them an option. I told them I will keep the service if you can send a tech right now, if not, then cancel my subscription. They chose to cancel my subscription. I really liked Time Warner speed compared to AT&T(my back up) but the customer service to resolve my ongoing issue got me frustrated and furious. SO, THAT"S ENOUGH!!!
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We are about to be hit with the switch to digital and not analog, plus apparently needing a box for every TV. There is not accurance information forthcoming, and it also appears that a newer TV or DVR will still require a Comcast box, which sounds like a ripoff

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Comcast says they will fix my internet connection problem, this is what happened... One day my internet started to get disconnected randomly. My bill was on time, never had this before. So one guy comes over and says oh the problem is in the street, so he can't do anything about it, says someone else will come. No one ever did for over 2 weeks! So I call Comcast, they send another guy, this time the guy says my modem is bad (the one that I own not lease from them! Smart hu?) So I get a new modem from them, he replaces wires inside and outside the house. This was fine until I got a bill in the mail for $29 when I was told this was going to be a NO CHARGE service. Before they charge me for this I get a letter in the mail, here is $20 for credit on your account for the trouble. Next bill there it is $29 for service call! PLEASE !!!!!! RIP OFF I am going to close my account and tell everyone I know about your sick monopoly on my local market! I cannot get another company other than comcast for high speed internet...WHY?! Control the price and market ! This is illegal! Wake up america!
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Very satisified with Comcast.

It really cracks me up how some people go on here and smear a company that has been the top cable provider in the country since 1963. Every company has issues to be worked out or individual issues at individual homes with equiptment ect. It happenes in every aspect of every company. I have had Comcast for 17 years and have never had an issue. That is not to say that issues dont come up but be an adult about and call the 1-800-COMCAST number and ask for help instead of just being a hater. You folks complaining on here are also the same ones complaining about every other type of service issue with every other company you do business with. Get a grip on yourselves for goodness sake.
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Very satified is Brian Robert's Mom - say Goodnight Gracie :zzz :grin ;) :roll :p


Thats great thought I was a lone ranger here. I am a tech at Comcast and I do see every issue described within these threads on my day to day.

Folks hes right just call the number if you dont like the answer or the person your talking to HANG UP call back. There are like 24 call centers not to mention you can always jump in your car and drive to your local office. We only have ---------1 overseas call center. If you have got it you are most likely calling in the late hours or a time when the others are busy or in meetings.

Wait a bit and call back in. I hate talking to overseas troubleshooters myself. If you are not happy with the end result of your service or you had a complaint dont will be called by our survey automated service within an hour after that tech closes your work order. Remember this automated call IS RECORDERED.

It can and in some cases be used for training purposes for the Comcast Employs. The supervisors do listen to these and ALL the bad ones are flagged for a supervisor to hear. Comcast does care about its customers. We are striving to to get to your issue and resolve it the 1st trip.

There are times when 1 guy misses something and a return trip is needed. There should not be a case when a 3rd trip to your home is needed. In these cases it is escalated to a supervisor automatically. We do not want to waste your valueable time no more than you want us repeating the visit 4 same issue.

As well you can ask 4 a specific tech to revisit your home if you liked his skill set or even ask for an expierenced tech only. You are the end user and it is your home dont be afraid to ask for specifics...


Not happy with a Company then don't do business with them. Need an example?

I hate Taco bell so i have a choice.

I can either go eat Taco Bell and then complain about how *** it is OR.....wait for it..........i can eat something else instead. Either i am a genius or some people struggle hard.


I agree, the cost of cable service is high and, I realize that I have the choice to spend my money the way I see fit. I used to work in the Comcast call center and I will be the first to say it was the worst job I have ever had.The customers a rude,immature and overall clueless.I should write a book on the experiences I had As far as my service, in the four years I have had subscribed to Comcast, I have never lost or experienced degraded picture quality or sluggish internet.Lets face it there is and never will be 'perfect service'. There are just too many variables.


I agree with the original writer of this post. I've had Comcast since they came to WA in 2002 and it's been great.

I don't know about other people, but here we have Qwest, CenturyLink and Frontier and they suck!! Dropped internet every Friday and Saturday. Plus they're only open 8 hours a day and closed Sunday (CenturyLink that is). Yeah Comcast is super annoying with their pricing, but you get what you pay for.

I use my internet for everything and I would go nuts if I had to go back to 1.5mg...yikes! TV not so much, I like Netflix and a land line is unnecessary this day in age.


The issue is that the channels that i've had for the past 2 years have been eliminated on 2-12-11 and the rest of the good channels are scheduled to be removed 3-22-11. I got the adapters that comcast said was needed to keep the channels that I was loosing and get 10 new ones.

Well I didn't get anything that the letter described and lost even more when I connected the adapter.

Customer service said that it will cost me $45 more a month for the package that includes what I lost. I hate comcast.


You sure must like your job with Comcast, or are you a paid lobbyist?


What baloney. 17 years with Comcast and you're completely satisfied? I guess it's 'refreshing' to find someone who appreciates being rolled over by big business.

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Comcast jeopardizes small business move

After many weeks of dialog and attempted service connection with COMCAST for a small (35 person) northern Virginia office they now say the don't know when they can connect even though the cable is already into the new office space (we are moving from another office building); they say that the area served "is in transition".... what the heck does that mean; we're now a little of a week from our move-in date, in today's world small companies cannot function without reasonable internet connection/service and COMCAST looks like a bunch of lost sheep; the company appears to be incompetent. Kepler Research, Inc.
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Comcast is deceitful n called my wife a liar

comcast will once in a while actually do maybe one thing right an back in january got our bill mess straightened out an was said we would be paying 150 per month starting jan 31 an so when we got our bill it was for 106 due to the credit they owed us an then wehn my wife went to pay this months or feb bill it said past due amount of 245 an then a another bill due after our reg months bill being a total of 427 an realy people are we *** to buy this bs well iam taking it to corporate an my wife is a mess an had a panick attack over it
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Comcast--NOT Outstanding Service!

Comcast Cable--Gotta love it! It's been out for almost 45 minutes now in our little 3rd world country of Pacifica, CA. Took over 30 minutes holding on the phone before our "local rep" in Guadalajara, Mexico was notified that there is a city-wide outage and the local techs are working on it. But the techs. don't know where, why, how to fix it yet, or how widespread it is. Remember "Ref. Code S0a00" displayed on your TV means "it's done broke again" and don't bother calling us. Would you believe while holding, the Mex. rep. tried to sell me on the outstanding service of Comcast Triple Play? Cable (doesn't work now), Phone (not if cable is down like now--I can't phone in my complaint), and Internet (also not working if cable is down so I can't even do a "live chat" to voice a complaint). What outstanding service? And then I was asked how his service was (yet he was polite) and would I mind taking a survey on how well Comcast was doing??? A nightmare even though I am still awake. Sweet dreams, everyone in Pacifica. And the good might take until 6 AM or even longer to fix this outstanding service model of Comcast Cable in Pacifica. Now almost 1 hour out and counting. .
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Comcast installed without landord permission

Comcast without permission drill holes in the building and ran ugly wires anywhere they wanted. They do what ever they want. Wires are now running from one part of the building to the other. They did not even think about what would look good or how to hide the wires. They could have entered the garage and hooked the wires up easily but instead ran them at eye level down the building. They did this without authorization. The wires look ugly and really make the building look like ***, just a slambang and out on the install with out any thought.
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COMCAST CABLE SCAM - 4ever rental fee

I just want to share my observation to all you Comcast cable USERS..about this $5.00 rental fee they charge for the *** machine MADE in China, that COMCAST will provide you if you subscribe to their cable service. It is $5/monthly and $60/year and if you are subscribing for 5 years how much that rental will be...when that piece of *** just cost under $50 when I asked a friend that works with this scammer COMCAST. Go and check and compare your monthly bills Think about this fellow consumers....should you stay with this Comcast scamming company and be fleeced forever or switch to another network???
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Comcast has poor service

This is just one complaint I have about this poorly managed company. I have several televisions in my home. I only had a digital cable box on one and I called Comcast to install another. I also have several premium packages like HBO, etc. They said they'd send someone out the following week between 8am and 11am so I took off work. No one came. I called comcast and they said the guy came by but I wasn't home. I have 2 dogs when someone comes I know. I kept calling and I was given the run around and lied to. They are supposed to credit you $20 if they miss an appointment. I didn't get that right away either. I had to call 5 times and go through a long line of incompitent employees. Need I remind you this was all to upgrade my service and pay them more money. I've had nothing but problems with this coming.
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