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Comcast Xfinity, so-so at best and terrible customer service

1. Install date of Xfinity was to be a Sunday, waited all day, never showed. Called to get rescheduled, no problem...In a week. Got super, they showed up next day. SHOULD'VE BEEN A WARNING! 2. Many days of terrible speeds, not finding webpages, etc, etc, etc. Many 1-2-3-4 hour "outages" at a time constantly. 3. Moved addresses, down for 3 days due to their scheduling mishaps. 4. CSR's will always tell you to call billing for credits due to their issues. This is not needed, THEY CAN DO IT, they're just too *** lazy. 5. Had issue 5-25-11, service went down, no explanation why, said my modem (Motorola Surfboard, D3 type) was not getting signal. Called in for issue, 2 days for tech to come out. WRONG! Got next day, 5-26, 4-6pm. No show at 6, 800# says then 6:30pm. No show then. Called back, CSR says "No problem, next appt is 5-28". Just then, the tech calls. Turns out it's a problem with D3 modems, ALL OF THEM not getting signal. Oh, forgot to mention they sent me an EMAIL while I have no service, to remind me of the reschedule. Now I get to call in, screw with getting credit for renting their modem so I have service, then I have to deal with their schedule for them to pick up their own modem, etc, etc, etc, no idea when this will all end. Tech support is a joke, all they know how to do is a reset and tell you to unplug your router, if none of that works, it's your problem, even though 10 neighbors have no service either. Told by techs that "residential" service is considered "Recreational" use, so they are not exactly speedy about servicing issues. But if "Business" account, they're much quicker. Techs also told me to go to the business side of it, slightly more expensive, but I would've had a tech in 4 hours. Techs told me even though current customers having issues, new services were getting installed on the same day of call in. $40 in credits issued over this issue, but it's like pulling teeth with a string and a door.
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My Comcast internet has been out for over a week now. I found I could get DSL from my phone co. for $19.95 per mo. Phone Co. had me up and running on DSL in 2 days after I ordered it and my Comcast Broadband is still not fixed. Comcast keeps self-cancelling appointments and does not tell me abut it. I keep calling them 10 times a day now til they will show up. At least with the DSL I can do most of my online operating with little or no difference from Comcast Broadband.

I am happy now for only $5 per week I have a second ISP ( Verizon DSL ) and very cost effective too.

You Cna't rely on Comcast as evidenced by so many similar complaint posts about their service all over the internet !

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COMCAST terrible service, worse comunications

comcastComcast couldn't be worse- break their monopoly-HELP! they never solve problems, they never meet the repair schedule, they never call back. They ask you to take a survey but never call back to let you complete the survey, I've wasted 100 hours waiting for service calls. they keep giving different excuses for the problems, they offer pennies in compensation. I'm writting my congressman and senator. I've spent thousands of dollars over the years. They are the worst company I have ever dealt with. I have no other words to describe these horrible people. Money hungry
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I started a facebook page: I know an *** at Comcast" because of all of the problems I have had with these fools. I was very effective when I started threatening to contact the FCC and BBB.

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Comcast is a ripoff

Comcast charged me over $400 for approximately 15 rated x movies and 2 wrestling events and assorted $1.00 movies that were ordered overnight from 1:00 am to 5:00 am on a single night. All the events were ordered within 3 to 10 minutes apart. Who in their right mind would continue to order movies minutes apart and wrestling events all in one night. I complained to them and opened a dispute ticket in November 2010. I had to keep calling to find out the results of the "investigation" no one ever had the courtesy of calling me. They claimed they concluded the investigation and found that the receiver in my bedroom and in my 13 year old son's room was the equipment that had ordered the movies. Mind you I don't have a home phone and the only way to order movies would be to call comcast to place the order. They read off the serial numbers to verify it was coming from my equipment. I am a single mother who works almost 10 hours a day to make ends meet. My kid goes to sleep from 10 pm to 6:30 am and I'm so tired I can barely watch tv after checking homework and trying to spend some time with my kid. Finally in February 2011, they escalated the issue to the corporate office and told me I had to speak to a corporate manager. I called and left a message for some guy named Walter. He called me back but because I was at work I missed his call. I called this guy 5 times and never got a response. Right after that, a technician showed up at my door with an order to pick up the equipment. No call before coming even though it said right on the order to call first. I gladly turned over the equipment and the tech told me that I would have basic service for 30 days while this was being sorted out. Lies!!!! Service was cut off the next week. I went to DishNetwork and haven't had a problem since. The sad part of all this is that I used to work for comcast so I know how the systems work and which departments to reach to get issues resolved. Comcast Sucks! I filed a complaint with the Florida Consumer department and after 30 days, was sent a letter stating that Comcast Refused to Cooperate so they couldn't help me. They did suggest I obtain an attorney to sue Comcast and that's exactly what I'm doing because they have now sent me to collections. Go to DishNetwork or AT&T, customer service at comcast is non existent period!
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Comcast can't fix their problems.

I've had comcast at my house twice in the past 2 weeks and they can't fix the problem but still charged me $27.50 service charge. Both times the tech checked the signal at the pole, found good signal. Then they checked the signal on both my digital t.v.'s , again good signal. They tightened the cable fittings on the t.v.'s and the boxes and left. Both times, within 30 min. after they left, same problem.I called Comcast immediately and was scheduled a new date for repair, 6 days. I went to their store and they gave me 2 new converter boxes, no help. Same problem. I can't talk to anyone in the U.S.A. and the Phillipinos don't understand the problem and try to sell me more *** I don't need. I need to know the e-mail or phone # of corporate official who can get things done.
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Sorry, but i've contacted comcast about the use of splitters. Until now still no answer.

I've worked with the same modems in belgium, but we never use splitters because they give problems.

We always used a NIU for connecting the modem and multiple TV's.

Wa have less problems.

I hope that Comcast will listen to me.

Stop using comcast splitters and ask the for an NIU. You may tell them about my answer.

Good luck


the problem could be in the wiring in your home; may need to check it out. just go to comcast home page and click on contact us, and send an email.


Have you called AT&T UVerse? I was having alot of connection problems with Comcast even with Xfinity, and just gave up with them. AT&T came out and set up everything and all is running great, plus it's cheaper now.

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Comcast in West Linn, Oregon - Changed my account # w/o telling me.

I HATE comcast. In St. Helens, Oregon the local office is so hostile that after the desk clerk accused me of having boxes that I did not have and saying that Comcast 'is never wrong,' she changed my account number so all of my internet payments went into cyber space, a collector called my husband 3 and 4 times a day AT WORK to tell him we owed money and then shut down our service. After repeated attempts to figure this billing out nicely, we had to get ugly. Any suggestions for other options would be great because the minute I can figure something else out, I will so happily kick Comcast to the curb.
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Comcast Monopoly Criminal

Comcast is the most horrible service company I have ever dealt with or witnessed. How is comcast in business with all the complaints they receive? Is the attorney general paid off in each state they operate? If you try to cancel service they bill you anyway. If you need service you are on hold for 20 minutes at a time then hung up on. Don't ever ask for a manager on the phone thats instant redirect to hold then hung up on. Ordering service for comcast is a serious joke. I upgraded my plan online, due to the fact utterly impossible by phone. I completed my order and then you receive a live chat box where your order must be finished. The live chat operator informed me this would take a few minutes. That turned into an hour with me being on hold every couple minutes. Bad signal from their main cable box took over a month to get fixed. Appointments would be setup and Comcast maintenance personnel would not show up or call. When getting through on phone operator would make excuses for a no call no show, which in any legitimate employment calls for termination. Avoid comcast like the plague. All Comcast can provide is fraudulent bills that you cannot question, stress of being hung up on, rude operators that don't care, and horrible technicians. Simply pathetic as a company.
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I agree Comcast customer "service" is the worst. Notice how Comcast Mark doesn't offer a telephone number to talk to a live person.

Comcast doesn't just have the worst customer service in the business. Comcast doesn't have ANY customer service.


I apologize for the poor experience.

I work for Comcast and I'd like to look into your experience on our end. If you don't mind, will you please contact me, provide your information and a link to this page?

Thanks in advance,

Mark Casem

Comcast Corp.

National Customer Operations

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Comcast Cable, Stay Away!

Comcast cable is the worst company I've ever dealt with. Their service is spotty, their techs lie, their customer service people are incompetent. I wish I did not have to do business with them. We have been arguing for over two weeks to get a simple issue fixed. Twice they have promised to send a tech out to fix it, twice no tech has arrived. When we call to ask why no tech has arrived, we are told we weren't home. That's a complete crock. We have been home both times a tech has been scheduled to come out. Comcast customer service lies constantly. They do not stand behind their over-priced, unreliable product. All of those touchy-feely commercials about how they make their mistakes right are a complete lie. If they made their mistakes right, we wouldn't be going two weeks with phone service that cuts out and On Demand that we can't watch. We can't even watch our television because it freezes up. In short, if you want excellent service shop elsewhere. If you prefer to throw good money away on horrible service and lying tech, then Comcast is certainly the company for you.
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I thought I'd add an update to what we are now calling "The Comcast Saga" in my house. Since my original complaint, we've had Comcast out here twice and the problems still persist.

We have to call once a week because something isn't working. Our On Demand is down at least once a week, the phone is still cutting in and out and the internet still goes down on a whim. We were told by the last tech who was out that there is a problem on the pole. To our knowledge, nobody has been out to check the pole yet.

That was two weeks ago. I am so tired of Comcast, I'm ready to just cancel and go without. They can forget about their early cancellation fee too, they are not providing the service I agreed to.

Comcast has the poorest service I've ever encountered. When we move, I swear, I'm making an effort to move out of Comcast's service area.


You have to call them EVERYDAY to get them to fix whats broke...most of the older techs are lazy and dont know what to do to fix the new technology either, so get the youngest tech you can get, also, they blame it on YOUR equipment until they run out of excuses. I dont like them either, but its the only option I have right now.

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Comcast in Miami, Florida - Customer Service

Comcast has a monapoly in my area, they never resolved problems, they have the worst customer "represntatives" of any telecommunication company. They don't care about customer service at all, don't know why they call them that. if you want poor service and poor customer servide= go with comcast. they just dont care, because they have a monopoly. They cancel appointements even after you verify them and when you call, the customer representatives tell you the computer did it, the cable boxes are antiquated I'm always having technical problems which of course they cannot fix over the phone, you make an appointment and they don't show up, you call and the "computer" cancel it, on and on the merry go round goes on. No one ever calls back, they suck and they don't care. bottom line, Poor cable service, poor customer service, no caring. and unfortunately I have 9 more months on my contract.
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Comcast Business Class = No Class, Avoid at All Cost

We moved our office to an area that Comcast is not servicing so changed our phone/internet service provider. In the meantime we have been caught in a Comcast matrix for almost three months fighting fees related to "terminating the contract early" even though a customer service rep guided us on what to say - we requested a service transfer, but Comcast does not provide service in the new location. We are now going to use the time spent on phone calls to Comcast to submit a formal complaint to their home office, the BBB and an Oregon TV channel that highlights consumer problems such as what we found. Our hope is that justice is served for future customers. In the meantime, avoid Comcast business class at all costs. We were hooked in by a promotional price and it definitely was not a savings. I hope no one has to go through what we have gone through as a small business looking for straight forward basic customer service. Good luck!
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If you think it's bad being a comcrap customer it's way worse being an employee. In the Lynnwood, WA call center a fat sup named Kim Edwards sent email telling us to work off the clock without pay.

We were fired not her when we told HR.

Call the retention department and ask for discounts. :eek :( :upset

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Comcast in Alexandria, Virginia - An Irate Consumer's Protest

I sent the following e-mail to Brian Roberts, Comcast CEO, today. I encourage all fellow pissed-off customers to do likewise. Dear Mr. Roberts, I don't assume for a moment that you will personally read this e-mail, but hope that at least one of your personal assistants will. I have just suspended payment, effective May 25, 2011, on the Internet portion of my Comcast monthly billing statement, after having been unable for at least three years to prevail on Comcast to adjust the signal to my cable modem to a level that will provide the consistent, reliable, uninterrupted, high-speed Internet service for which I have been paying Comcast an ever-increasing monthly premium. My multiple complaints to the Comcast 800-line and many service calls to my residence by Comcast technicians have failed to resolve the problem with the Comcast signal to my modem. Prior to making such calls, I confirmed the problem with the Comcast signal on almost every occasion by running tests to the Visualware "MySpeed" test server in Dulles, VA. In innumerable instances, often several times during the same week, I have been unable to access the Internet or conduct reliable, intelligible phone conversations via VOIP. In several cases, the test server was unable to detect the upload signal at all, which explains why I my VOIP service was sometimes interrupted for hours and I had to rely on my mobile phone (at extra cost) to communicate. Even when the Comcast signal was strong enough to be detected by the Visualware test server, these tests have consistently indicated the following problems: MSDL01: The download speed is too low for the latency/bandwidth of the connection MSTR01: The data flow for this test is too erratic MSMD01: TCP is waiting too long for data MSTR02: The trip time for this connection is too erratic I have maintained copies of these test results for the record and made them available to Comcast technicians who were interested in looking at them; most were not. The technicians who visited my home claimed, in most cases, that they were not able to find a problem with my signal; however, in two or three instances, they admitted that the signal needed to be adjusted. In two cases, most recently on March 29, 2011, Comcast claimed that the problem had been referred to "Maintenance" for resolution, yet it has recurred again and again. I have spoken by phone with two different Comcast supervisors, who would not reveal their names I (the ID# of the first who called me, I believe, in February of this year, was 157 or 147), and have been assured that the problem would be addressed, without results. On May 15, 2011, during the last such call, the gentleman agreed to issue a one-month credit for the Internet service portion of my statement, after I had informed him of my intent to suspend payment of that portion. I told him that that was not sufficient compensation for the years of intermittent and unreliable Internet service that I had to tolerate because of Comcast's monopoly on broadband service in my area. My service remains unreliable and intermittent to this date. I am calling this matter to your attention because I am considering the possibility of initiating a class-action law suit against Comcast for non-performance of service, unless I receive the reliable high-speed Internet service Comcast promises. Sincerely, HHB
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You do realize that you like all other Comcast internet customers are on a grid and the more customers on your grid the slower your internet connection will be. But then again you're an IT professional and probably already knew that.

Also as long as you're able to connect to the internet then Comcast has done its job. It is not their responsibility to make sure your voice over IP works.

Thats your responsibility. Quit whining like a d@mn baby.


XFAILITY/COMCRAP. I worked at the Lynnwood, WA call center where a fat sup named Kim Edwards sent email telling to work off the clock without pay.

We were fired when we complained to HR, but Kim (who is on her 4th husband) still works there.

We are going to win a class action lawsuit against them. call retention dept and ask for discounts/promos.


MSMD01: TCP is waiting too long for data

I have the same problem and I pay $69.99 a month for this so-called high speed internet, They are ripping everyone off.


I hate Comcast worse that I do Barack Obama.

I had 4 service calls scheduled with Comcast and they were a no show all 4 times. They suck!


Give me his e-mail address so I can do the same . My service sucks.

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